HAIR AFFAIR: Red and PIXIE-LATED. [My Pixie Hair Journey with Salon De Choix] Part II.

Red and Pixie-lated. {My Pixie Hair Journey with Salon De Choix}

Hea's to my first actual & official hair transformation by Salon De Choix.  Below is my before the hair makeover  photos and see the new me above!

The Hair Makeover Journey @ Salon De Choix

Meet my Senior Stylist Chester Soh.
Chester,  if I were to assess him: meticulous, firm and precise. 

He is admirable for his ability to concoct the right shape, texture, and colour to his client. Mind you, I told him I wanted this and that colour, but he would tell me in a non-offensive way what are the cons of my choices. He would even know if the photo I have shown him was shot under an artificial light so the colour that I was seeing was not the actual colour I wanted. Complicated but clever indeed. Only skilled hair stylists can really tell and assure me that, phew. Appreciate as well that he asks me first what I wanted, gives advice and recommendations which are well-balanced. Chester is very well known for hair colouring, as well was giving the ladies that to-die for curls; trendy ombres; or doing daring hair colour combinations (he mentioned that for his last client he managed to combine dark green and blonde if I was not mistaken) ; different hairstyle requests for events and such.

I had white coffee and they served it with a Grape biscuit..which was yummy by the way.

This time I wanted my hair to be a lot extremely  shorter. Chester assessed my current hair situation and told me he’d  give me that new haircut/colour suited for my current lifestyle. He explains everything very thoroughly; my main concern is to remove the excessive weight off my hair without doing the classic short pixie and no undercut as well. Since he is already comfortable with the previous haircut he did to my hair ; he worked his magical scissors to cut it shorter (as that is what I have wanted too). 

Ever heard of Balayage? Ombre and Balayage are both hot and risky styles; they’re still on trend now. The Balayage colouring technique was developed in the 1970s. Balayage highlights are a beautiful, natural looking take on hair colour (thanks to the French) and to celebs who made it famous like the fashion icon Sarah Jessica Parker and Jessica Biel. It’s a freehand technique, instead of putting dye in the hair and wrapping foil around the strands, the hair dye is applied like paint, meaning that a more full coverage can be obtained.  The Balayage technique provides ultimate control over color application and allows for less visible growth. If you do not want that awkward line during hair regrowth, you have to go for Balayage then! The result is the most natural looking highlights ever. Like sun-kissed hair and it’s effect is longer lasting as well.

Here goes my cut and colour done by Salon De Choix ! It ain’t the classic short pixie cut; not even a boy’s cut. Chester gave me a more defined asymmetrical pixie cut; this time leaning more on that edgy yet still feminine look. I got semi-long layered side-swept bangs and Chester also did the Balayage Highlights since I do not want a loud-in-your-face hair colour..well, for now. See my heart-shaped nape as well? Sweet. I can say this is by far the most dynamic cut I ever had. For the Balayage Highlights, Chester started by richening up the base color; then applied the peek-a-boo colours. Afterwards he applied a hair treatment then voila! 

I loved this hairstyle; it gave me endless of styles I could wear every single day. Chester demonstrated them all to me, yes one by one! I call this the Peek a boo cum Creative Highlights; really nice as I won’t get bored with the numerous styles he taught me. The colours he used complement each other, achieving a nice contrast and an overall nice hair dimension. It gave me a funky but not over the top look. I can style this look with elegance as well with always a dash of fresh air to soften it up a bit. Spells comfort to me! Thank you Salon De Choix!

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Red and Pixie-lated. {My Pixie Hair Journey with Salon De Choix}


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♥ ℋℯℓℓo from WICKERMOSS ♥




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