REVIEW: Carmex Lip Balm

A girl told me my lips looked like somebody had pressed strawberry yogurt against my face. 
~ Katherine Heigl

I know that there were several reviews regarding this product already. Now the question is what urged me to buy it? 

One fine night, me and Nikki together with papa E, watched this play at UP Diliman called Amphitryon. Then came the show break (aka toilet break) and this kumare of mine asked me, "Mars, may lip balm ka?"  I immediately answered back, "Naman, of corz mars". But then when I was about to pick up my Bobbi Brown Yogi Bare, it hit me. I told her, "Sorry I only have this and not for anything else, but I don't want you to use this either". One word, it's unhygienic. Luckily her lips isn't too dry that night.. and besides I think we were seated in the coldest part of the theater, which makes my lips a bit dry too.

I used to have 2 types of lip balms in my KK aka KikayKit. Well, for the obvious reasons that I just shared to you guys. I dunno, it's just me. Besides a few friends even asked me before, "Why carry two? They're the same anyway".... Uh-oh. Not for me. Then that reminded me that I badly needed another balm.

I asked her what's the easiest thing to get since I was at PCX Boutique that time. Then this Carmex named erupted. I have heard of this before and since it's already locally available, it did not make me think twice.

Unlike your face and other parts of your body, the lips cannot produce sebum that maintain and nourish the skin. The lips also don't produce melanin. Melanin gives the skin the ability to tan, which ultimately provides protection in the prevention of burning. Sun and indoor tanning exposures subject the lips to excessive drying, burning, and chapping.

What is it?

Carmex Lip Balm 

For Dry, Chapped Lips - Applicator Tube

What it claims:

  • Lip balm for dry, chapped lips

  • Cools the lips, while providing itch relief

  • Contains camphor and lanolin to nurture lips


  • Camphor alleviates pain
  • Menthol kills germs and relieves discomfort
  • Phenol gently numbs your sore lips and removes old, dead skin


  • beeswax, cetyl esters, flavor, fragrance, lanolin, mineral oil, petrolatum, salicylic acid and theobroma cacao(cocoa) seed butter.

What's behind the Ingredients:
It contains Salicylic Acid, which is a common ingredient in acne medications and face washes because it does a great job of drying up your skin. So if it dries up skin, it'll dry up your lips as well(?) 
On the other had, Carmex has no expiration date caused by this ingredient. So there goes the two-sides of a coin theory please!

It also contains Petroleum, which are derived from the same crude oil that is used to make gasoline and grease. To mask these unpleasant odors, harsh, synthetic fragrances are required. These products may feel good initially, but dry out the lips in the long run.

And I love how they state the fact that they do not test on animals. Cruelty-free! They test on family members...ahhhhh, close family bonding much? hahas.


Not too thick nor sticky. 
Just the average (IMHO)

Smell: Medicinal 
*(which I find strong). 

**Affordable@Php99.75 /tube. 
All Carmex products are sold at the same price, isn't that nice?


This somehow reminds me of Mighty Bond. Even my mann, papa E noticed, lol! Hilarious. Why on earth would I put epoxy on my lips? ROFL!

Staying power:

Not much. Though it heals, I have to re-apply every after 4hrs. 


I only use this at night. I don't like my lips looking very shiny caused by lip balms. Not a fan of the smell though. To my surprise, my dry, chapped, flaky lips is healed. It's visible that my lips is less irritated. Once applied, I already felt the tingy (cause of the camphor & menthol) feeling. It doesn't have any extraordinary tint too. I loved its HYGIENIC applicator. The tube will also last for a long time as you only need to apply a small amount. Re-applying every after 4 hours doesn't appeal too much for me too. I think the salicylic acid is also a big factor. That ingredient is also used for corns and calluses, so it sheds up skin to dry..gets?

Now as for the part if it is okay to apply on top of lipsticks? I don't recommend. I still prefer a gloss. I put on a balm prior to any lipstick esp. matte ones.

Here is me on a BB day.
Nah, not BlemishBalm but Block & Balm Day.
I can't stand the heat! I think it's even hotter at night here in Manila.

Carmex on. 

Oh summer, why must you always make my lips uber-dry? 
Nevertheless, I ♥ you more.

TnTs: (Tips n Tricks) 
This method works for me but it doesn't mean that it will work for you too. 
Remember to be a responsible product user, all the time.

1. For emergencies, this can also be used for minor cuts and scrapes. Be sure to wash affected area with soap and water first. Then apply a bit of this balm. Instant soothing relief. I even tried putting it whenever I get minor burns from hot cooking oil. It's just like putting on  toothpaste as a home remedy.

2. Water is still the no. 1 healer of all time! I drink more water at night then put this on, next day..voila!

3. Saliva is still the no.1 enemy of all time! Refrain from licking your lips, especially when they are dry! I find it funny but true, that whenever I open up a topic with someone with regards to lip balms, their instant reaction was to lick their lips. Are you licking yours now?

4. I apply this before a hot shower/bath. Why? The steam from the hot shower will also tend to make your lips dry. It's one of those things that we ignore. Unless of course, you always prefer cold showers.

5. This is my favorite TnT. IF you are one of those who are habitual lip-lickers, then the more you should get this. Put this on, and once you smell it, you won't even dare to lick your lips anymore. The smell might be offensive to you, then I certainly am sure you would not want to taste it either. Then the healing is on track. I know a lot of people who tends to lick balms, and they are not even aware of it!

Over-all Rating:
3 out of 5
Yes. Worth trying, just bear in mind all the cons. It delivers and it's affordable. It won't hurt much on your budget.

If it is:
~ repackaged
~ salicylic acid, petroleum & fragrance-free (yay!)

*I only consider mild or strong terms. There is no such thing as, "a bit strong" or "a bit mild".
**I really don't want to use the word "cheap". I use the term, "affordable"

Hope this helps! Lip balms. A.summer.must.have!











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