RANDOM CHAT: Fotos&Facets of a so-called LIFE.

FnF of Life ! Tuesday edition here haha...I think this is somehow fun to do and I'd do this if the day falls on a T.  Just realized I got some crazy noice pics from last year which I haven't shared ...and this FnF is becoming like an online gallery now hmn, not bad. 

A week without E and I was in misery with that PINK Jansport BackPack. I went to Kota Kinabalu/Sabah Malaysia for an out of the country event. DISCLAIMER: Pink Backpack ain't mine hahaha! 

I mentioned I love shopping @ Robinsons Galleria and was able to check out their Beauty Hall, pretty decent! I bought a lot of stuff here as seen on my Manila Collective Haul.

The Walang Tulog Fezes (Totally Sleepless Nights due to limited time packing our stuff & running last minute errands!) Oh Hello, Uuwi na Pala Kami ng Singapore (Trip Back Home to Singapore) Mandatory Inside the Plane Shot hehe!
Frakkin' missed having this peg when am out! I love to 'rob' E's shorts...soooo comfy!! I just pull out my soccer jerseys(since I got a lot) and my pair of Birks. LOVE! Todo gala na yan! (My Shop-t0-death outfit!). E's must have, the $1 ice cream, he can buy from every uncle in town LOL

I was a screaming like up to 10,000 decibels when I spotted this table at IKEA. It's RED and ain't orange, tho it matched my shirt in the photos haha! Meet DAVE! Hugging DAVE and looking at E with the puppy eyes..bought at SGD39! The ice cream & hotdog snacks? Must buy every time we go to IKEA. Secondary to the Meatballs haha! This time I think we were a bit full so we settled for lighter snacks then.

Holiday Shoppin @ H&M. This store never really runs out of effin good buys, GAH! 

See Orchard Road so clean after the Holiday Season? Come to think of it BER-months are fast approaching and it's gonna be Xmas Season once again, yay!

Remember Robwheat here?? Boy, wish he turns into real life. He's very useful and is effective as a wheat bag. I put him on my tummy when it feels weird  and stomach upset no more. Such a good buy! You know those kiddie rides inside the malls? I love to sit there and wait for the guards to spoil my mood haha.
Magnum War with E haha. I loved the almond though I still find this ice cream a
true blood RIPOFF!

Orders the same thing at Gong Cha (Roasted Lemon Tea with BC Jelly). Sago't gulaman version eh?! Can you see two aliens in this pic as well? hehe. Another ripoff cupcake from twelvecupcakes. I also order the same thing, Red Velvet. The other flavours aren't that superficial IMO but Peanut Butter is another must try if you're PB fiend, that is.

Titanic Museum. Ahhhh. Speechless. Forever will be. On the sides: Shopping at Becca for long-overdue gifts I sent to my twin Maricarl Janah in Idaho. E & I watched Eurocup2012 over Satay & Beer. Bloody hell SGD9 per bottle plus GST, brooookkkkeeee!
Loved this shot at Coldstone, E caught me staring into just pure nothingness. 

Me want this fink cupcake...with the lights and all in my room hahaha!

thanks for reading, til my next post x


♥ ℋℯℓℓo from WICKERMOSS ♥

♥ ℋℯℓℓo from WICKERMOSS ♥




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