REVIEW: Biore Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash.

If anyone really happens to look for a facial wash that has a "No Drip" feature, kindly pretty please enlighten me further on why you do? I may need a ballistic hammer to crack my head up but seriously I do not see any ideal reasoning on this specific no-drippie-catch thingie. I would love to hear your thoughts on this:)

unless you are the type who plays around when you wash your face? :/

✿ Biore Marshmallow Whip Facial Wash


Kao Biore Marshmallow Whip Facial Cleansing Foam creates 200micron fine, elastic lather. It wraps up skin and removes dirt and grease well. Formulated to be the same pH as your skin, Biore Facial Foam Mild is so gentle; skin feels baby soft and moist after cleansing.

SGD 13.90 (approx USD11/PHP500) | 150ml

my take

From this haul, I have bought this interesting looking bottle from Watsons..

..and nope, that image was not the one that convinced me to get it--but the word Collagen. Who doesn't need something to improve your skin elasticity? Though that pretty image could surely sell, the Marshmallow Whip sounds a bit kooky as well; and the 150 pumps? Who really takes time to count them anyway? :/ 

3 most intriguing words: Just one pump

Label states no shaking of the bottle as the foam would not dispense well.

Here goes 1 pump!

I can already tell, this amount would not suffice to wash my face...and can someone please tell me if this looks fluffy to you?:/

So I need another pump..yes? :)

Oh mann, define froostratin'.

Japanese women prefer to generate fluffy foam when washing their face, in order to help them clean their face better with finer bubbles, as well as cushion stress from their hands rubbing against their faces.  So having to use fluffy foam facial wash is also a good idea isn't it, compared to a bar of soap or liquid facial wash.. the stress applied on our skin is much lesser with foam types.

Perhaps I was just expecting too much? Since they marketed this as Marshmallow Whip, I was hoping for that bouncy mallow feeling while washing my face. Ultra fine bubbles yes, but bouncy..nadah. When cleansing my face, it becomes liquid-y. Now this the part wherein the No Drip feature should come in. I need even at least more than 3 pumps just to get a decent fluffy amount of foam.

If there is any consolation, I love scent! The scent would not strike you at once, count up to 5 and there is this mild floral perfumey smell, which I do like. On my face, it does the job but I can say that I did not get the squeaky clean feeling. It was not hard to wash off too. 

I am now using this for my body instead, though the smell goes off after fills my bathroom with it's amiable scent. Guess everyone loves that. 

Too bulky to bring when you intend to travel too...don't you think so? It comes with a stopper though. 

Ain't really sure why the product was like this. I dampened my hands prior to dispensing so as I'd really get the whip it baby! foam, but obviously, 'twas a fail. I googled after the first use, (for a  change)..and this has merited itself with good revs.. *scratches head now*







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