PET TALK: Do Rabbits Make Good Pets & Meet my First Bunny, the Buffoonish Baxter!

Do Rabbits Make Good Pets and Meet my First Bun, 
the Buffoonish Baxter!

Adopting a pet rabbit was not a curbing impulse. Some people have asked me why a rabbit? Do they make good pets?

Wait. How does one define a good pet? 
If it reciprocates the affection you give him/her?
If it wag its tail when you call her name? 
If it fetches the ball you threw over your neighbour's backyard? 
If it licks your face, or if it purrs when it's hungry?

I tell you, that is one chauvinistic perception.

A pet is not an ornament.

Not a captive, neither a slave.

Albeit us humans denying them of their true freedom (they should be in the wild, running free and all right?);

We acquire pets because we believe in our own capabilities and are responsible enough that we can take good care of them. 
My Dogbit, err. Rabbit.

I still have my Aussie dog Malcolm in Manila, and yes, his absence eats me up. Not a day goes by without me missing the chap. So one day I told myself. I want to adopt a bunny.

Meet Baxter. The previous owner said he is a mixed breed of a Lionhead and Netherland Dwarf if I recall correctly. But judging from the features as well as from a pet shop feedback, Baxter is more of a Nethie. I totally loved her blue eyes, her pewter fur and her dewlap.

So why bunny? They're clean! Docile in nature, can be litter trained and sorry, they are not easy to maintain. Some people think they are low maintenance but hey, not until you own one. I might share more on that soon!

Baxter in one word. Buffoonish.

She is so full of character.
Never a day goes by that she won't surprise me with her antics.
She is like a big dot of fur that with every move there goes a zigzag of laughter to blossom from.

I wanted a dwarf , just because they only weigh about 2-4 lbs. in average. They're light, compact and easy to carry. Like their ears too, I feel that it's another medium for me to understand them. Bunnies are nosy and inquisitive, I love the challenge of embracing their personalities.

Baxter is easy to please, she loves strawberries and grapes.
Hates banana; a veggie lover (especially mustard greens!) and not really a carrot eater.
She'd always pretend to ignore the treats  when I fail to play wif her.
But most of the days that I am home, she's perfectly fine.
Always donning that adorable smile and her eyes are indeed expressive.
I already know if she is unhappy wif something or if she needs anything just by looking at her bluey eyes.

I even held an Instagram Giveaway x YSL Lipstick when I got Baxter.
If I happen to choose her name from the entries, then the winner will get a YSL Lipstick as a prize.
But then one day, I decided to name her BAXTER.

Baxter is an Anglo-Saxon and Scottish surname, originally from the English occupational surname meaning "baker."

It just so happens that my friend, Jade of JadeIsabelle posted this outfit of the day that has a pair of jeans in it and carry the name Baxter. So there, Baxter the Baker? Not really. Baxter the Buffoonish? Yes!

See what I mean by buffoonish?

Thanks for droppin' by

Do Rabbits Make Good Pets and Meet my First Bun, 
the Buffoonish Baxter!


♥ ℋℯℓℓo from WICKERMOSS ♥

♥ ℋℯℓℓo from WICKERMOSS ♥




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