RANDOM CHAT: That Vintage Mike Photoshoot.

Ahhh, the vintage mic. It was love at first sight.

What Will You Give Up For Lent 2011?

or are you even willing to give up one?

Jesus Christ did not even had any choice then.
 What He knows is that He must fulfill His mission 
just so to save us from our sins.
That's how much He loves us.
 So give it some time and think.

I treat New Years Resolutions as  bull shit crap. But not when it comes to Lent. I see Lent as more of a true sacrifice. Eventhough some say it's only for a few days until Easter comes, I still treat this period as solemn as I can.

Last New Year I did not even tell myself that I'd stop smoking. Instead, I told myself I'd gradually stop it. For smokers out there, you definitely know and understand it is not easy as a-b-c. You cannot just push a button and the next day you will treat a cigarette stick as if they are viral infections or something. Better and easier way is to gradually lessen it, until you come to the point that you can finally stop and say,  "Buh-bye Yo-c!"

While I'm writing this post, I just realized I haven't smoked in a month! Progress eh? This Lent, I'd be more determined to ignore the mighty call of nicotine! Lord, pls be with me.

And as I rummage through my baul of photos, I cannot count how many shots I have holding a stick. Eeeekkk! But this one is the most mem'rable of em all. This is my so-called "Burn That Mike" photoshoot.
What's not to like 'bout this?

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out. I was smoking the whole time hohoho! The concept is to capture the emitted smoke. Die die (Singaporean lingo...) there should be no editing nor photoshop to be done. And the photographer has made a wise decision getting me I guess, lol!

And they were satisfied with the result. 
The raw shots were all unedited, hooray! Concept was then achieved. 

And yeah, I love the MIC to bits! Vintage it is!!! Twas a dream having to do a shoot with a prop like this before, and hell yeah it happened. It should have been more of a blast if I got the chance to bring this home with me. But yeah, twas hellaaaa funnnn!

So there. Best of luck to me. I hope I can one fine day say , "Buh-bye Yo-c!"

So, determined in giving up any? 
Twitter, FB and even Blogs are counted too. It won't hurt a bit. 
God Bless everyone!







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