Aaaahhh lipstick. I think if the quote "Diamonds are a girl's best friend" has to be re-phrased, I'd substitute the word diamonds with lipstick.

From Cleopatra to Queen Elizabeth to Lady Gaga, this is the one thing commonly found in the handbag of most women. A woman’s love for lipstick is extra–ordinary, that she spends her time religiously in co-coordinating the shade of her lipstick to her dress, shoes or nail paint almost each and every day. A woman can easily forget her keys before she steps out of the house, but she will never forget to replace the “lipstick of the day”, agree?

It took me quite some time before I write this next post. I was thinking which one to write about. Then I told myself, dang! There is no way I am not blabbing about lipstick!

So, with an immediate glance on to my drawer (what else) is there to see but my..tada! train case.
It brought a big smile on my face when I saw these babies..I love wearing them especially while I'm in Singapore. It did now occur to me that I have these much Christian Dior lipsticks and I am now guilty of abandoning them. Of course, everybody fell in love with a MAC (myself included, still...) But most of my MAC shades are finished! Which reminds me that I have to re-stock soon. But then I have to think twice as I am loving Bobbi Brown shades that's why, and yeah MAC will always be MAC.

Here are my oldies but classic babies..  ☺

(3rd fr left) MAC Viva Glam V, the last lipstick standing

I don't want to throw 'em...They're too precious and pretty just to get dumped

Lipstick tubes are turned upside down except for the MAC, because obviously even if i turned them up it's gonna be useless as they are almost used up. These are my favo reds and as for the pinks, I can say they were my so-so shades before. My line of work during this time calls for very neutral looks hence those pink shades. The reds are my best friends whenever I go out clubbing! In any way, RED will always be IN! 

I don't plan to re-purchase them so sad to say I cannot post actual pics of each color. As for the shades, kindly refer to the actual swatches I made aite?

Christian Dior Rouge Dior Pink Actress No.132
~ the perfect barely-there nudey pink color
~ creamy & long-lasting
~ very wearable, perfect for smokey/pale look
~ has a mild perfumey scent(which i don't mind at all)
~ although its creamy, it tends to make my lips dry. a lip balm is a must.

Christian Dior Rouge Dior Pink Comedy No.236
~ very much similar to Pink Actress, only a bit darker.

What I like about the 3 next shades? The golden knob used to pull out the lipstick! Beautifully designed and pure glamour. That's why it's Christian Dior right..Sitting on your vanity wonderland,it will look like a stamper. Cuteness!

Christian Dior Addict Violet Spectrum No.797
~ i call this the perfect mid-toned berry! not to dark not to bright.
~ moisture-rich so it does not rub off easily
~ has a great staying power
~ tends to make my lips dry too.

Christian Dior Rouge Diorific Violet Tattoo No.001
~ the absolute dark red shade
~ suits women with darker skin tone, perfect for gothic look!
~ non-drying
~ disappointed, as color fades on me easily.

Christian Dior Rouge Diorific Rose Abracadabra No.003
~ the perfect red shade for me; as the name says, abracadabra - indeed can put someone under a love spell.
~ if you are in a dramatic emo mood, this is the right shade for you
~ non-drying as well
~ none! a really gorgeous red.

Lastly, the remaining MAC shade i have is....MAC Viva Glam V
Viva Glam V is a permanent shade in the Viva Glam Family and was introduced in March 2004. Of course all proceeds go to the MAC AIDS Fund. 
~ very neutral pink with pearl. suits those who are intimidated by red lipsticks.
~ in a lustre formula, and is also an on-the-go lipstick
~ finish is a bit frosty because of all the pearl in it
~ it would have been better if it is not too frosty. But but but! I have found a great lippy to pair this with and will post a review on it.

I highly recommend trying the Viva Glam lipsticks from MAC. There is at least one lipstick for everyone in this amazing collection of lip colors. Most of these lipsticks are flattering on all skin tones and the money you spend on these goes to a great cause.

Now you know why I reviewed this last..MAC raises this campaign for AIDS awareness. It affects all of us in some way. Thank goodness for what MAC has done for this disease. And thank you to all the amazing people who have made a contribution whether it was from purchasing a Viva Glam lipstick or being a part of campaign. Same with the makers of Toms shoes, I like how they contribute to this campaign awareness. People can not only shop, but also can help in their own little ways. Hats off to you!

I used the MAC Viva Glam V lipstick to write a note to papa E.

Message comes from the heart...where the  love felt was expressed by MAC, truly an instrument of love.  ☺

Do you have any lipstick or make-up you still keep eventhough it's empty or used-up? Share it here then! I'd love to hear from you


♥ ℋℯℓℓo from WICKERMOSS ♥

♥ ℋℯℓℓo from WICKERMOSS ♥




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