SPOTTED: BURBERRY Spring/Summer 2012 Collection.

My heart never fails to skip a beat whenever I step into the Burberry Beauty counter at Tangs. It's my candylalalalandia, so I always do the skippity doo dah hop hop whenever I am on my way out. The latter was pure exaggeration of course. 

Anywhoo, I was more than excited during this particular night to head over the counter, thanks to the sent mailer from Luxasia to check out the Burberry Spring/Summer Collection 2012. Though I already have a few of the items, I have another agenda up my sleeves.

Meet my BA cum friend, Jennifer..Every time I see her, i wanna snatch her scarf ..
and oh! That plaid mirror too! G A H ! 

I was not planning on buying anything...for myself ha but I went there again to get some stuff for a very dear friend who also like me, swears by Burberry hahaha! As in we cannot explain this sort of attachment we have for the brand. 

Getting makeup for oneself isn't a tough cookie to break.. but buying for someone else? Hay grabe..pressure lol! This really takes a lot of concentration you see, err. Look at my damned face below...haha 

Choosin' up some blush suited for the dear friend skin tone:)
As usual, it was a battle swatching inside the store but this is what I have managed to snap for this collection!~

As Burberry is inclined to creamy natural looking tones this S/S 2012, there is no need for one to go bold to get that vavavoom effect. Light & softened makeup look, that's what they boasts of in this collection. I have previously gotten the Pale Barley, atat kase and yes, no lippie from this range since all the shades here looked bleah on my lips. 

Lip Cover ($43)

Tulip Pink No.27
DevonSunset No.28
Golden Peach No.29
Primrose Hill Pink No.30

Tulip Pink = light pink/mauvey
Devon Sunset = coral pink
Golden Peach = coral peach
Primrose Hill Pink = fuschia pink

1 swipe; Tulip Pink (27) was my crush tho.. and Devon Sunset is one of their best sellers
Burberry Eyes ($46)

Sheer Eye Shadow Pale Barley No.22
the most unique shade of all...subtle & yet gorgeous! 
mix of gray, gold, beige and brown...looks so dull in the pan but once seen, aaahh just lovely and irresistible

Lip Glow ($39)

Hibiscus No. 13
Nude Rose No. 14

Hibiscus  = dark fuschia red / no shimmer
Nude Rose = light rose / no shimmer
No swatches of the lip glow, as usual they were not visible on my skin. If you do not see any interesting item on the S/S 2012, you can turn to their regular Lip Mist / Lip Cover range.

eyeing on that Bluberry No. 206!

Also previously purchased that Brick Red No. 19...on my lips on all the photos here,spot on:)

Oh Hi there first crush! Tea Rose No. 08.. too bad it's too nudey on my lips.

So while I was on the verge of confusion of which shades to get for the dear friend, someone was trying to tempt me I see..
The Fresh Glow! Goodness, this beats the Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector according to my friend here who uses both, but I just recently purchased a full bottle of my HG primer, so no can do...sorry papa E haha!

Look for Mindy or Jennifer when you wanna come down the counter, they're awesome. Really do know their product by heart! Always loved their recos but still it was my gut who prevailed in the end, haha.

Guess who I saw upon going home then? Too cute not to stop and pose here eh haha!

 Just recalled the question when I was young... why does Superman always wear his underwear outside his pants?!

Perhaps the chap who created him wanted some bulging red knickers then? Notty!







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