REVIEW: STACY's Massacre Feast || part deux

If this was my last day to live on earth, I would not regret having my very last meal here at STACY's. I think this was about a month ago already but heck, I still can't get over it.

See my face here? LOL

Seeing the spread before us..

This is what we've said: WE CAN DO IT!


Monkey Toast (Php145) – fluffy pieces of cinnamon French toast topped w/ sweet caramelized bananas, strawberry, whipped peanut butter and dark choco chips.

Did not actually expect an Elvis Presley nostalgia here. Elvis  favourite sandwich is one of the most brilliant inventions known to mankind, yes?!  So how the heck do you improve upon a sandwich of such an epic depth? Definitely not a light sandwich by any means, it’s filling and luscious. That creamy homemade peanut butter will make you want to bring a jar home- too bad they’re not for sale. I told Aby to start considering selling this. This is perfect for even an ordinary pan de sal. The peanut butter gives that heavenly kick. Monkey Toast will be the death of me.

Home baked Chicken Parmesan (Ph190) – Baked chicken fillet in Italian herbs and chunky tomato sauce layered with oodles of parmesan and mozzarella cheese, topped on a bed of herbed rice pilaf.

Indeed very old school with that red sauce and lots of melty mozzarella cheese. Dish was decently made, truly rich and the cheese was made perfectly oozing. Sauce was made with the right amount of tomato, no sourness exaggeration.

Jersey Shore (Php170) – creamy chunks of white tuna salad generously layered w/ tomato slices and gooey Swiss cheese, piled high on a freshly baked wheat pan de sal.

The Classic Tuna Salad gets a new twist with this STACY’s tasty recipe. The crunch really livens up the tuna. One dish that is one Tuna overload fix. I loved the upscale taste of this twist on an old classic tuna salad that STACY’s did. I think a little bit of fresh chopped garlic in it would enhance the flavor to perfection.

Big Breakfast Bangers (Php165) – savoury grilled sausage patty served w/ sugar-dusted French toast, cheesy scrambled eggs and a cup of fresh fruits.

Ok sausage freaks, this is a must try. Almost went sausage coma after as this was grilled to perfection and the French toast complemented it well. A huge brekky plate with a thick slab of sausage patty, it’s so good you can even ignore the syrup but will still taste as good. The buttery scrambled eggs also melts in your mouth.

Stacy Jones (Php195) – STACY’s best seller; tender yakiniku cut US beef sirloin tapa smothered with loads of fried garlic; served with “anyway you like ‘em” eggs, fresh tomatoes, and roasted garlic rice.

Haven food for beef lovers, the aroma of the beef will hit you. Every cut was totally juicy and was not dry at all. Beef was of high grade quality as its natural flavour is worth devouring for. Best eaten fresh hot from the kitchen. 

Isn’t this heart-shaped rice the cutest ever? 


Creamy Pumpkin Soup w/ Toasted Bacon (Php105) 

 The pumpkin soup was velvety smooth and flavourful, consistency was neither too thick nor too thin. The toasted bacon made it more outstanding.

Grilled Shrimp w/ Sweet Pomelo (Php155) – Fresh Shrimp Salad with mixed Greens and Asian Dressing 

A pretty salad to behold, full of fresh greens adorned with that sweet coloured pomelo.  It added a lot more substance to the salad and was perfect for a light entree.  A fantastic appetizer to share or for a light meal for just one. Sweet pomelo salad with a smack.

All of their dishes had very solid, representative flavours. Dishes were presented as works of art and I have to say, tasted just as good.  If I had to choose, I would say the Home baked Chicken Parmesan was my favourite from what I sampled.   The cheese, chicken and sauce just exploded in my mouth as an incredible flavour sensation.   Really gamey, with a strong Italian flavour, but still quite light. 

Candy Vanilla Milkshake (Php95)

Just a thick, creamy milkshake to make your taste buds flip out. It wasn’t runny, nicely blended, cool and refreshing.

Pink Strawberry Milkshake (Php95)

We got the Choco Dome Cake, isn't she the prettiest with her dainty floral design ?

After that I merely thought we've lost our pulse from being satiated in hunger.

With the friendly staff, quiet, relaxed atmosphere, and retro-classical music playing in the background, I couldn’t think of a lovelier, more unrushed way to spend a Sunday morning! Quirky, cozy, dainty- STACY’s is the place to be.

Capitol Greenstreet Commercial Center,
Ground Floor( in front of Pancake House)
1 Capitol Hills Drive, Quezon City
contact #s:  02.9526843 /0927.3262244 


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♥ ℋℯℓℓo from WICKERMOSS ♥




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