TRAVEL: [BALI Escape] Series viii: Demons of The Desert. [Bali Camel Safari]

I've always wanted to a ride a camel,
it's on my bucket list too!
just like the Sex and the City peG hahaha!
And as am impatient already to visit my friends who are residing in UAE...
so when we went to BALI,
I didn't know that they actually got this kind of shitz...purrfect.

You can find the BALI TraveVLOG link below!
and you can see that we got a couple camel,
named RAJAH & JEDAH.

They're cute IRL okeiii,
the only thing that hinders me from really getting closer to them is this:

I recall a friend telling me she almost got bitten by a camel before,
not in Bali tho....
so that was stuck into my mind.
Hey babe, if you were just balling me when you told me that,
screw you bahahahah!

Indeed, camels were unpredictable.
They were called as the Gentle Giants or Demons of the Desert.
The latter is reassuring alrite.

One moment they'd be annoyed to death, (they wail like hell!)
the next thing they'd be quiet as a small pup.

They're vindictive too, if you offend them even if its unintentional;
they'd seek revenge in no time at all.
Sensitive and vindictive...
am not one who is ecstatic to witness its wrath tho...hahaha!

Soooooo that made me more paranoooiiiiiidddd!
They looked harmless and all cute in the pic yuh?
But IRL, you can sense their hidden mystery.
Any chance Camels are bipolar ?! LOL
Especially during their feeding time,
we were their hosts...
but me not willing to have  my fingers be donated for their desserts aite! haha!

is located (on site) the ever expensive NIKKO BALI Resort.
I love the security of this place as well.
I suggest you book on an early morning slot and if possible do it on a weekday.

When we reached the gorgeous Nikko Bali Resort,
we saw a couple of camels having their siesta along the beach shore.

Meet Rajah & Jedah!

My camel is a tad smaller (female, Jedah) compared to E's.
The entire ride is about an hour;
charged price is USD39 per pax;
convert it all and it's about SGD98.

Whooaaaa, an hour riding these beasts?
so I packed a chockfull of SPF on my face and..
I wore extra double triple clothing underneath!
It may be extra stuffy but also to protect yourself whenever you have this kind of rides,
better to be safe than sorry.
 I was already wearing an extra layer of clothing and I can still feel the strange bodily "heat" of this camel.
If you think they're a breeze to ride on,
they're not!
The saddle is a a bitch to deal with at first.
The first half an hour,
I tend to resist the sway...
and it made the camel ride harder.
So what I did on the remaining hour,
I relaxed and danced to the camel sway.
We were BFFs after that.

So what's the feeling of that extra hump? Hmmmmn....hahaha!
The camel's belly/tummy feels really strange on my legs!
My Paul Frank joggies were already thick ha,
but still...I dunno..
sometimes it's like ticklish and all hehe.

But after their feeding time,
I felt comfortable during the ride already.
Maybe they had to be fed muna? hehe.

Also the camel behind tend to always get closer ;
apparently they like rubbing their bodies to your leg.
Daaang, their teeth!
It's like it's going go gnash my legs anytime 'noh haha!

Had a BLAST with these BEASTS and the entire ride! 
Thanks for looking ♥







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