REVIEW: NIVEA Extra White Mud Foam Cleanser.

Thorough cleansing of the face must not end with common cleansers. I believe we all know that by now, thus the emergence of toners, masks and the whatnot. The residues that our normal cleansers leave behind are the cause of clogged pores and breakouts. Then why the difficulty of finding cleansers that can actually do “clean”? I was gutted out that the drugstore cleanser I have come to love when I was in Manila was not available here in Singapore. Read about it here* From then on I stopped on hunting for black-coloured cleansers that claims of deep cleansing the skin. So when I got this new product from my trusted brand NIVEA, I was again a happy bee. That one word made my eyes turn literally into stars once again: MUD. I am hooked into anything clay, ash or volcanic stuff (especially for masque) that’s why.

NIVEA Extra White Mud Foam
Product Info:

Take facial cleansing to the next level with the NIVEA Extra White Mud Foam, thoroughly removes excess oil and accumulated make-up residue on your skin… as if you are using mud mask treatment!
* Fine and gentle mud foam, 100% free of substances that weaken your skin
* Unclogs skin pores by removing 10 types of make-up residues: oil, powder, concealer, blush-on, eye shadow, silicon primer, eyeliner, colored powder, moisturizing cream residue and sun block residue
* NIVEA’s exclusive Pearly White formula delivers 10 times whitening efficacy, which is proven to be superior to Vitamin C, diminishing spots and freckles within 7 days

Retailing at $8.90 for 100ml, the product is available at all personal care stores and supermarkets, including Watsons, Guardian, Cold Storage, NTUC Fairprice outlets and major retailers.

It really did not occur in mind that the product would not come in a muddy colour (they are usually brown right?).  Instead the product was greyish (shimmering) in colour with a light consistency. There was no grit that can irritate the face and its semi-squidgy feel is something to love about. The NIVEA Extra White Mud Foam does not produce a lot of suds, (love the earthy scent too!) which in my opinion is a positive indicator that it will be a less stripping and it will be more of a moisturizing cleanser. It’s easy to wash off so no worries about getting those sooty nails. Also reading from the ingredients, it has Sodium Salicylate to reduce skin congestion and helps to impart a better appearance of the skin. Welcome a face free from pesky pimples (without the product thinning the skin!) I have noticed my skin was squeaky clean and feels utterly fresh.

I have applied this like a usual face mask. See the product claims above? “AS IF YOU ARE USING A MUD MASK TREATMENT”. As you know I like to go beyond the borders, just like what I did to the NIVEA Exfoliating Wipes and so I discovered a way of getting more benefits from this product.

How I used it as a Mud Mask @ the comfort of my own home
I painted my face with it, got in my usual night bath, chillaxed for a good 8-10 minutes.  I prepared myself for any burning/stinging sensation from this procedure but fortunately there was none. Then I gave my face a slight massage again for about 30 seconds and I proceeded to rinsing it all off with lukewarm water. Note that I did not use any cloth. Afterwards I noticed a ruddy glow on my skin. 

The  feeling of a post-facial treatment was there. Also, I have noticed that the little bumps I had (brought about by the dreadful PMS period) were gone. For diminishing spots and freckles, as well as whitening effect, I have not noticed any visible improvement yet. Thing is, whitening is my least concern ever. I am happy enough to have soft and tender skin after cleansing and acquire less visible pores as well.

With this product I can skip toners and readily jump on to applying my moisturizer, still waked up with rejuvenated skin. Works great with oily skin, it feels that the oil in your face is totally washed off without the excessive drying factor. And an oily skin would always heart a mud mask treatment; if you find it troublesome to come and spend moolah for this kind of stuff from spa and salons, this is the next best alternative. This product can very well contribute to a well-rounded skincare routine. 


♥ ℋℯℓℓo from WICKERMOSS ♥

♥ ℋℯℓℓo from WICKERMOSS ♥




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