EVENTS: Muñiz Shoes by Carmina Villaroel x Ensembles.

If you were a guy and is to court a woman- who would you choose?
My answer still remains- it's gotta be Carmina Villaroel


She has been my girl crush ever since she joined the world of showbiz.
From being the Cathy of  Palibhasa Lalake days, to her being
a  Selecta mom :)

Sooo 'twas a eureka moment
when she gave me the privilege to feature her shoe line-
Muñiz Shoes!

US women love to wear fashionable shoes. Albeit the extreme pain it gives and damage it does to our wallets, there is this certain oopmh that only shoes can fill in a woman’s lifestyle. Whatever design or label it is, it has somehow inclined to emphasize our vulnerability. With that V word said, one talented actress who has just added the ‘designer’ career under her belt is Maria Carmina Muñiz Villaroel, also known as Carmina Villaroel. Aside from having one of the most beautiful faces in the entertainment scene, Carmina as an actress, TV host, endorser, model and celebrity mom is the proud owner of Muñiz Shoes. She chose Muñiz- it being a tribute to her own maiden name.

Muñiz embodies 
Carmina Villarroel’s personal style 
after her so-called “long-term love affair with shoes”. 
Carmina being solid to her craft 
envisioned the kind of footwear that 
sacrificed neither style nor comfort. 

Her shoes are 100% Filipino made, 
sourced out with locally good materials and 
created by certified Filipino craftsmen. 

When asked where does the inspiration comes from, 
“Muñiz features my own design ideas 
which I have been interpreting through my kids,
(twins Cassy and Mavy)’s sketches,” Carmina answers.

As Muñiz was originally sold online, Villaroel steps up her game and ventured into the retail scene thus collaborated with Ensembles. Pilot launch was executed at Ensembles Trinoma and results were that good that people asked for more branches to carry her shoe line. Ensembles, being a contemporary accessible brand for strong, independent yet feminine women has been in the clothing industry for almost two decades now. Ensembles and Muñiz make good music together and their unparalleled elegance embodies luxury and sensuality for women alike. Villaroel is one hands-on entrepreneur, she looks lovely as ever being in-charge of the visual merchandise herself.

Muñiz Shoes are geared towards shaping women’s style and substance. Every shoe is relatable, as how Villaroel let them carry different names that describe the concept of each design. Such names hold a special place in her heart – Barbara, Sofia, Ysabelle, Catherine, Bianca and Tiffany among others.
Seeing and trying out her shoes made me realize more on how tough it is to be a lady- almost two dozen designs to choose from eh? Shoes are well-crafted, Pinoy pride that is! Though most of them are high heels, I may say they’re still comfy and I can bear wearing them even for a whole day. What I loved about it more is that Villaroel aimed for comfort and it didn’t lead her on giving up its fashion sense. See a few of my picks and of course, the whole look won’t be the same without having the whole “Ensembles”. 

I had a blast mixing and matching the clothes in Ensembles. 
What's the catch this time? 
Gotta style up this piece of black high-waisted skirt w/ buttons.

I'm not a fan of knee-length skirts but seeing how structured it was, 
I was able to pick a few items to match it with.
There were no available pants nor shorts when I came down the store, 
right, nice timing! Haha!

Here you go!

BEATRICE (Php 2,400)
An unapologetically girly and fun shoe, 
the Beatrice, 
named after one of Carmina’s nieces, 
comes with a wedge heel andis made of periwinkle material. 
Available colors:yellow, blue, black violet.

SAMANTHA (Php 1,300)

A hybrid of the Oxford shoe and the mouse shoe, 
the Samantha, 

named after one of Carmina’s goddaughters, 

is made of leather with a black toe cap.

Tiny perforations on its upper and shoelace details add a dapper
appeal to this flat.

YSABELLE (Php 2,500)

One of Carmina’s favorite names, Ysabelle
is a classic peep-toe pump with platform heels and a metallic finish. 
Trimmed with black piping and 
made to achieve a pebbled net stocking effect, 
this shoe has a sexy, vintage appeal.
Comes in black, gray, cream, yellow, and red.

I adore RED but the Ysabelle in Yellow is just madly beautiful too!

True enough, Carmina imbibing her passion for shoes is what led Muñiz to have that Carmina’s personal touch. From the details, you can see yourself evoking different personalities. These shoes are not basically just a mere sheath for one’s feet, neither to make women feel any discomfort- whatever the heel height or its price may be. For its quality, you can see that the price is also fairly just. Muñiz Shoes also is in adherence of an eco-consciousness advocacy. Upon purchase of any pair, the shoe is packaged in chic orange recycled boxes and eco-friendly shopping bags. That’s what you can call being a shoe lover with that edge of social responsibility. 

As a designer, Villaroel sure do knows how incorporate simple yet unique designing effort into her merchandise. If you are not the type who loves to wear heels, she also has flats offered in the selection. Villaroel limit the number of shoes she makes for each style, making you more proud to be an owner of a Limited Edition design. Furthermore, she came up with half sizes which make her collection more sensible. Muñiz are viscerally intense with that subtle aura that captivates every woman’s taste.

As for my take home, I wanted to get the plaid dress along with the blazer at first -

but then I changed my mind at the last minute and chose the red&black dress instead.
It was on sale & I just got it for less than Php500. i think (?)
I did not buy the fitting blazer anymore since I already own a similar one..
red dress again?Am I that predictable or am I just that predictable? :)

A few days after, I got surprised when a friend showed me this photo of
 Amanda Seyfried! O-M! She's gorg!

To know more about the brand and see Carmina Villaroel’s entire collection:

Muñiz Shoes website at

or visit:

Ensembles (Trinoma, SM Megamall and Robinson’s Place Ermita)











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