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Burberry Lip Cover #19- Brick Red 

Oh wow, it's my 700th post already?! Yaye! 

Recently I have been breathing the kitchen air;
been flipping eggs, grilling meat; breading beautiful white onion rings;
just being a good (and happy) ol'wife.

And so, I have been doggedly bending my blogging world; twisting its rules;
there is a turbulence of growth and decay inside of me.
Penning my posts in particular.
in short, I have a lot of things to sort out.

I admit, I miss doing reviews! 
So,shall I start with this?
I still haven't reviewed my very first lipstick that I got from my one of my fave luxury brands, Burberry.*smacks forehead
As of now I have finished the entire tube already and yes, I am not going to repurchase it. 
Not because I didn't like it but my love for Burberry makeup has just went poof.
Not really wilted.
Part of me is torn.
Let's just say I am really still hooked with Chanel.
But enough of that.

Since Mr. Google already boasts of too many reviews on this;
as usual I will just point out on why I got it.
First, it's Burberry.
Second, hell yeah it is still Burberry.
I fell in love with Burberry's signature plaid ;
I have come to buy a few bags, tops, wallets from my own money since I have started working here in Singapore.
But I am not a collector. 
I am already happy with a few ; anyway they are indeed investments and I am not one who changes luxury bags like how I change my undergarments. Well, even if I have the money I would still opt to donate it to children fighting cancer and all.

So now I think am diverting;
Back to the lippie!!

Fine, packaging (Burberry check casing) is already fancy.
I got a plaid tube. 
I told myself.."Happy?"
Instant cloud lift it was for me!

The magnetic/metallic closure is whip smart.
Come on even the lipstick itself has the iconic design.
The heavy weight feel?
Don't care! It's part of the luxury packaging.

Now for the lipstick itself.

Brick Red is non-drying and is comfortable on the lips.
I would not say creamy; tho it glides well on the lips when applied.
As for the colour, it didn't hit the spot for me.
It did not carry any warm brownish tone to it; 
but still I got it as it ignites my endorphin high for 

Anything Plaid
Anything Red and Rad.

Belif Primer

Urban Decay Primer Potion



Think this lipstick is apt for that minimal makeup and really goes well with neutral eyes.

And a bonus is its UV filter to defend lips from damaging factors.
Scent is like a quartet of loud trombones, but hey it's the luxe scent if you know what I mean...
I dun mind and I dun care coz I love it!
Shoot. I cannot even remember how much this retails for!
If am not mistaken it's about SGD43-48? 
Ain't sure of the exact amount sorry, but really close to Chanel's pricing.
If you love Burberry you must at least own one, burst that limiting bubble of yours.

And oh! Above shots were taken when I first got this tube.
And yes, they were rotting inside my hard drive so might as well upload it.

Thanks for reading

KarlaMisa was the winner of my Burberry Lipstick Giveaway, check out this girl's channel here

Burberry Lip Cover #19- Brick Red 







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