EATS: Bulalo, Sisig at Peryahitz sa TaGs with my bro, Gio Alvarez


As what we call it. I still remember my college days wherein we have 6-8 hours in between breaks and this is where we usually do our road trip.. with Mike Francis' "Friends" or "Let Me In"  flooding our car's audio waves. Talkin' bout old skool! And I must say I will never stop missing this place. First off, when you want to break free from Manila's heat, this is undeniably the nearest place to go to. If only Baguio is much nearer hmmnn.

Me and papa E 'kidnapped' our friends, Gio & Rhea one fine day and we just said to ourselves, "Tara na sa malamig!" They are actually the couple who always volunteer to be TAKEN lol. In short, we just go anywhere our feet and our wheel brings us to!

G, as we call Gio...told about this old resto that caters real good bulalo. Too bad he forgot the name, but he still remembers where the location is. To our dismay, it was already demolished.  With our growling stomachs, we managed to stop by this resto, called Bulalo Point.

We din't even bother to look at the menu anymore for we already know what to feast on! Besides what's Tagaytay without eating Bulalo?

Are we crazy or are we crazy? Think we were so daaangg hungry, we ordered 2 Bulalo, the other one is the Bulalo Sinigang style. 

Steaming hawt hawt bulalow yow!

Sisig is a must! Prolly one of the best sisig I've ever tasted in TAGs. I can really hear the crrrruuunnncccchhhyyy sound inside G's

And we have some company. They serenade the customers while enjoying their food. After 3 songs, we already handed them P300. eeeeekkk! Daytime robbery!

Happie Tummies = Happie Faces already!

No desserts this time.. too full, too bloated!

G with his forever uncanny shots.

On our way home, we came across a perya. G said, "Uy perya..ano game?"
Without a halt, papa E stopped along the roadside and Rhea was awakened. We really thought she was sleeping like a log but then when we said, "Sis, may perya. Taraletz for peryahitz!" She immediately jumped out of the car. Alimpungatang bata!
Mann, I honestly can't recall the last time I went to a perya in PI. And we were just like kids again, playing at every booth that we saw there. Too bad the rides all look pathetic, so there was no way we are riding in those. We still value our lives, that is lol. 

Rhea played this one. I dunno what it's called. You just have to put your bet on any number and if the ball lands on it, you get the item with the corresponding price. And she actually won. What item did she get for a Php5 bet? See for yourself later.

This was my choice. I love guns! Violent me much?! Hehe. I know how to handle guns for it was my hobby before. Too bad guns are banned in SG. And for this I won hahaha. But twas so cheapskate, my prize were tada! FRUTOS candies, faints!

I wanted to take more pics but then most people recognized Gio and started to flock at him so we left the place immediately. He is not a snob, don't get me wrong. It's just that we somehow saw that the place is a bit UNSAFE. So there, off we go.

And if you think our FT aka Food Trip is finished....we went to BF Homes and G once again brought us to this famous resto, once again I forgot the name oso! But what I do remember is that they have this Roast Beef  Cheese Sandwich! I almost forgot my name when I ate this! Really awsum!

From the quality of the bread, to the roast beef filling, up to the oozing cheese, this RBC is FTW. Nuff said.

They loved papa E's shirt. Me too! Yay for reggae!

And here's our take-out. It was supposed to be for breakfast but behold its mighty taste, 
we finished it in 60secs flat.
 Remember the prize I mentioned awhile ago? there it is. The Emperador. Perfect combi!

When was the last time you visited TAGs? Any new things to do there? Share pretty please!







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