REVIEW: BECCA Boudoir Skin Mineral Powder Foundation.

Some kinda UFO huh? My lamp's lighting matched this mighty fine product's packaging! Btw, *coughs NARS you got a competitor here..icky-potential packaging, with the rubber and all? yikes!

But beyond that, the Boudoir Skin Mineral Foundation by BECCA was worth my moolah. For the reasons that I do not need setting powder at times and it still keeps my oil at bay, and I can use this as a setting powder. North & South extremity but complaining, am not! An all-over powdah, defo multi-purpose It's actually more than that to me. Got my match in the shade of BLISS. This is a neutral to yellower pale shade.

BECCA leans on the deep brown, bronzey/chocolatey mix in terms of its packaging. Though this compact is truly sleek, light and handy, it mimics NARS packaging(rubber=sticky). To some this looks like Capt. America's shield, to me it registers as a roulette, with the embossed letters, the metal plate+screw and all. Not 'coz of my liking for the casino game alrights, haha!

Sigh Becca! For a having a steep price range, well baby you gotta deliver.

Do you take time to really read the ingredients list for your makeups? Another factor that made me get this thing is the Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Extract. It's widely used in cosmetic and pharmaceutical preparations for its soothing and healing properties.

Aloe Extract has an exceptionally nice feel and is absorbed quickly, leaving skin feeling soft and conditioned. No more thirsty skin!

Only 7g of product for a price sticker shock of SGD58 (approx $46/PHP1,900) Big O U C H ! But then Mineral Powder in pressed form? I am sold already! Buh-bye powder all over my vanity table mess.

When this comes in contact with my skin, it goes on semi-sheer, lightweight and since it's mineral I was so happy it did not break me out. Ahuh, took a big gamble on this one. The color was stable throughout the day, BLISS would match most skintones (light, fair, even medium toned skin IMO). I can say the finish is still matte, but not overly flat. It covered my skin with ease, err, with much gusto!

If you are one who prefers to use powder foundation as a setting powder, this is a must try. I feel that it worked for me more rather than a base powder foundation. It seals in my makeup just the way I want it to be. Also, if you are a user of MAC Skin Finish (particularly the Light shade like me); there is a higher chance you'd love this even more. That MAC MSF works best when used as a setting powder.

The texture is finely milled though the opacity still troubles me at times. When my skin is also at its oiliness peak, this solves my day. It tends to make my skin dry, which is to my advantage of course. When swatched on my arm, it resembles an eyeshadow! So there, just refer to my FOTD here and see how this powder gives me that certain 'BLISS'.

This product was part of this  BECCA HAUL

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