REVIEW: VANITY TROVE April is now in Full SwinG!

What would make me travel to the other end of the Singapore island, moreso on a Sunday? Perhaps somethin' that would make me whisper to myself after & say, 'Wow, 'twas worth tossin' the alarm clock & kickin' my own bum to wake up earlier than usual on a lazy Sunday mornin'  ☺  

After a special movie screening treat of The Vow, Vanity Trove invited yours truly for another exclusive event, this time for a SPArty. Oh did I mention that pampering never stops at Vanity Trove ? 

This is why I love Spring   Tis the season that everyone feels extra beautiful and  Vanity Trove shalt kick start this off with complimentary beauty treats for that special woman in our lives, our mommy dearest!  Mother's Day is fast approaching, yay!

They've prepped up treats exclusive for you and your awesome moms. How 'bout a spa session? Sounds good? Think it's a perfect bonding moment for you & your mom right?

You'll get an entirely new spa session experience with your mommy dearest,  
only from  Masego  &  Vanity Trove 

With their Mother's Day Spa-cial Treat inclined-theme, I opted to go for a luxurious facial spa at the Masego, the only Singapore Safari-themed spa located at Safra Clubhouse, Jurong.  That treatment deserves a separate post so I'd leave you ladies with sneaks for  Vanity Trove  April ☺ 

I see  Vanity Trove  as a company of passionate gorgeousness, as it listened with an open mind to the feedback, I'd say more on clamour of their subscribers to bring more fun remixes with the troves,  they are ushering in another beauty story this April.

What else but to pamper beauty seekers with a variety of skincare, makeup, somethin' for the body/hair and even luxe products all wrapped up in that tones of pinks & whites. Again, delivered from the comfort of your own home. I'm speaking in this manner 'cause I was able to get an exclusive sneak peek for the April  Vanity Trove  box after the spa session!

After being whipped away to a fantasyland of pampering by Masego, the Vanity Trove team, transcended me to another area I'd like to call the  Vanity Wharf. Why? That's because I was given the chance to assemble my very own trove. Makeup, skin/haircare, several products all in the name of vanity were laid down before my eyes to choose from, test and yesh, bring home.  Personalized Pampering. Sweet as Spring. That's  Vanity Trove  for you. It's my birthday month as well, April rawks!

Since I do not want to spoil the surprise, I'd just share a few reasons why you do not want to miss April's Trove.

*Say Buh-bye to Frizz & Give your Hair a Different Style

Since a lot of you have been hitting the beach, you need something to protect not just your skin from harmful elements but also your tresses. Get some proper care so your hair would not become recluse. If your locks seemed like to have a mind of its own, you need to shower them with some lovin' & style. 

I was told that I can even skip conditioner if I use this product. Thumbs up for another money saver here.

I tried the product and only if I could bring them all home 'cause they all smell so daaang good! Also, if you think that only skin needs anti-aging products, think again. Our crowning glory needs to fight aging too and this April, you'd discover how to take good care of your hair in a more natural way as well.

my mane after 8-10 hours, just like a behave kid at school (only when the teacher is around haha)

*Combat oily skin this Summer/Spring with this tiny wonder powder

It's undeniable that aside from Burberry, I am deeply in love with makeup products from Japan. They produce good quality stuff (coughs Shiseido, coughs Shu Uemura) and they also make the cutest packaging..(coughs Jill Stuart). 

This month, maintain your oil at bay with a powder that is so compact, it can even fit snug-fitting jeans. I even thought it was a lip balm at first glance. Perfect for quick touch ups, truly light and it photographs beautifully as it is matte. It also has Persimmon Fruit Juice Extract as one of its ingredients, so pampered skin it is, yes?:)

*Just because I'm cute I ain't hardworking anymore!

Lastly, if you are still in search for the solution to cover your eye imperfections, such as dark circles and discolorations, they have products with 3 different formulations; each of them targeted to combat your undereye concerns. Now you can have the freedom to choose and use something that is moisturizing, improve blood circulation or even sweep off those dull looking eyes. Instant revived look, check!

I dabbed a teenie-weenie bit on to my eyes, can you tell that I only had 4 hours of sleep prior to this event? The luxurious facial spa sure did help as well!

Beautiful Sunday it was indeed.
Thanks tons VT!

Well, that's it for now from my end. Almost everyday, the  Vanity Trove  team has something in store for their subscribers. Be sure to check them out and wait, you haven't subbed yet? ☺   

Get this fully loaded April Vanity Trove now, click HERE and you'll be treated with more surprises!~ You'll feel the extra special pampering yourself from V aka Victoria of Vanity Trove and the team...that's one positive warning for you loves 


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♥ ℋℯℓℓo from WICKERMOSS ♥
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