HAUL: Robinson's Snacks and Bits of Makeup!

Does anybody really know the true meaning of the gasgas word - 'HAUL'?

For some it's often associated with the word collection or even hoarding. 
Google it up and this is what you'll get:

v., hauledhaul·inghauls.


  1. To pull or drag forcibly; tug. 
  2. To transport, as with a truck or cart.
  3. Informal. To compel to go, especially for trial: "hauled the huge companies into court" (Peter Matthiessen).
  4. Nautical. To change the course of (a ship), especially in order to sail closer into the wind.


  1. To pull; tug.
  2. To provide transportation; cart.
    1. To shift direction: The wind hauled to the east.
    2. To change one's mind.
  3. Nautical. To change the course of a ship.


  1. The act of pulling or dragging.
  2. The act of transporting or carting.
  3. A distance, especially the distance over which something is pulled or transported.
  4. Something that is pulled or transported; a load.
  5. Everything collected or acquired by a single effort; the take: a big haul of fish.

So which definition do we belong most then?
Raise your hands for Item No. 5!
Aye Aye sir!

Whichever you want to define it, us women only knows one thing. Every time we haul, it burns a haul...err,  a HOLE in our pockets, agree? 

I just realized that my army of toiletries are slowly running out...and bad news is they are mostly bought from SG. So I decided to head down to Robinsons and grab some stuff. In short, it's an HD aka Haul Day. 

I am always fascinated by BnW pictures.  

I love the subtlety of tones that BnW images possess. In a world that often boasts about how many millions of colors a TV or a MAC monitor is able to produce – I love that in ‘Mono’ there is such a variety of what can be achieved in a photo. 
Black and White sounds so boring for some – but the fact is that there are so many shades in between. Just look deeper. 

I find that colors can be terribly distracting in some images and can take the focus away from the subject itself. I also find that taking the color out of an image lets the subject speak for themselves.
Its raw, it’s stripped back, it’s honest and it tickles broadens the person's imagination.

I was in a so positive-minded mood whenever I grabbed one thing after the other. That's cause most of them are recommended by a few friends. I always feel like a noob whenever I get home in Manila and ask like, "Is that still available?" or "How much is it now?" And most of the times I'd get laughed at coz they'd answer, "It's so obsolete!" Fine. That's the price I have to pay by being far away from home. I already consider myself lucky if I get to go to Manila once every year... and the longest vacay I can get is merely a week! Boohoo.

And this is what I got on that HD...in BnW.

Chef Tony's popcorn didn't make it much to the photo shoot tho...it's too irresistible. Nuff said. lol.

This is a regular on my list. I don't use this for the face tho...
Maybe will put up a post soon on where I actually use it.

My Shu Uemura curler is screaming for a refill. My friend recom'd as this is the closest one I can get, she said. Cheap, a fast-grab and delivers. Hmmn, will see.

Another recom'd one is that elf falsies. I haf the old elf eyeshadow brush before, but I noticed this is re-packaged? It says NEW tho. (Anyone got inputs on that appreciate comment below, thanks!) I have yet to try if this is at par wif the original one. *cross fingers*

yay! i think this is the only BB cream that worked for me. way way cheaper here in Manila! think around Php250?

Nikki recom'd to grab this one. She says its OK. I have yet to see how OK is that OK hehe.

another JJ aka JumpJoy! Garnier eye roll on! thumbs up! Still Php199. I wanna try these hair masks in sachets from L'oreal. Php19/ea I believe. Sorry I suck at recalling prices! Recom'd as well! and ouh, the Olay Body Soap! I picked the Ultra Moisture coz it has shea butter. Anything butter, i love!

as an avid Listerine user, I immediately grabbed this one. I  was so happy when Listerine released their new flavours in pretty colours.

Did PI by any chance had this purple one called Total Care variant? I liked the taste of this one, not to mention it's purple too.
photo fr Google

And what is an HD wifout any Treats! or should I say Junkies!

old skool PiKNiK

and some favo YAN YAN flavors I haven't tried.. they're new to my eyes so they surely went into my basket case.

ahhh Meiji needs no explanation. I think I lost all my teeth when i was a kid coz of these! I always buy them both. I eat them alternately as the combi of maca and almond is undeniably gewd! I usually call it, Macamond. 

How was it in BnW? Is it as nice as much as when we see them in their vibrant colors?
Here are some of them on Take 2!

even got a free pink bag by buying sunsilk. the pinks must go together, sorry..it's just the OC in me!

vanilla! hope it tastes like ice-cream too haha! and the greenish transparent color is so refreshing!

i loved how the pink and purple battles it up on this flashlight...
the rubbery material got me.
Unleashes the snake skin fetish in me!

That is it for now! Have a blessed holy week y'all! 
God Bless everyone!!!



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