REVIEW: VANITY TROVE Doubles Up the Element of Surprise this May plus Trove Unboxing of April | March 2012.

In time thy trove will reveal... the April Spring Surprises, yaye!

Were you able to catch my April Vanity Trove sneak peek? So here ya go..presenting the Vanity Trove of my birthdae month! 

As I have mentioned in the sneak peek, I was more than glad that I have attended the exclusive event here, as I was given the freedom to choose & have a DIY trove. Another thing is, I was able to choose goodies between March & April troves! C'mon who wouldn't love that? It took me hours to choose you see and I had a wonderful time. Shout out to Camy & Esther, who both are truly hard working lass! They always give the best recos in town haha.

Enuff of mah jibber jabber, here's the reveal of my April Trove baybeh!

1. STYLE Aromatherapy

Style Aromatherapy deals exclusively in skin, hair/scalp products formulated with essential oils with natural anti-aging properties. 

Its innovative products are created as an dynamic and quality presence in the high potential world of natural cosmetics.

This professional product line contains nourishing and protecting natural essential oils that pampers the hair and scalp. 

With carefully-chosen ingredients with high efficacy, different product ranges will help different individuals answer specific needs of different hair types.

Leave-in Hair Moisturizer
Suitable for daily use and say bye-bye to styling products (2 in 1 product). Promotes softness and flexibility which allows easy styling and protection for your hair/scalp.

If you are looking for a range catered to your Dry / Thick / Severely Damaged Hair, try the Intensive Repair Range(YELLOW).It contains NAA (Natural Anti-Aging) technology and is enriched with natural Borage Seed Oil, Dead Sea Minerals and Burdock Oil. Burdock is a medicinal herb and its oil extract can be used to promote healthy hair, relieve scalp irritation and improve scalp / hair condition. Also, it is rich in phytosterols and essential fatty acids to supply the required nutrients for healthy scalp and promote natural hair growth. 

I chose the Leave-in Hair Moisturizer, the sweet smelling scent got me! Plus the Burdock & Borage Oil? Awesome combi, my hair wants!
The most exclusive of the range: Ancient Secrets – Moroccan ArganVersatile product that styles and nourishes hair at the same time. Almost got this, lovely bottle eh?!
See the talking/chit chatting penguins here?! Too cute right? Sometimes my imagination is _______. Anyway, you've got curls? The only leave in hair product that both styles and nourishes your hair. Perfect to use daily to instantly style your curls while leaving it feeling soft and light. 

Intensive Repair Hair Serum (left)

Non-rinse formula and suitable for daily use on both dry or damp hair. Its concentrated formula will protect and nourish hair on a daily basis. Acts as a nice smelling hair fragrance too. Gives hair up to 3 time more softness, shine and vitality.

Moroccan Argan Hair Oil(right)

Maintains hair elasticity and vitality while protecting it from heat and chemical treatments.Reduces split ends and also reduces drying and speeds up styling time.

I outgrew using serums actually, but I tried this one and it's not that sticky. I combined it with the Leave-In Hair Moisturizer(Anti-Aging) & my hair behaved the entire day.

And I thought only skin ages haha! Anti-aging shampoo/conditioners are available as well. A lot of women would love to get this, colour protector for your highlighted hair!

2. Princess Pinki

Princess Pinki is the perfect solution for ladies who wish to restore their youthful rosy skin. Princess Pinki also has the healing and moisturizing effect that can effectively treat symptoms such as anemic looking lip and dark pigmentations. Regular use will leave the treated skin area pink and rosy for a long period of time. 
Retail Price: S$48.90  from

Pea-sized amount ..and see pic below!

Whoaa,it's pinki alrite!

Just a lovely flush of pink when blended.

3. Candy Doll Makeup Base/Powder Foundation

The Candy Doll Make Up Base with SPF 30 offers sun-protection and coverage for pores and imperfection of skin texture. Suitable for all shades, the Make Up Base also brightens up skin tone and keeps your makeup long lasting throughout the day.

Retail Price: S$37.90 / 30g

Candy Doll powder foundation helps to conceal the appearance of large pores, redness and even out your skin tone. Its fine powder particles helps to control sebum and sweat, preventing oily skin.

Retail Price: S$40.90 / 10g

4. K-Palette Makeup!

Kuma Concealer

Mat Powder

strange shot the mystery of the mask behind.
Eyebrow pencils were my initial choice..

See the cute lil paw prints on the tubes? 

This is so tiny, can fit inside my jeans but I still have to hit pan on some powders so...

I got this Super Kuma hahah!

Got the No.3! They got the most interesting range of concealers and this one got good reviews so there!

 5. MASEGO Vouchers/Complimentary Treatments

Read my review here of Masego... this spa is defo worth another visit! 

That sexy lady in red shorts (even when her back is turned!) is Esther, Vanity Trove's Branding Manager

Well what dya know, it doesn't end there..yeap there's more!

My friend having a sample of the Star Lash Eyelashes!

Esther wearing the purple one here, looked so natural on her right?:)
Look who's busy filling up her

Here comes another interesting goodie, the LED lip plumper by BRAPHY. We have this in Manila, I believe from Ever Bilena..but in Singapore this is something new.

Can't believe they do not come in red shades? Most of them do not show on my skin(again!)Only 1 prevailed (kissable pink #3)

Pardon the pathetic swatches..well at least I've tried haha.

Thanks tons VT!

I wanted to get the natural lash pair but I opted for the side-winged hehe arte lang (vanity-kick)!  

Star Lash Eyelashes are re-usable too, yaye!

Bare thy naked face haha! Love love love my facial spa from Masego ..woot!

The condition of my hair when I reached home, almost 8 hours after the combing/brushing done. 

I do not like middle parting but it was just nice 'coz my hair wasn't too flat nor greasy-looking. Scent still intact too.

I shant stop here! Vanity Trove is extending, yes that's right..extending the Spring Surprise. 

They are launching a Spring's Special - an uber luxe limited edition trove with the finest beauty brands from France - made to pamper both your mum and yourself in May.

May's Limited Trove Edition..2x the value put into one Vanity Trove experience. You and your mum will be pampered with either a Glitter Gold Spa Treatment/Vitamin-rich Nourishing Session, plus luxe beauty labels from France! This LE trove is only S$35, valid until 30th of April only. Hurry, gift your wonderful moms with this via Vanity Trove 's website here!(*Gifting only valid in SG).

Thanks for readin' and see you on the next trove loves!











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