TRAVEL: [s u m a s a g a d a] series: spelunking sumaguing.

This cave makes the long coach journey from Manila worth it. I would never dare forget this experience. Why? You'll know at the end of this post.

I never thought Sagada would be that marvellous. . . I was literally stunned by its beauty and splendour. Never ever leave this haven without having to experience the adventure of the exotic sumaging cave. Go spelunking or die haha! All you have to bring is a pair of sandals as you go thru the steepy way down to the cave. In my case I went bare footed when  we got to the cave. It was nice to experience its incredible oasis.

Perfect for spelunkers and non-spelunkers type like me. I used to climb mountains but spelunking? Noob. Takes a hell lot of guts though. It's like one big hurdle test. You start with slippery steps going down, have to hold on to rocks coated with bat poop   guano , have to get down sheer cliffs (short but a 90 degree cliff mind you), get through an itsy bitsy teeny weenie hole, walk in chest or waist deep coooold freezing water, go rappelling, - and if that's not enough, climb up the steps back to the cave's mouth. One word. Pagoda tragedy.

Wouldn't have missed it for the world! 

Before I went in, I saw souvenir shirts that states: "Surviving Sagada" Told myself, boohoo borrriinnggg. Holy crapp.., those were the exact words we uttered upon seeing light at the end of the cave. Loser with the capital

Enjoy the photos guys! Also lemme know if you prefer the avatar format or should I stick to the still pics?

1. Sumaguing aka the   “Big Cave,”  served as the Filipino soldiers’ refuge from the Japanese guerrillas during the World War II.   It is interconnected to other caves in Sagada such as the Lumiang Cave and one would usually take almost 3 to 4 hours to explore the cave. There are licensed cave guides and I think even if their eyes are closed, they still know how to conquer this cave. There was an orientation and a prayer that we offered before going in. Apparently I and papa E were so busy camwhorin, so after we were like, 
"Ano daw, ano daw?" Eeeeppp!

2. There were a total of 4 phases to conquer this cave. The first is as usual easy peasy..the only thing that you have to watch out for is the dropping bat  poop guanoMy trek mate's eyeglass was a victim and I tell you, it was that difficult to remove. Yikes!

3. Then comes the waves. We thought it was a breeze that there is water everywhere to wash off those sticky thingamajig, but oh boy we were daaang wrong. It made the ground more slippery! But I don't mind at all.. I prefer the watery ground haha. Here you can already witness the beautiful rock formations inside...each with funny and interesting names. There was tiny waterfalls as well, a mini jacuzzi pool, magnificent stalactites and stalagmites as you trail down the cave.

4. Our cave guide I think asks each of us like, "Sinong gusto magback-out? Puedeng-puede pa! 
Problem is, mag-isa na nga lang kyo pabalik"!

I didn't give a damn even if my camera gets wet. Just pose and shoot blardy hell.

5. There are also some parts of the trail wherein you will need to get in through teeny weenie holes, pass by high steep inner passages, rappel using rustic ropes and walk or swim in waist deep freezing water. Hello hypothermia. I almost felt that my butt literally froze. 

We survived sagada!

Here are my favo shots:

The best place in the world to smoke , I frikin epic swear!
Even our cave guide smokes haha, jamming time!~

Why I said never dare to forget? See the hole in this photo?
We asked the young cave guide if it was fine for us to go this area since we wanted to take a snapshot. He said yes. The moment we almost stepped into this hole, the elder cave guide shouted at us and said, 
"Huy, wag kayo pumunta dyan...may butas dyan! Kasyang-kasya kayong dalawa dyan."
It ain't obvious that it was a deep hole right? But then the cave guide said, it's like a mouth hole really meant for just two people, waiting for its next victim. 


♥ ℋℯℓℓo from WICKERMOSS ♥

♥ ℋℯℓℓo from WICKERMOSS ♥




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