OOTD : Because iT was raining iguanas & termites.

One fine insomniac night, I read Sugar's tweet:

It's raining pandas & koalas.
which I replied with:

well well ain't that heavy... 

She said: Yep, for a change. It's always been raining cats & dogs.

So I re-tweeted this myself:

It's raining Iguanas & Termites.

Itchy huh? papa E said, "Uh, mama A it sounds more like a plague or something.."

After a few days, I saw her strutting this OOTD- Because it was raining Koalas & Pandas. Sugary chic as ever!

So, I thought of doing an OOTD response to that.
I actually am thinking of doing this as a new segment for my blog. But lemme think about it first.




So Sugar, you are my 1st fashion guest blogger whether you like it or not thanks for agreeing!

Cardigans are a quintessential classic accessory for cool weather fashion. To me, this is another wardrobe staples.  I mean, who on earth wouldn't love them? I think every girl should have a few cardigans in some basic colors such as black, brown, white, and grey.  I’m completely obsessed with cardigans I do collect them and I even think that there should be a blog dedicated to them..like The Never-ending ways to scout the cardigan.  You might be wearing hoodies or hard core jackets lately coz of the horrible weather but what I love about cardigans is that they exude that stylish aura that hoodies can’t give out.

Cardigans are sassy.. matching and mixing with different inners = hello versatility!

Even if summer is over your tank top is still on a roll when u pair them with it. They're indeed cute, stylish and functional. So if you're out on date and is about to freeze inside the theater, just take out your cardigan from your tote and you're good. Unless you want your hunk date to hug you, then pretend you do not carry them at all, haha!

How do you prettify your basic cardigan?  They can be dressed up or down and I have written my 2cents worth so you may consider your rainy season wardrobe woes kaput!

  • Color Punch. Get a cardigan in a bright / unusual color - to dress up a neutral outfit. A plain black tank top looks sassy with a colorful cardigan and denim jeans. This is perfect for those who are sick of sporting their black cardigans all the time. Try colors like citrus green or pumpkin orange.
my magenta cardigan meets my turquoise top

  • Unbutton is the word. Let loose and let it flow from each side.  Reveal your sexy top, V-neck tees or vintage/funky shirt.  How about giving the attention to your bold or statement necklace by wearing a cardigan open?  

don't you just love racerbacks? the more I love 'em if they're braided!

  •  Belt it out. For a more formal appearance, wear a buttoned or belted cardigan with slacks or a long skirt. Perfect for a hotel dinner buffet ! Wear a black one so that the servers won't notice how many times you go back to the buffet table for a refill. Kidding. 

As I am not in a mood to wear any  leg-crawler outfit slacks, so i opted for my white skirt. I just feel sooo womanly whenever I wear this. You know, pure= white... nonsense ! lol. Ignore that last phrase.

i am starting to hate this shoes..they almost go well with everything, lol!

I can't wait to meet Sugar and have my Mister Kabab date with her. 

No, not that kind of date wokei?! It's a very generous treat from her. See you soon darl!

i'll see you very soon my buttered rice.







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