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First thing to touch my lips in the morning and last thing at night is coffee. As much as coffee brings me into a certain state of Nirvana, I have mentioned a couple of times that I wanted to lessen my "caffeine-ddiction".  
Well,  I'm happy to announce that I am slowly starting to become a tea convert. Not saying that I have totally ditched coffee, what am stressing here is that I find myself reaching for teas lately.

Albeit my thoughts that teas tasted like bathwater, I realized that tea can actually jumpstart my day as well. Thanks to Allerines Premium Tea as they have let me discover the actual benefits of drinking tea. Allerines was the bourn child of tea lovers who have put up an online shop and offers different varieties of teas. They're truly affordable and can be delivered right at your very doorstep too!

Allerines Premium Tea comes in translucent & pyramid-shaped sachets; you can see the beauty of those tea leaves and the shape allows the tea to steep more compared to those traditional ones. It also comes with the brewing instructions, strength, tips on how and when to enjoy your teas more.

Tea Categories
They allowed me to taste their teas belonging to 3 different categories: Black; Green and Fruits.

Black Teas, the revered classic favorite. It looked really handsome and smells just as good! If you'd compare tea to a man, this is the man in tux. Bold, dark, mysterious and yes,  inviting! I got 2 flavours which are: Irish Chocolate & Vanilla Caramel Dream.

These two are my faves; they are my usual perk me up in the morning buddies as they are caffeine-infused and they're versatile, 'coz they are also good when ICED!

Irish Chocolate
The black Ceylon tea has a smooth taste and it was a relief that it's not bitter to one's palate. I may not be a   'tea connoisseur' but the Irish cream must be a huge factor for that. Crisp & full-bodied flavor? Well- achieved with this tea. The rich aroma that it imparts me with is a match to its penetrating flavour.

Vanilla Caramel Dream
Caramel-flavoured tea which is utterly delicious, with that vanilla and cornflowers touch, this gotta be my favourite 'coz of the striking taste..comforting and delicious in one. The taste reminiscent of a vanilla cake showered with caramel fudge on top..pure rapture on my taste :)

Green Teas, are known to having health-related benefits and I was surprised they go along well with fruits. They are high in antioxidants but I rarely drink them 'coz of their typical bitter aftertaste.

Bohemian Raspberry
The flavour that is warm and piquant; it easily refreshes my mind and body with every sip. I can give my English Breakfast teas a rest for now. This is a raspberry infused mint tea, I love the soothing smell as well. I think this is one flavor that stands up well to milk, honey and sugar. Also, my body felt cleansed after finishing a cup:)

Fruit Teas, comprise of dried fruits. I was really curious on how the dried fruits would affect the complexity of the teas characteristics in general.

Berry Powerful
Berry zesty! My taste buds loved the berry goodness indeed. It's also mentally refreshing; tasted good when iced as the soft fruity notes is still intact. They have jampacked this tea with berry goodness and hibiscus! Every tea that has hibiscus touch sure have that tangy taste. Think this is suited for evening dishes as it can help you wash down all those calorie intake:) 

Fruit Splash
This one comes with a lovely rainbow color too. This has: apples, papayas, raisins, strawberries & raspberries. This is what I'd consider my sit back and relax tea. Despite of the fruity descriptions, I find the taste smooth somehow. I thought that the  taste would clash, didn't come to mind that papayas can actually blend well with those berries! Beautifully blended and no sour aftertaste, a plus point there:)

Since coffee is more prone to re-flavourings, I have done my very own sort of experiments to make my tea conversion more convincing:) Surprisingly, these teas are just downright delicious.

#Irish Chocolate works great with snacks. It brings out the Irish Chocolate tea's mellow flavour. If you're a cerified choc-a-holic, fret not.   Allerines Premium Tea  have recognized this peculiar trait and have created unique teas for us. Check out their tea sets in their website as well, their teapots come in vibrant colours, me wants the cherry set as it fits my persona haha!

#Use brown sugar in black teas. If you prefer milder flavor, opt for soya milk.
#I love the Bohemian Raspberry tea with a dash of cream and 1/2 a packet of sugar.
Raspberries truly make  a superb infusion into tea and when mixed with cream?
I find the taste somehow similar to a milkshake.
#Chocolates paired with a tea? Awesome combo! Must try guys.

Allerines Premium Teas are relaxing and unlike coffee, it doesn't make me feel jittery. Although it does not make me sleepy, I realize it helps me wind down at the end of the day.


If you want that unrivaled sipping tea experience, you may contact Allerines Premium Tea. They are all out in helping you decide which flavours to get that would tea-ckle that fancy palate of yours :)

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