Spice Up your Bath & Body Stuff with House of Rose from Japan.

Babybabybaby ohh / Like / Babybabybaby noo!

If you think this is a post dedicated to Justin Bieber, hell to the no hahah! I'm here to share another awesome Japanese brand..the House of Rose.

Their overall theme is like a fun carnival or a candyland huh?

House of Rose (HOR) was established in November 1978 with the opening of the first shop in Tokyo’s Aoyama district under the name “Nature & Fragrance Shop.” Since then, HOR has enjoyed the support of a growing number of customers as a unique developer and retailer of a wide range of original products, including cosmetics, pleasant and relaxing bath products, and fragrance goods. The Company has approximately 250 directly managed outlets throughout Japan, mainly located inside station buildings fashion boutiques, or within the bath product sections of leading department stores. It also has approximately 150 franchised outlets.

House of Rose prides itself on skin care products that are gentle on the skin. Evolved from age old tradition and generations of experience, the secret ingredients are the healing properties from Japan's famous natural spring called ‘Beauty Soup’. Literally soak yourself in the food of life by using these products renowned for their beautifying properties from years gone by.

House of Rose’s fundamental principle “skin water power design” is suitable for women of all ages, where using fewer fragrances and colorings enhances the smooth skin generation system by maximizing the power of water, the most important element for human skin.

Oh wow, I smell ultimate hydration. The power of water! The fact that House of Rose' philosophy is pure, natural skin care products makes me want to try them all (I am really getting into the organicddiction for the past few months now, just being quite about it hehe).

I went to their shop at Takashimaya and the place is marked with a lot of whim! All things dainty and girly in every corner; plus all the items smell so freshly good. It would be easy for one to pick up any bath product actually and they're so colourful it would definitely beautify your bathroom vanity area.

Here are some of their best selling products:

The Oh! Baby House of Rose body scrub is one of their cult products. Who doesn't love bath toiletries?! I always love to use body bath salt as I am addicted to exfoliating. I could just close my eyes and pretend this is a red tub hahaha! Most important thing is I would feel invigorated after using this.  Everyone loves smelling good after our shower right? The Oh! Baby (the lime green coloured tub)  smells really fruity! Oh my yummers. The pink one is unscented tho I believe.  

Meet Japan’s No 1 selling scrub ‘Oh! Baby..(daaarnng I just can't stop singing Bieber's song in my head while writing this hahah!)

Ehmagerd! Ginger Body Cream?! Not a fan of ginger although I find the packaging pretty still! Then I noticed that it's not all ginger, it Yuzumitsu. I believe Yuzu is citrus so am curious on how the citrus and ginger would smell like? Not able to smell this sorry, maybe next time hehe. They also have the Yuzumitsu Body Scrub available for sale.

Fruit Parfaits Body Wash/Bubble Baths

I love the KYOHO one! Just look at that indigo bottle and it smells like the actual fruit. I can bathe in this all day haha! There are other choices like apple, peach, etc.

Just when I thought this was green apple, I was dead wrong! Chardonnay Grapes Scented Body Soap!!! I recall they also have a Body Smoother of the same scent but this bottle is so fresh looking. The aroma of chardonnay, I die when I smell it.  The Chardonnay is a grand white grape variety (if not the world’s most famous white wine grape) ; it has this chic and floral aroma to it. Albeit the myriad of descriptions for Chardonnay, to me it's like butter and toast. So can you imagine now how delish the smell is? Hmmm, think my skin would be so edible when I use this during my bath time (eherm, paging hubs haha!)

House of Rose is located @:
The Gift Box 
Takashimaya Department Store
3/F (Ladies Wear Department)

Thanks for looking~


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♥ ℋℯℓℓo from WICKERMOSS ♥




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