REVIEW: Puckers UP with the new Mentholatum Lip Pure!

Try to dig in every woman's bag and there you'd always find a lip balm. Aside to it being a must have, do put in mind that chapped lips were and will never be ‘in’. With all the stuff we put on our lips, lip balm is a moisturizing must that preps our pout for a smooth and even application of lip color. If you are the type who are picky with lip balms, you may want to try out this new range called "Lip Pure" by Mentholatum.

Mentholatum is undeniably the #1 lip care brand in Japan. The Mentholatum Lip Pure range comes is 3 variants: Orange, Fragrance-Free & Honey Lemon. While all of these sounds typical to you, one of them comes in a gel. Yes, gel!

So ladies & gents, lip balms in stick form or lip gels in tube types?

To me it's fairly simple.

I use a tube in my bedside drawer for evening use & a stick in my makeup collection. I also do have those dainty collectible tins! I know they are fiddly to use but they're irresistible and they  just beautify your vanity drawer isn't it?

I recently received items from Mentholatum and read on for my thoughts on them:)

First off, what’s different about the newest Lip Pure this time around? Lip Pure contains no preservatives and colorants. Made from 100% pure grade natural ingredients and formulated with a gentle beeswax formulation, it is safe even for people with sensitive lips. Beeswax has emollient, soothing and softening properties which helps the skin to retain moisture as it provides a soft, flexible coating that is water-resistant.

Addendum of a wholesome natural ingredients:
Grape-seed oil : to slow aging
Shea butter oil : to heal dry lips
Almond oil : packed with Vitamin E that will nourish your lips
Jojoba oil : to smoothen skin
Aloe vera extract : to soothe dry lips

So review shall we?

Mentholatum Lip Pure: Moisturizing Lipgel (Honey Lemon)

What it claims?

  • A gentle Beeswax fomulation suitable even for sensitive skin.
  • Contains natural ingredients of Shea butter oil, almond oil and aloe vera extract to protect and moisturize lips.
  • Contains antioxidants of vitamin E and Grape seed oil to help maintain healthy and youthful looking lips.
  • No preservatives or colorant.
  • 100% food grade ingredients, gentle even on sensitive skin.

Packaging: This may not be the most fashionable tube you'd see in stores, but still, tubes are fun to squeeze out and it still looked decent inspite of its odd colour. 
Scent: Honey & Lemon Tea, a lil bit homemade in my opinion . You know those times when you do not exactly hit the ratio of honey & lemon to achieve that perfect honey*lemon taste?

Texture/Taste: Slightly thick/goopy with ultra-fine gold glitters. Though soothing, I somehow feel like it was just sitting on top of my lips and it didn't do much to moisturize my lips. The pleasant light scent did not bother me at all and if you're after a hard core lips hydration quest, do not expect a lot from this product. 

Staying power/Finish: This product is not a cosmetically pretty balm since it gives lips "a visible film" on the lips. No worries tho as the gold glitters seemed to disappear once applied. This product would probably be just fine for someone who does not get horribly dry cracked lips that sometimes break open even with the best care. Best when applied at night if you do not want people to notice and assume you are wearing a gloss instead of a balm. Reapply after an hour as it tends to wear off easily. 
Rating: 3.5/5

Mentholatum Lip Pure: Lip Balm (Fragrance Free)

What it claims?

  • Made of 100% food grade natural ingredients to protect & condition lips.
  • Natural Beeswax formulation is extra gentle & suitable for lips.
  • Contains natural plant ingredients of Shea Butter Oil, Almond Oil, Aloe Vera Extract and Jojoba Oil for deep hydration & long lasting moisture.
  • Contains effective anti-oxidant of Vitamin E and Grape Seed Oil to help maintain healthy and youthful looking lips.
  • Natural plant ingredients.
  • No fragrances, preservative and colorant.

    Packaging: Stick form twist-up tube so it's easier to use; less messy; can easily pop it in your pocket or purse! Packaging is so plain isn't it? Staying true to its label of purity eh? To some women, they'd still prefer quirky packaging over a plain colored tube like this. 

    Scent: Natural/ Subtle scent; not a hint of sweetness whatsoever
    Texture/Taste: Smooth, non waxy texture; you would not be upset with the surface of the product as it is definitely non sticky and has a nice saturated colour.
    Staying power/Finish: Does not leave a chunky trail of whiteness on the lips. Glides well on the lips and it sinks in fast! I'd say this is a product that the young and old will appreciate, gives out a natural color. It gives great shine and TLC to dehydrated lips . It goes on smoothly and feels great on my lips, plus it gives a natural dewy effect. Perfect for a low-key look. Reapply after 2 hours...lightweight, I love!
    Rating: 4/5

    After years of wearing lipstick every single day, every woman's lips will become "addicted" to some kind of balm. Don't let a day pass by without it, else your lips would dry up like wilted prunes . 

    These new Lip Pure balm/gel would be your best buds for regular lips conditioning without the color. I just wished they added SPF into these products to give you more protection from the outside world. But overall their gentleness to the lips is something to be commended for. After all it's Mentholatum.


    Mentholatum Lip Pure comes in 3 variants – Orange, Fragrance Free & Honey Lemon (lip gel)

    Retails at SGD7.90 each ! Available at Watsons, Guardian, Fairprice & all major supermarkets/department stores.

    Thanks for reading, til my next post x

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