RANDOM CHAT: My Modeling Days! Just a LIL vice & a BIT of friendster.

raketista (ra-ket-îs-ta) - isang taong maparaan at maraming raket. 

That's one monicker my Filipino friends in SG used to call me. After a year of my being a solitary survivor there, I managed to score some whatelse but rakets. It was just timely that a local aka Singaporean spotted my profile online and the rest is history. There's no denying the fact that SG is not an easy place to live and work at. This place is not for the weaklings if I may say. With the high amount of their cost of living, one must really need to know how to survive. So what is up with the long intro? I finally managed to remember my password for friendster as I know they're doing a major revamp soon. How many years did I last open this account? Argh. eons ago.

And so I remembered that one of my raket is to do shoots for adverts and the like. They were a bit strict with foreigners that time. One must need a portfolio and notable experience. I was so glad I used to do this thing when I was in Manila before then. So yay, I passed with flying colors. Clever move is, I didn't get tied up with just one handler. I went for the freelancers. Besides, my work is my rice bowl so am more focused to that. See that telecommunications ad? It all started with that.

K k k you can now erase that smile off your face haha! There is always a first time for everything so this one has a bit of sentimental value for me.  Not too bad for its first day of release on a 2 whole page back to back issue in Manila Bulletin. Besides, this was a fun shoot to do with and am I glad they got Aga Muhlach as its endorser.

Are you ready for another comical pic? I wanted to call it so, just cause until now when I look at it, I can't stop laughing and really saying, "Yikes! That's me? Kadireeee!" Another worth keeping. Why? Cause no matter what we do, we cannot bring our old faces back right. We have to settle on what we have now. This was my first Phil. Star article, i look so funnehhh! As if I do not have any teeth at all, blame it to the braces LOL

I won't be a braggart [n. a person who boasts loudly or exaggeratedly; bragger] by showing you all what I have done. This, IMO are only those significant ones. Simply because there were stories behind it and nope I am not sharing them one by one, else I might as well create a novel on my own. "Blogger ako, hindi nga bragger eh."

As you know, I dig Black & White photography. 
I loved this shoot...obviously coz it has that BnW concept.
The Black & White Theory? i loike.
Low-rise jeans. No undiez & the Freedom of Expression.
The hibernate or shutdown theory. Ugh, look at my boney hands!
I call this my Look Ma, No Bra!  shot hahahah.  afterwards I renamed it to....
Ribs, anyone??

One advert I did for a governmental company in SG. What made it special?  They used this for those people who are applying for work permits, VISAs and such. I was so honored to be a part of this.

This was done at the shopping mall that I've come to  manage before.
She was one of my reel & real sales staff too..and I did my own peg for this, hah!

Well enough of the sickening BnW and anorexic shots. Until now I find this one very odd. 
Guess it was really difficult to express I Love You sometimes eh?
Hindi ko kinaya yung first frame dito!  Ano meron sa "I"? hahaha. But I somehow liked this, unexplainable but yeah, I just do. I cannot recall tho if I was in love too when I did this. Hehe!

Another fab opportunity came when I got a call to do a video material for a hospital in SG. The vid copy is unfortunately not with me, but my nurses' friends which are a lot says, they still see the material up to this date. Aww. 

I was spent for a whole day shoot, my throat gone bad for talking like a broken record. Nevertheless, from the director down to the crew, they were all nice!
This was my  peg. I looked like an FA here rather than a trainor har har.

 I love this Danny, a MAC makeup artist. His personality is just so jovial!

and i like the bun style he did to my hair.
 He taught me a lot of styles actually, while bumming on set.

So many faces, so many races! Yuh, FrancisM lives on. Caucasian, Malaysian, Singaporean, Filipino, Chinese. You can just imagine how we survived talking like ducks and chicken the whole darn day.

I call 'em my Hardy Boys hahaha! The director said to them to take good care of me so they were always beside me, as if I'm gonna be kidnapped any time. They allowed me to be alone when I go the loo, of course.
my good local friend, steph.

Viagra- ad! What is your Happiness score? Haha notty. I actually wanted to get the banana when I got hungry. It looked so perfecly real in person what!

I won't flood this post anymore. Before I end here, i also happened to see this. I was active doing my boxing thingie in SG when I did this. Nope I don't compete. I just have boxing as my sport way back in Manila since 2004. Thanks to my friend Diether O. for the ultimate kulit, lol. I have yet to check if your gym is still in operation bro. And yes, these gloves are my babies. I miss 'em, I was so clever to leave them in SG. Knockin' my head now. Tsk.


Thanks to those who now recognizes me as wickeRmoss. It means a lot to me. Believe me, it does give me an eccentric feeling in which no words can describe.

Thanks for readin. Till next.
 The only safe way to boast is by constructive deeds not by words.


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