OOTD: Dropped Out of School!

you know you wanna wear that hat and walk out the door
for one second you drop it and leave the house without it

you know you wanna wear that flirty skirt

for one second you change back to your boring black skirt.
Why are most women having second thoughts wearing them? Are you guilty as charged?

Well I am..with the white skirt that is. You can ask me to wear white hats but white skirts, kamown! That's one reason that I did not pursue a Nursing degree. Just cause I am scared paranoid of having tagos or monthly period stains. I also am not comfortable as I always felt that men have telescopic perverted eyes when they see you wearing all white. 

Besides as an OC, I cannot stand it when I see those tiny specks of dirt (which is obviously very visible with white garments) which makes me feel plunging into the washing machine myself and drowning myself in Chlorox. But still, I'd like to think that they are one of the most under rated wardrobe staples. They can go well with anything as the way of styling them is never ending and fun. Don't you notice as well that it's a symbolism of expertise? Doctors, chefs, dentists..they all wear white. Truly spells excellence and cleanliness.

wickeRmoss 2cents:

My favorite white skirt has to be lightweight and would not be a headache when it comes to dealing with my undergarments. I opt for the wrinkled cotton one as obviously it's a lot easier to wash manage. With skirts, there is a fine balance between sexy and trashy, so you should consider the length, color, and material before buying. 

How to wear the white skirt
  • Choose the right top. It is best paired with tank, halter or camisole tops. However, to don the flirty look, printed, fitted and quirky designed tops are my best bets. Printed designed tops attract more attention when you pair it with plain white skirts. 
  • Know your length. The most flattering skirt is the one that is just right above your knee. It will definitely elongate your legs, therefore add height.. perfect for petite women. Try an A-line skirt to emphasize the waist and elongate your shape.
  • White is to white ratio is a no no. White can be unforgiving, so choose the right footwear as well. Avoid white pumps or strappy sandals. Try it with flesh-toned sandals or nude clogs to balance the whole look. 
  • Avoid the underwear blunder. Not because it's white, you also have to wear white undergarments. Notice how the lines are even more visible? Wear those which are nearest to the color of your skin. 

Are you a mad hatter?  A hat is the crowning glory to any wardrobe. Today, a wardrobe of hats tops many a collection of stunning white ensembles. I often times think that women are lazy to wear hats, but instead a few are not really sure of how to wear them. I won't be into the details of how to wear hats or finding which ones are suited for each individual. But since I wore a flapper, might as well start with that.

How to wear the flapper
I've been digging the 1920s lately. I've always been curious on how women dig the fashion world after the World War 1. How was the fashion aftermath? Mom told me once that flappers were born then. The term given to women who are like birds who are just learning how to fly. They plunge into heavy makeup, smoking, donned boyish cuts, and bare some skin. They also wore cloche or bell hats aka flapper hats. I also learned that cardigans were first worn on the same era.

The flapper hat can be considered as my hat bff. I just grab this baby whenever I have a bad hair day or just run quick errands, like going to the supermarket or going to the post office.  Flapper hats are characterized by its close fitting crown, which covers the whole head, and beautifully frames the face, especially bringing attention to the eyes. Flappers forever !

gettin' my chocoholic fix at the mall..
Petite women should prefer wearing this bell hat for it doesn't drown their silhouette and would again add another dimension of height. In the 1920s, this is a hit for petites. It is usually worn with the eyes meant to be slightly peeking and you tilt your head upwards to don that mysterious aura. Ouh. No wonder women in the 1920s were called Roaring women. This era is just sizzling and interesting.

Are you always hesitant to wear hats? Don't be! Besides we women are lucky as compaed to men, we do not have to abide with hat rules! 

So there I hope this post has inspired you somehow to dig your abandoned skirt and start wearing that hat. I am into the I-miss-school mode so badly. How I wish I am studying again. Funny that when I was still in school, I was always in a rush to work. But then when I started to learn how tough it is to work your ass off on your own, I somehow wish am back to the four walled corners of my classroom. CharlesAngel? Mam, present!

i somehow like the design of this fitted top...they look like skulls from afar but when u take a closer look, they're roses actually let's make love & peace not war wokeii?


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