29th July 2012.
That was my call time to get my quirky feet at TANGS, Vivo City.
To meet Michelle Phan. Yes, the You Tube the flesh.

Basically to witness her magical skills as she would be conducting her very first workshop in Singapore called, "Colour Artistry Made Easy by Lancome-- with Michelle Phan", and to swim beyond Michelle Phan's soar to success.

Michelle Marie Phan (a 25 yr.old Vietnamese-American) grew up loving makeup, decided to make videos one fine day, and now is the #1 most subscribed beauty guru on Youtube. She also goes by the alias "ricebunny" but I shall address her as MP then.  MP's clear, tightly edited and concise makeup tutorials, reviews, how-to's are definitely what placed her to be well-known amongst all beauty vloggers on Youtube.

The makeup/beauty community seemed to have frozen over the past weekend as Michelle Phan steals every show in town. MP hitting Singapore shores for the very first time and as I caught one of her tweets upon reaching the Lion City:

MP's presence and all of these happenings were made possible by Lancome. The luxury brand has been way long popular and well-established even before they acquired Michelle Phan (MP) as their Ambassador or Lancome Video Make-up Artist & Spokesperson, to be exact

Right now(on a personal note) MP doesn't have any effect on my Lancome buying pattern, I may not be MP's biggest fan but I respect her decisions (career move and hard work achievements). While on the bus on the way to Tangs to cover the said event, I heard a female (in her mid-20's I presumed) whisper to her I suppose best female friend:

"OMG you have to buy this brush set! It's wonderful! Michelle Phan used them! So I have to use them too! You should, you should!"

LANCOME Counter @ Tangs, Vivo City

One does not need to become a makeup artist to be smitten by MP. She's a beautiful woman and her dedication in delivering high quality videos is simply what paved her own way to success. According to MP she describes her videos as honest, elegant and artistic, which boils down to her channel's tagline: "Michelle Phan, teaching the art of beauty”. 

MP's face was in full bloom, inspite of her non-stop flights you can tell from this shot her "Let's go down to business" mood.

MP, the Lancome & Tangs team preppin' up before letting the massive audience come in. I have always loved this Tangs Workshop Room! Perfect for those intimate events!

D'ya notice MP is suddenly missing here? Wanna know her whereabouts?

There she was. She's making sure that the sound system would be in full swing during the session.

Alright, one more time.

She is so hands-on. A Professional isn't she? Can't stop staring at her gorgeous locks!

Say hello to Michelle Phan, YouTube vlogger & Lancome Ambassador! MP was wearing an asymmetrical floral print dress, paired with an orange-sherbet peep toe t-strap heels. She shifted to an edgy look of that chic ensemble by wearing a spiked denim jacket (in which I also recall Demi Lovato was paparazi'd wearing). 

Michelle Phan, in the flesh. As I was sitting right in front of her, I can see why a lot of women liked her. Must it be her charm? Her skills? She sounded exactly like how she sounded on her videos, the legit sweet MP voice it is!

Time Management. Only two words but a tough nut to crack. I was impressed how Lancome & Tangs managed this workshop so well.  The people queuing outside were allowed to enter the venue on time and you can see their gleaming faces upon the sight of MP. It's like they're opening that deluxe gift box from Tiffany & Co.! 

MP rolled out her Masterclass with such poise and ease. It was an in-depth color artistry makeup workshop she efficiently executed, also featured were Lancôme's newest eye makeup products. It's mainly focused on how to achieve your very own Eye Colour this case, the Dolly Eyes

MP showcased the Hypnose Doll Waterproof Mascara as well as the Plume Liner..see the results?

MP kept on raving about the Plume Liner, if you really want to achieve the dolly eyes without a sweat, this is one brilliant weapon for that grandeur lashes you have ever wanted. Also not forgetting the Hypnôse Doll Waterproof Mascara to seal it in.

During the class, a few Q's were thrown to MP in which the makeup maestro gave some knockout answers. It was an impromptu but modest challenge she accepted, I guess?

What do you think of Singaporean Makeup?
MP: "I noticed that it's fresh, simple and lots of eyeliner!"

What's your beauty secret that makes you glowing & confident?
MP: "Strong lip colour! Bold, vampy or dark red lipstick! It's a great way to add this attitude to your face and it makes your skin so much brighter!"

How do you manage your time?
MP: "OMG, I am the worst when it comes to managing my time. I even got an assistant last year, who literally lays out everything for me: Take your vitamins, eat your breakfast, check your email.  But seriously, just use your phone and list everything you need to do. Set an alert and once it does, just DO IT! Take a break as well. Take time to sit down, rest and that means, not getting online. Take a deep breath and relax! Life is too short, don't overwork!"

A few of MP's TIPS:

Eyeliner: Apply liquid eyeliner outside in for a cat-eye shape. Eyeliner tends to run thicker at first so applying it outside in gives a line that's thicker at the outer corner and thinner at the inner corner, acquiring that elongated eyes!

MP says she prefers matte liners so as to avoid that odd/shiny reflects especially at night.

Prevent eyeshadow fallout or simply wants a steady hand when applying liner?

Take a paper towel or tissue, fold it in half, and hold it under your eye while applying shadow/liner!

And the most intriguing Q of the day? 
What to do with uneven eyes?

MP made a confession of her DIY method on how to have Double Eyelids without any form of Surgery. Ladies with monolids, listen up!

Stick double sided double eyelid tape on your eyes consecutively for at least 2 consecutive weeks.

You can shower, sleep, pet your dog, sip on your Starbucks cup but do not remove the tape, if you can wear it 24/7, by all means do so. It will stay and create double eyelids.

During the course, MP somehow tends to be discursive, in which she is indeed aware of. I find her amusing as she appeared to be popping imaginary bubbles with her fingers.  In which afterwards she'll mumble, "It makes sense to my head, I swear".. then rolls her puppy eyes in the cutest way possible.

What resonates more in MP's graceful skills is her bubbly and humble persona. She definitely is equipped with the nitty-gritty of the makeup/beauty world that it's somehow impossible not to love her.

With almost 2 million subscribers, half a billion page views, and a Lancome deal under her belt? Michelle Phan is like every woman's fairy godmother, gnawing into each and every woman's subconscious mind on how to be beautiful inside & out.

MP got talent and her own distinctive style, her craft earns her a kind of respect ain't achievable overnight. She is clearly very good at what she does. She got the charm, the heart and the humour. Lancome was the first brand to sign a social media guru to its roster and as the partnership unfolds and continue to soar, there's plenty to drink in.

The Lancome Team gave this to me for keepsake!

Lancome  has also came up with a Limited Edition set inspired by the guru herself.

Products to check out!

The Baby Romance is such a feminine quad, you can create natural to dramatic looks with this pretty palettes!

Plume Liner, $42
Extremely long lasting eyeliner which glides on comfortably with a jet-black finish. Thanks to a long and soft brush, it can easily draw thin or thick lines.

Hypnose Doll Eyes Waterproof, $50
Formulated with ultra-feminine floral notes from Turkish Rose and Magnolia.

New Doll Eyes Ombre Absolue Palette (Limited Edition), $84

Do check out Lancome counters and see for yourself these gorgeous shades, as well as the entire range of MP's Colour Artistry Kit. It retails for SGD115 and I heard it's selling pretty fast! I want my hands on that amazing kit seriously! It's worth the value, love Lancome for releasing an abundant kit like this!

Be updated with the latest tips on MP , do bookmark Lancome Singapore ; also watch and be mesmerized with MP's legit videos here!

All images are the property of wickeRmoss. Use of these images without any consent is prohibited. Author was invited to grace this event by the respective companies. All opinions and thoughts expressed in this post are her own and remain 100% uninfluenced. 


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