REVIEW: VANITY TROVE (January 2012) : Thanks to you, I've Found the New Me with a New Beginning.

Subscription boxes are popping up like mushrooms in Singapore shores. No matter how much time I kept on digging Mr. Mighty Google up, they weren't up to my preference. I like the grunge work of online shopping more but subscription boxes? Until I met Vanity Trove .

What a beautiful surprise indeed! My, my   bro! (yes I call him that) you never fail to give me that 
'false heart attack mode'  whenever I look at 'ya

Vanity Trove is the newest subscription box company to hit the town and it only takes S$25 (postage inclusive) to get that Beautiful Surprises box delivered to your lovely doorstep. Before you raise your eyebrows on that monthly fee, lay your eyes on these unique concept and products first. The lovely Victoria is just one amiable lady I've come across too.

Vanity Trove Sampler Box

With Vanity Trove, there were actually 5 things that appealed to me: 

1) I like the concept. They aid in finding great new essential products much easier for women 

2) I love deluxe sample sized items. I always tend to break my budget even more if I go over to the beauty counter and the only chance I'd get them is through Gifts w/ Purchases (GWPs).

3) They actually help me save more money. By letting me try the items first before spending a bomb on full sized ones. 

4) I love discovering new products! The beauty world doesn't stop evolving right! 

5) The thrill of receiving mails or packages never cease to pump up my adrenaline. Who doesn't like receiving 'em anyways? 

They also offer options such as: 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or up to 1 year in which you pay S$300.00 for it and get 1 month free - which is a pretty good deal right? Clincher? You can transfer anytime.

SK-II, Lancôme, Skin Inc are just some of the brands that rock their line. With Vanity Trove, you get 4-6 beauty deluxe samples every month for your monthly subscription. If you want to see their pioneer box (December2011), click here and you might just have to agree that the brands given were impressive. 

MARC JACOBS Lola Fragrance | Crabtree & Evelyn Hand Remedy Lotion
tip:some of these aren't given out in any Trove yet,who knows your next trove will include them! *winks*

The Vanity Trove January 2012 box finally reached my hands a few days ago and I was already impressed with how the box looked like. It was pretty decent, sturdy, protected with a plastic wrap, very much (machine) sealed and all! 

I love how they invested time on improving the quality of their boxes.

In short, the design was minimalist, yet really chic. I think my other abandoned makeup items would be happy to have this as their new home. I particularly like the pull out drawer. Or perhaps a home for my important receipts? This can house a lot of them obviously.

like a wedding invite huh? Lovely!

Note says: "Happy New Year Gorgeous!" Suddenly recalled my sugaRfavey who gave me the monicker Gorgeous, so I somehow felt this was eherm personalized. Please indulge me okay 

Inserted into the box is a lovely note from the sweet Victoria, in which I find it informative enough and think they made sure that it won't just go straight into your rubbish bin. Why? They explained what this box was for, as well as had a description of each product and original prices. 

Just like a kiddo on Christmas, my hands were itching to unwrap the dainty box.
My  E -bro  seemed a  lil bit confused, think he doesn't know which one to use first eh?

Vanity Trove helps you to find products that are worth spending your money on. This box helps you try deluxe sample sized items, so that you don't have to break your bank finding options that you may or may not like in the end. Calculate these products either by weight or volume and you'd come up to a result that the box indeed gives value for the subscription you've paid for. 

For this box, I was glad that most of the items they included are all applicable to my beauty regime.  Okay, enough of the jibber jabber, so what did I get from this chic box?

January 2012 Vanity Trove Box: 

1. Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief 
2. Leader's Clinic Face Mask 
3. Olivella Shampoo 
4. Olivella Conditioner 
5. YADAH Skincare Set 
6. Angel Lip Tint & Cheek Stain (Juicy Red) 

Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief 
Get full-on hydration for your skin with Clinique’s super moisturizing thirst relief solution. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Smoothen fine lines, soften dry flay skin and soothe tightness to achieve supple and firm skin. Oil-free formula ensures that skin stays light and comfortable even through shifts in humidity. Toast to vibrant skin forever with this one “drink”. S$72/50ml

Ahhh, what a joy to see something in the box that I already use..err, let me rephrase that: Something that I really love to use. You want to know how versatile this product is? I use this as a face mask over the weekend as it gives that ultra hydration my skin needs from the stressful week. Just apply a heavy/thick layer at night and you'll have a supple skin the next day. This gel also helps heal my dry chapped lips at times. 

Leader's Clinic Face Mask
Leaders Clinic is the leading clinical skincare brand in Korea and am so excited to try them as they're paraben-free! 2 Step Aquaxyl Filler Mask is formulated with Aquaxyl, Ceramide,Phyto Oligo to help the skin to retain moisture, invigorate and restore the hydration level, plumping up your skin significantly. S$75/10 sheets

Hydration is the key to a healthy skin that’s why I make sure to fill up my stash with masks. I've tried a lot and so far they were only so-so. Hopefully this one will nab the spot of the best mask I've tried so far.  That 2-step claim is quite intriguing! 

Olivella Shampoo and Conditioner 

Shampoo Description
Olivella Shampoo is made in Italy which uses Innovative formula with 100% Virgin Olive Oil made with Natural ingredients that have rich source of vitamins and antioxidants and Olive Extract for normal, dry, or color treated hair, suitable for all hair type.  S$11.90/250ml 

Made In Italy: That was the first thing I've noticed!

Conditioner Description
Olivella Conditioner formulated with Natural Virgin Oil. The Olive hydrating cream conditioner revives and restores dry damaged hair. It is a ultra-rich daily moisturizing conditioner that detangles and hydrates normal dry or chemically treated hair, leaving it lather and silky. S$11.90/250ml 

My hair feels extra soft after each wash and I've noticed that my hair looked tamer than before. Must be the olive oil huh? The only time I've come across olives is when I sip on my martini or when I use olive oil for cooking! The smell is surprisingly light and lingers on my hair throughout the day too. 

YADAH Beauty Pack

Consists of a mask pack, nose pack, creams, and ampoules. This are especially formulated skincare designed for teenagers and young adults as this particular age range have younger and more tender skin which makes them more vulnerable to the harsh chemical found in many other brands. As YADAH products are very gentle, they are suitable for all ages and all skin types. YADAH products are 100% free from artificial colouring, mineral oils, sulphates & animal extracts. S$10.90/set

This is a powerful pack I may say though I've underestimated it at first because of the packaging. It consisted of masks, BB cream and even ampoules. I seldom use ampoules 'cause the good ones are mostly expensive, but this one looks promising though. 

And oh! Just look at the illustrations...are they cute or whattt? I felt like a kiddo again as this reminded me of my pencil case when I was in school and you draw this stick figures or whatever you'd like to call 'em. 

my pinkie is even longer! so cuteeeeee!

They come in travel sized items as well, saves me the trouble of having to refill travel bottles.

Angel Lip Tint & Cheek Stain (Juicy Red)

Angel Liptint is naturally extracted colorant from plants such as Red Tomatoes and Gromwell flowers. It uses safe ingredients that is able to enhance the lips color naturally and rosy looking anytime anywhere. S$10.90/3ml 

Full sized tube baby! Another 2 in 1 product. I love lip stains as they're very useful as lip base if you want your lipstick to last longer. One swipe of this and you'll get natural colored lips. 

it's true to the color: so tomato-ish!
left: 1 swipe | right: semi-blended

As for the cheeks, I applied way too much the first time and yes I looked like a tomato, literally. I still needed to add up another layer of powder blush to help me get the flush that I wanted. The color looks a bit scary when swatched but was surprised to see how it blended on my skin. Smells like berries too, yummyyy!

left: fully blended | right: 1 swipe

Such a lovely spread! I heard that February Trove is beeing cooked up & the products are highly raved for.

The Olivella duo wiped away that void in my heart with regards to subscription boxes. I also find myself grabbing the Angel Lip tint whenever I go out, gives me that 'just bitten' lips, nice!

Kudos to the Vanity Trove team for making this box of goodies possible. To sum it up, the best thing about this box is the variety of products and they had the most convenient way of reaching your vanity drawer. 

There's nothing wrong with indulging yourself every month and you’ll receive an assortment of products to test out, so there goes the challenge! Subscription boxes exist for a reason and they absolutely make great gifts! 

Do you smell the whiff of romance in the air already? Heyyy guys listen up, if you have no clue on what to buy for your ladies this coming Valentine's Day, this is your saviour. In such cases you’d forget your monthsary or just simply want to surprise her, in which every woman loves Vanity Trove will be your best bud!

Simply sign up for an account on to pay for your subscription fee.
This subscription box will become your subscription addiction!

So...Happy Surprising!

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