REVIEW: Brow Construction/Threading @ BROWHAUS SG.

Ever since I resided in Singapore I have always stick to Browhaus SG when it comes to grooming my brows. Aside to them always having great packages, I've always come to love how skillful and speedy their therapists are.

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I frequent their branch in Paragon but since it's always packed I choose to go to Wheelock at times. I need to call at least 3 days in advance (even if I am already a long-time member!) just to get a slot..even on weekdays. Peak slots are usually 6pm onwards since most office girls head to town just to get their brows done. If you want a weekend spot, I suggest you book a week in advance.

I love how their therapists execute Brow Construction-Threading! Each of them have different styles & approach,  I do have a regular therapist and not because she's the same  (Philippine) race as me, I'd still say she's the best of the bunch of therapists I have come across. I have a list of my previous therapists and I can even rank them..according to their speed and their abilities to deliver whatever results you've wanted to see and not shriek when you see yourself in the mirror.

Threading is brutal..but that's my thing. I had mine done for the first time at David's Salon (Manila) and it was such a nightmare. The salon staff ( pretty sure not a trained therapist) was trying to establish a sustained conversation with me but I told her, "Girl, you know what? You got thread in your mouth so do your thing and focus?" She gave me a tiny wound afterwards and it hurts like hell...ripped skin, some more on the eye area! Damn obvious she didn't know what she's doing after all.

Browhaus SG therapists are trained properly to become brow engineers, from my own experience, I can brutally say they know what they are doing. I even paid S$70 for Lash Curl Up (2 or 3 years ago, i think) and it was worth it! My Shu Uemura Curler was in full joy as it was like in Maldives taking her much deserved vacation with a cocktail in hand haha! I talk as if Shu is a human being huh?! Not to mention that people complimented how natural looking they were.. frikkin expensive but the joy it brought me? You bet.

As for my regular brow construction (threading), I liked that they do great tapering of my eyebrows. If I want a cleaner curve, I'm surprised on how they give freedom to my brows to grow on certain areas. If you go to a salon for threading and the person just asked you this, "Thick or thin?" and no more...move your bum and look out for better ones.  

It needs further consultation and does not depend on whether you like a thick or thin brows. If you got the chance, try their services. A threading session costs S$15 and if you've come to like it, you can ask them for ongoing promotions. I usually get my usual package and pay around S$127. With that I'd get around 10 sessions + 1 bonus treatment (upper lip hair threading). 

Wheelock's Browhaus Branch in time for another brow construction.

Hello Ms. Woolly Mammoth, LOL!
t's not really 'that' bushy...fact is I prefer to groom my brows at home. But then I am like a mean-machine who wants threading done to my brows!:)  I have an extreme tolerance for pain!
off topic: Boy, do I look like the monolithic statue of a humanoid head from the
Prometheus  flick here likes hahah.

err, another ad-like collage haha!  Hmmn, I really thank God Almighty  for giving me 
 a 'nose' like this. I can see how sharp it is from this angle and to think that  it wasn't this sharp when I was still a kid!

pardon my skin as it was on a peeling phase..eek! as if I used an astringent or something right?
my hand miss doing Project365! Can pass up as an ad already anot? LOL

 as I always like to call it: Fresh Fence!

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