REVIEW: h a p p y b o x !

During the recent months, the subscription boxes trend has come to a boom. 
The faster they arise, the faster they have to keep up with the challenge. 

And I mean, the REAL challenge.

Subscription. Samples. Stuff that knocks on your door every month.
Thing is,  
you are always in for a 

Bad or good is 
the question.

Fact is, 
you have given the subscription company the privilege to choose the products to be sent out and included in your box.


When I heard of happybox, I told myself.."Uh-oh, hea comes another one?"

But I was dead wrong.

This is NOT your typical  beauty box that has makeup, haircare or skincare samples, vouchers and tons of coupons!

So would this  happybox  be the new rage now?


Singapore's first experiential gifting company that specializes in unique gifting experiences.

What it claims?
Happybox is the next generation of gift cards allowing one to choose from a selection of activities within a given theme. Happybox is presented in a beautiful gift box featuring a full colour guidebook of each activity and a gift card for redemption.

There are 2 types of Happy box:

I got the Beauty Delights in which you can choose from 17 different pamper partners with more than 25 different experiences. Be it a manicure, spa or even a tan that you're looking for, there's always a happybox choice for you. You may click here to see the entire list of partners.

You can also cleverly gift happybox to your loved ones. The recipient gets to choose the experience she or he would like, so you'd be sure that the gift will not be shoved nor forsaken in just one corner, or even re-cycled *oooppppsss

For gifts, you can even have it customised  especially for  your friends or loved ones.  You can choose between beauty and dining or get both impress the girl of your dreams, hah! With its myriad of options, you'd gonna be spoilt for choice.


1. Giftcard

2. Full colour Guidebook

The recipient just has to choose one Gift that he/she will like to redeem at the establishment by following these 4 simple steps:

• Register the gift box at
• Choose one of the packages offered in the guidebook
• Reserve directly with the establishment, be sure to quote the happybox gift card.
• Experience an amazing pampering session after presenting the original gift card to the establishment upon arrival. Do make sure your reservations are precise as well.

Have you guys heard of  Fabulous Tan?

Indoor tanning is Fabulous Tan's specialty.

Fabulous Tan has the largest celebrities-based clientele in Singapore such as Mediacorp actor Vincent Ng, International Singer/Songwriter JJ Lin to name a few.

The happybox team invited me to check out Fabulous Tan & as I flipped through their services, I wanted to try out ther Eyebrow Threading!

As much as I wanted to be tanned again, it's a big NO NO for me now! I am still not over with this dilemma, haha!

The studio was very easy to spot on! I have always seen this cozy lounge whenever I go here for our movie fix!


"Register please madame....", as what the FT staff told me.  I wanted to click on 'Actress' but yeah, decided not to..hahaha  I kid of course!

I was immediately attended to and my threader asked for my brow shape preference and the whatnot. Since am not new to the world of threading, she was able to acquire the results I wanted.


Threading is still my choice when it comes to grooming my brows. 
Not only is it better for our skin (no tugging to create wrinkles like plucking/waxing)
but also no artificial products or chemical additives..
you just need the mighty string and an efficient threader, 
your brows are all in good hands! 
If you have a high pain threshold like me, stick to threading.

TADAH! Natural and trés groomed shaped eyebrows once again. 
I left Fabulous Tan feeling so good, fab job. 
This happybox is really giving a newer  twist to online gifting , in my opinion. 
Innovative move and there is always something to look forward to when it comes to gift customizations.

So whether you are a gifter or just simply wants to pamper your own self, grab a 

HappyBox  and see how would it take you to places.

All images are the property of wickeRmoss. Use of these images without any consent is prohibited. The service was provided to the author by the company. Special thanks to Joanna & Teddy of HappyBox SG. All opinions and thoughts expressed in this post are her own and remain 100% uninfluenced.


♥ ℋℯℓℓo from WICKERMOSS ♥

♥ ℋℯℓℓo from WICKERMOSS ♥




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