RANDOM CHAT: Fotos&Facets of a so-called LIFE. With my MARS, NIKKI VALDEZ.

So Thursday it is..feels like puttin' up another FnF of Life !
Just timely 'cause I was spring cleaning my files as I intend to get a new lappy and I might as well start as early as now before all my files bid adieu!

I'd let the peecs do the talkin as usual, but these are mostly moments of what E and I had when we were in Manila for a long term vacay. Not possible to put 'em all here but I think these are the ones worth sharingツ
Watched one of my closest friend's (Nikki Valdez) Musical Play THE WEDDING SINGER ; 
Nikki's lil angel, OY (Olivia Ysabelle) who started calling E as papa E merely after 10 minutes of meeting him. She's sooo cute 

Got ze tees from the musical play,TWS. Nikki's performance was BAM!

Attended a quick children's birthday party of a 40 year old guy @ Shakey's Katips then went hunting for ISKRAMBOL!
We always have our impromptu road & food trips with our barkada, GIO ALVAREZ with his significant other.We call them Bibay & Burnok. Gio's face looked so stoned while being pampered noh?! Poor thing,  too shagged from his taping. 

We go to Baguio once in a while for Bibay's GIGs, Gio still sings tho.."pag nakantyawan  lang" haha (only when he's teased LOL) 

Hmm, my mane looked so healthy and glossy in the bottom left pic, just loverly 

Tagaytay Bulalo & Sisig Hunt, we love PERYA! (fair, market or any exhibition). Old Skul fun right?! We were driving along Tagaytay and we spotted this so we parked hastily just to play! No rides in operation though..but after a while people started noticing Gio and then we bounced. Had a fab time though, "Oh eh naubos daw mga barya ko sa perya!" HAHA.

Another close friend of mine, Maui Taylor who always love to have good vibes, good times. Well, who doesn't? Enjoy life as we know it right sis? HAHA. GVs all the wayy!! 

BH, bad habit err, bazaar hoppin'. Thing is we always reach the bazaar during its closing hours that's why we were already used to people packin' up their merchandise. Come to think of it, 'twas better and I was able to save up a lot of money eh? HAHAH!

Home Boozein is still the best.  

Mine: Colt45;  E tried that Antonov which I think tasted like cork drenched in vinegar ; Isaw and Jim Beam Black is like yin and yang; 
Selecta Gold & Puto Bumbong was our midnight snack during the holiday season; 
During our sesh, we put masks just for the fun of it and when friends come over to drink with us, they're like "what the?"

And oh, those cakes? E knows I love Estrel's Caramel Cakes and orders them at least once a week; so when we went to Trinoma I got the chance to surprise him with a Parvati Chocolate Cake; told him am going to buy tickets and when I came back I was holding the Belgian Cake Joodness. "Sweet ko rin naman di ba?" Hehe. 

Stuck in a Car Jam? Dya do diz? Good thing this act is free, can you imagine if every officer would issue a ticket if such an offense exists? HAHA!

I usually do not wear initial pendants but that screaming A was given to me by  E ;
Justification? Not because my second name starts with an A, but he officially called me Mama A after NIkki's daughter called him papa E. Wonder if OY told him that? 

I'm still searching for an online shop or store that can produce personalized name necklaces in rose gold. Any suggestions? Let me know if you do have one, thanks mucho!

Thanks for readin til my next FnF of Life x


♥ ℋℯℓℓo from WICKERMOSS ♥

♥ ℋℯℓℓo from WICKERMOSS ♥




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