HEALTH & FITNESS 101: How I Lose Weight with Meal Replacements.

A few were asking me before on how do I lose weight. Aside to me having a good metabolism, it is with dedication that I highly cut on eating carbo (particularly white rice) 'cause I love brown organic rice!

When I was in Manila having my vacay with E, I didn't give a damn and I ate whatever I want to eat!
Want proof? Haha! 

Sisig, Isaw, Crispy Liempo, not forgetting the sweets like the sinful cakes from Contis and home cooked dishes were not even shown here so no doubt I reached almost 58-60kg. 

From my usual weight of 49-50kg, I knew that as soon as am back home in SG, I'd be in my usual shape even if I don't sweat the details.

Oh hi there Mr. Crispy P! Come to mommah!!!

Who can resist street foods? I love kwek-kwek and fishballs, then make tusok tusok by the kanto y'know haha! Remember my NYX Lipstick Case here? I feasted on streetfoods when I was in Baguio! Theirs are way much better than the ones in Metro Manila...I wonder why?

That's cause I missed Filipino foods so much. We don't have them here in Singapore, if there were they're pricey! At times I wanna cook them here, I feel it's a waste of money since I cannot get hold of the exact ingredients I wanted so I just ditch the idea. All those who have lived far away from Manila can relate to me 100%!

This was my built before I went to Manila for my long-term vacay.

Hello 2011! 

My built back here in Singapore: 1st quarter of 2012.

2nd  quarter of 2012

One thing that has helped me to be back in shape?

This is my alternative to breakfast cereals, and even lunch. The Meal Replacement Powder (ACAI in French Vanilla). It contains Acai Berry and fiber to support weight loss. Of course, this still need proper exercise and a sensible diet. Actually, I love to take meal replacement smoothies. It's just that I still cannot find the ONE that's to die for..taste-wise.

I purchased the jar from GNC and as an old-time VIP member I usually get discounts ..from its usual price of S$69.95...I think I got this for S$56 something. This jar makes me full for approx 8 hours, just in time for me to grab my light dinner at around 6pm.

I have also tried Herbalife before and it works plus their shakes are delish! I can finish around 3 tubs per day but a small tub costs S$70 bucks already, sucha wallet abuse!

With regards to exercise and the whatnot, I'd share them soon!

*This is not officially endorsed by me; simply sharing what I usually take as part of my diet & fitness program. The mentioned product works for me and do note that it may or may not work for you. Do take this product at your own risk please or do consult your doctor for a proper health consultation (:







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