EVENTS/FASHION TALK: Picture Parfois. part one.

When I got to be personally invited by Liz of ProjectVanity,one of the beauty bloggers that I really look up to, to attend her Blogger Style for a day, I had no qualms saying yes. Although the timing clashed with my earlier fitness event that day, I told her I am gonna be there by hook or by crook. Haha. On a serious note, when she mentioned that it was hosted by Parfois [par-fwa], my heartbeat went oomph! For reasons that I have always adored European fashion brands, Burberry; Bottega Veneta; Chanel,etc.. and I could go on forever.  French fashion hits Manila eh? Perhaps one of the coolest things ever. 

So with a whooping flash drive I headed to SM Megamall, luckily I still made it as the lovely host is still there, lol. I already had my mind set that in case I'd be tempted to buy something, it will definitely cost me a bomb, again. The name Parfois itself already is so coñotic. But then I got so hyper when Liz told me that if you purchase anything you will get a free gift. My question was, "What's the minimum amount" She said nothing. Buy any item irregardless of the amount and you'd still be able to get a surprise gift of your choice. So like a kid in a candy store, you already know the history huh.

Parfois is a fast expanding women´s accessories brand, targeting fashion-savvy women with such a wide array of  handbags, jewellery, wallets, sunglasses, belts, scarves, watches, hair accessories collections. They have vowed to bring in new styles every other week if I am not mistaken.
If you think this store will leave you penniless, I bet they will! But you will get numerous and exquisite quality products you'd gonna love. Are you the type of shopper who prefers to spend big bucks on one item or rather spend big time with items that would count up to the fingers of your toes? Quantity vs quality? In Parfois, this would never be a problem. It being a Portuguese brand, I've noticed two things. Creativity of designs is at par; while the quality is not at all sacrificed, granted that it tries to have reasonable prices intact. 

Offering value and fashion for money to its customers, Parfois is also unique for its clear and dynamic visual merchandising, creating a pleasant atmosphere in every store. So decent and posh. It actually made me miss the time that I was also managing a shopping mall in Singapore. 

So if you are the type of the morning-rush-office girl, save yourself by checking this store out. You can settle for your basic crispy polo and black trousers and you just need a dose of stylish accessories from Parfois, they sure have a piece for you to accent your wardrobe. Trendy yet affordable. Isn't that what every shopper yearns for? Their price ranges from Php65 for hair accessories to Php2,500+ for a luggage. Stylish sunglasses and unisex watches are priced less than Php2,000.

This is the first installment of my Parfois experience.
Let's go on and see familiar faces!
Hi, I'm Liz, your stylist for the day.
If you still don't know who this lady is , get out of your hibernation stage.
This woman is one of the best beauty bloggers in town.
[photo credit to Kari]

Liz & the stylish Joanne Estrada  [Marketing Service Manager of Vogue Concepts] 
cheek to cheek with bebe Kari of Pretty Owlsome ! Yay!
liz, joanne, bianca , kari, liz and yours truly.
[photo credit to Kari]

parfois is for every woman's generation. beat that.
[photo credit to Liz]

liz paying for my purchases..kidding! that's my gift weee!
am guessing if it was a bag too or  a bag perhaps? hahahah!
[photo credit to Kari]

Kari bought a pair of earrings [above pic] worth Php379 and this is what she got!  Whatta  steal!
[photo credit to Kari]

Kindly visit for more info

Did I keep u hanging? Chill. Next posts will be up ahead.







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