REVIEW: SKIN HOUSE. Embracing The Gentle Power of Diode Laser Light.

The art of skin beautification, this seems to be an unending quest.
 But as they say, beauty has a price to pay. 
Finding Skin House would be an answered prayer 
for those who have been wanting to undergo a variety of skin treatments 
without having to worry about acquiring rubbish in any form.

Once I got the invite from Skin House to try out their services
 I honestly had to think twice.
For the simple reason that I do not plan to undergo any treatment 
that requires DIODE.
I mean, I plan to- but not just yet.
Besides am already satisfied with my underarms &
waxing has never been a bother to me.

But then, since the invite came knocking upon my doorstep,
I took the opportunity to ask a lot of questions first-
and I mean a hell lot.
After much explanation & convincing from them, 
I found myself going down to visit their clinic a week after.

Skin House is an advanced medical aesthetics center that offers a wide array of non-invasive cosmetic procedures. The procedures are designed to improve the health and appearance of the face and body for a more healthy skin and give clients a more youthful appearance. 
Men and women now have options to forego surgical procedures for face lifting and body contouring. Cosmetic science has provided them with safe, non-surgical choices that deliver quick, visible and natural looking results. Wonderful news for those people with a busy lifestyle.

The intimate clinic is surprisingly visible along the streets of Mayon, near Retiro in Quezon City. They planned and chose this area as they want to break free from the clinical bunk of the loaded Timog, Tomas Morato, and even Makati City. After careful probing, it has been evident that there is a potentially huge market waiting to be tapped here. I would not be spilling too much of the statistics here else I’d bore you.

A variety of cosmetic enhancement options including comprehensive skin care treatments, chemical peels, & laser hair removal are offered. Skin House also carries skin care products, including their own product line, so their clients can maintain a skin regimen at the comfort of their own home. I can not stress how important it is to find a good doctor & clinic for any aesthetic work. It requires deep research & here, the they can be customized as they're committed to helping clients attain their goals. 

they even served us Don Henrico's pizza:))

The Skin House staffs are knowledgeable and complaisant, which makes for a carefree, no pressure kind of experience for me. The clinic isn’t packed with waiting patients as well, so I never felt like just another chart on a clipboard. That’s the essence of booking for an appointment isn’t it? It must be a guarantee that both parties are well prepared. They have 2 dermatologists (by appointment) and 4 nurses on hand.

Using state-of-the-art technology and only the finest aesthetic products, Skin House offers a warm & placid environment in which is essential for the focus on restoring your skin to its natural youthful appearance, without the need for any cosmetic surgery. It looks ultra chic w/ a fresh vibe.  The lounge has a soothed ambiance, with magazines and TV to kill time. But more than anything, their price is really competitive and the service comes with an A+.

Ms. Joanne Yu, the Marketing Manager, gave me quick tour of the entire clinic and I saw how clean their facility is. “We always maintain our equipments sterile and safe at all times,” she said. 

She also showed me how up-to-date their machines are. Besides uncompromising patient safety and quality of care, Skin House also believes everyone deserves old fashioned high quality personal service, without a higher price tag attached to it.

Every Skin House experience initiates with a friendly, comprehensive consultation with their Medical Aesthetics Experts. The good catch is, there’s never any obligation to purchase a service or product from them. Just plain beauty treatment planning and a good collaboration are what lies ahead for both parties. Nobody wants to be pressured when it comes to beautifying oneself, agree? 

For all the treatments, my dedicated nurse walked me through 
what the process would feel like, what to expect, and the do’s and don’ts etc. 
All throughout the procedure she kept an open communication with me 
and I barely felt any discomfort.

* * * * * *


I had the Facial Radiofrequency (RF) in which it used heat to induce collagen contraction and subsequent skin tightening. COQ-10 anti aging cream was also applied prior to the treatment for better transmission of the RF energy. This is to achieve tighter, younger looking skin with improved skin tone, texture and elasticity. 

I’ve experienced a warm sensation during the treatment but 
there is practically no discomfort. 
I was told that immediately after the Facial RF treatment, 
the contraction of collagen fibres improves skin elasticity 
and that my skin may appear firmer.

the Radio Frequency Machine
cool 'facial gun'? haha :))

 contour facial results- fresh from the facial bed :))

DIODE LASER HAIR REMOVAL  (Regular Rate/Session: PHP 4,500)

Hello Laser, Goodbye Razor. There are many factors that go into determining which laser hair removal clinic is right for you so make sure you do your homework before you choose. It doesn’t end there. You have to decide which type of laser treatments would you rather opt for, the IPL or the DIODE. As having done some research and briefing, I was enlightened on why Diode Laser Hair Removal is better than IPL. Currently there are lots of laser treatments out in the market and it’s hard to distinguish which aesthetic clinic can deliver the best results. Skin House offers this best selling technique which is US FDA approved.

The Diode Laser Hair Removal is a relative newcomer in the laser hair removal industry. It was first approved by the FDA in 1997. Basically, the laser is guided by a beam of light that searches for a mass of hair follicles (not just one like electrolysis or tweezing) deep beneath the skin disabling or destroying the root. The laser beam targets only the hair follicles and not the surrounding skin. For comfort, the skin is usually cooled with a gel or cream during the process. The laser destroys hairs in its active growth phase and up to 85% of our hair is in that phase at any given time. What is does mean is that a significant percentage of hair that is treated with the laser will not grow back. Remember that our hair grows in phases and there is no such thing as 100% permanent hair removal. The closest one can get is permanent hair reduction, so be very cautious when some claim their treatments are.

IPL or Intense Pulsed Light. This is NOT a laser; it’s a light, which tries to imitate the strength of a laser. While Diode Laser is versatile because of its wavelike design and can treat a diverse range of skin types. I was given the pain free Diode LHR and did it hurt? Hell no. Not a bit of sting neither an ant bite sensation was felt. Define Painless Fashion. It was actually ticklish to the core and if you happen to have sensitive underarms, well, good luck resisting that big T! Also, my underarms did not turn any red at all after the treatment, even until the day after. No burning sensation was present either.

this pic seems like I was in a delivery room & just gave birth, LOL

Results were visibly superb as early as the 1st week. I was able to finally ditch my razor too, whew! I hate them as shaving makes you prone to having underarms with chicken skin ya’ know. Lucky me for my underarms are still perfectly fine. After 1 week, my hair started shedding and I can even pull the tiny hair out with my own fingers. Do note that results may be peculiar but it also calls for proper maintenance. You have to seek another consultation after a month to know the vital steps necessary to take upon.

you totally RAWK gurl !! :))

Skin House is dedicated to provide clients with “the advance and comprehensive treatment options, natural-looking results, safe, professional, and compassionate care.” Skin House is one trustworthy clinic that you’ll also feel comfortable with anything you want to further discuss such as the fee schedule, treatment packages, etc. 

Based on my treatments and over-all experience at Skin House, I gathered 2 S’s. Success with Satisfaction.  Skin House pride itself with only giving the honest and well deserved treatment about one can get. No fake promises, only ethical facts.

You can check their website 
or contact them via the numbers below to inquire for the prices.

Christmas is coming soon and so I heard they will be 
giving special rates & amazing discounts.
Check their ongoing promo & you'll surely
bag a great deal!
I am so excited to finish my entire DIODE session, woohooo!!

DIODE anyone?:)

2/F 170 Mayon St. Near Cor. Retiro St. QC
(in front of ChinaBank, other landmarks are Mercury Drug, BDO and Jollibee)
Mon – Sat: 11:00 am-8:00 pm
0917-898SKIN (7546) ; 02-5424106











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