REVIEW: For That Sweet Kind of Clean. House of Rose Oh! Baby Body Smoother.

Meet the newest addition to my bath time routine.

Hell yeah it's PINK! The Oh! Baby House of Rose Body Scrub.

If you may recall, I shared about it here; wherein I was able to smell the product (referring to their green tub, forgot about the exact variant tho..) and it smelled so good. It was a fruity yet fresh smelling scrub! However, for the pink one I was not able to smell it on that particular day. I was so engrossed smelling the Fruit Parfait Bodywash/Bubblebath range haha. 

Once I was at Takashimaya and the nice SA (really young looking, in her teens I suppose) actually recommended to me the pinkie tubbie while I was passing by.  She allowed me to have a sniiff and said,"No smell"... even before I realized that myself, she's cute haha.

To avoid any confusion, this is a Body Scrub; in which they labeled as Body Smoother.

Product Info:
House of Rose's Oh! Baby Body Smoother was selected in 2011 as No. 1 COSME Best Body Scrub Award!

Massage paste. This product is used to soften the skin and remove dead skin cells. It contains natural hot spring water, which makes your skin silky and smooth. No artificial coloring, no mineral oil.

How to use: after rinsing your body with water, use an appropriate amount and gently massage the whole body. Special attention to elbows, knees, feet. After that, rinse thoroughly.

Ingredients: PEG-6, PEG-32, sulfuric acid Na, bicarbonate Na, carbonate Na, hot spring water, silk

Made in Japan

Alright, first's PINK. Oh, did I already say that???
You know my incoherent love affair with anything PINK right?
Anyway, putting that aside;
I initially thought this would smell of ROSE...somehow floral...
but it was 100% unscented.
Not a big deal for me since I use salt scrubs and most of them are the same, zilch fragrance.
I do not want to have a headache after every bath with overpowering scents in my shower room anyway.
That is why I am really picky when it comes to body wash/shower gels as well.

Upon first use, I was amused to find out that the scrub is not a soft paste as it may seem.
It was semi-solid, not rock-hard...but semi-solid.
Meaning to say, it's good enough to be scooped up by my did not slide off or anything.
Do note that this is like a super fine grain skin/body exfoliant; or as the product info's a paste.
So absolutely no mess (yes, no floor sweeping as I really hate scrubs clinging to the shower room drainage)
and I defo love its unique consistency.

Expect exfoliating crystals in this tub honey, there is no mingling affair going on with the grains and the hot spring water; (remember no mineral oil either in this smoother as well?) No oily-affair, yes.

Expect that you'd sit in front of your TV after bathing, sniffing your arm while Instagramming.

Expect that you'd smell like a walking candy shop (that is , if you prefer not to use scented shower gel/body wash afterwards). Do you really imagine yourself housed in a candy wrapper?

Overall Thoughts:
Upon contact with water or my dampened skin,
it just glides beautifully. 
You know when you pop that golden butter into the well-heated pan?
That was how I pictured it.

Sounds like am reviewing a foundation isn't it?
Well, actually it's similar to that.
If a foundie blends well into the skin using thy fingers,
same case for this body smoother upon contact with skin.
I did not see any absorption just to be clear. 
It was not greasy and it's the gentlest scrub I have ever used.
It boosts up my skin tempo without any harshness.

It sloughs away my dead skin without me realizing that I can actually skip applying lotion
because it feels hydrated enough.
It's also easy to wash off and skin really feels a lot softer after showering.
The skin polishing is felt though I never felt any warmth nor cooling sensation.
Some would exfoliate and would love some minty after feel.

Albeit its non-abrasive properties, there are times I wanted it to be rough.

The sadist-in-me-calls-for-it ...
I use the good ol' classic loofah , not those colourful flimsy ones in the market.
You see when I shower, I need a certain blast of adrenalin haha!
But I do scrub to the point of making sure that I do not get those skin bumps and rashes.
Sometimes I do even feel the joy of scrubbing until I see my skin really turning red.
Also noticed that body lotions tend to be more fast absorbing when I use this scrub.
I wonder if this smoother was the culprit?

If you are more into delish scrubs, I recommend you get the lime green coloured tub.
But if you fancy pink, get this huge tub
as this would also last you for very long.
Not travel friendly eh?
Well then let it sit like a queen in your shower room area.
The tub ain't cumbersome to get open in the shower.. you'll get a good grip with this.
They soften without drying your skin, great scrub cum smoother.

This is good for taking good care of my dry bits;
in fact they're thanking me now..
You're welcome my
elbows, knees, the soles of my feet..

it gives them the state of peace that they deserve

Thanks for looking.


♥ ℋℯℓℓo from WICKERMOSS ♥

♥ ℋℯℓℓo from WICKERMOSS ♥




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