REVIEW: Favorite NARS Makeup Products ATM [At.The.Moment]

Nars if I am about to compare you to coffee?

You would be my Starbucks amore.

No particular flavour, as with Starbucks  choosing coffee is reciting the ABC.

Just like Nars.  

What's your fave item/s from this brand?
As I was sipping my Starbucks coffee, 
(trying the new one Dark Mocha White Chocolate Pudding) 
I sort of thought to write a quick post to share what's mine ATM.
at the moment.

NARS Duo Eyeshadow in Bouthan
Soft Pink Tulle and Bright Pink with Gold Shimmer shades

The pink duo I can live by, haha. You knew very well that I am the last person on earth to vouch for pink. I just resent that color...for some reason that only my bipolar self can reciprocate. Nars always release the oddest colour combination with regards to eyeshadows; the magenta pink just got me. Just look at that gold glitter. This is a duo that complements brown eyes. Perhaps why I love it aside from the non-crease and stays all day factor? The light pink on your left tends to appear lilac/lavender at times; depending on the lighting of course 

 NARS Eyeliners 
(Kaliste | Larger than Life Rue de Rivoli | Stylo Atlantic)

As they say Nars liners do not melt especially during summer. Not in my case as I have an uber oily lids. Kaliste is a deep blue based teal, not an over the top wild colored pencil. Of the three above this is the fastest to smear on my eyes tho. The Larger than Life Rue de Rivoli was gifted to me...a metallic forest green shade. This is something I would not really buy myself but somehow it matches well with the Kaliste, lovely color accents for my eyes whenever I do not feel like wearing any eyeshadows, these liners can easily give me that pop. And since I have been in love with my Carpates, I got the Atlantic (navy blue) as well; a felt tip liquid eyeliner. This is the hardest to take off amongst the three, tho it glides beautifully during application☺ 

NARS Light Reflecting Loose Powder
Shade: Translucent Crystal

The most raved powder from Nars. I was like, huh it diffuses light?? This marketing ploy does not really work for me haha. I find myself struggling at first with this one, I was hoping for that matte finish all the way . My mistake? This calls for an altercation everytime I use it with my matte foundations. This is almost SGD50 so I would not be that crazy to toss this in one corner!! One day I have tried pairing this with a dewy one and yes we were friends since then. Photo below shows me wearing it and think this was taken like... a midnight already and has shown me that it really works well. Do not give an eff that much about that light diffusing thung, as long as it makes my face matte and sets my makeup all day -hell yeah love

Oh shoot did I mention I want this short and quick? Gotta stop here for now, 
ta ta for now ! Thanks for looking.


♥ ℋℯℓℓo from WICKERMOSS ♥

♥ ℋℯℓℓo from WICKERMOSS ♥




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