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Beauty Hope Facial Salon Spa Review Hyrdo Peel Facial Treatment

Suddenly, sleep became my lover, my therapist knits this unerring serenity that made my eyes warm & heavy. I didn't care if wolves were howling in my dreams, for when I woke up, my hot flashes all went poof.

I've always envied people who can sleep easily on facial beds. I'm one tough nut to crack when it comes to this thing. I will just close my eyes, relax but sleep? Nah

I'm seriously talking about Beauty Hope, a facial salon located AT waterloo STREET, singapore.

I think it's the first time in history of my doing facials here in Singapore that I was totally knocked out during the massage session. As I lay there, I was completely vulnerable to my therapist' hands, I felt like I've crossed an invisible line or something, a place I've never gone to. That technique. OMG. It's something that can convince me to sign up a package afterwards, granting I got the moolah of course hah! It was so timely as I was about to have that time of the month and when she gently nudged me to wake my senses up, my hot flashes were gone. 

actual day of visit

I've met Ms. Joselyn, a very young-looking lady (in red orange*)  who helped me fixed my appointment and all. She was there to welcome me personally. Thanks for making the time, really appreciate it! Anyway, I was immediately escorted to the Consultation Room. The form I filled up?? Mann,  I thought it was like taking a Bar Exam, hah! It's the first time I've seen one like that (for facial salons*) but then I think it was well-thought of, i.e your medical history, your previous treatments and the whatnot. Usually I tend to get lazy filling up this kind of thing, but their questionnaire was kind of unique. Even my braces history! I actually enjoyed filling up their form, LOL. It was the clincher on what kind of treatment my skin actually needed. 

look | mood | location & staff

The salon may not look as luxurious from the outside but the service is worth it. It's somehow concealed in an HDB along Waterloo Street but the surrounding neighbors were quiet. If you don't frequent Waterloo area, you might have a bit of difficulty finding it. Just look for the right building #! Unlike me who went to the wrong HDB, it was just beside it haha! More so, the shop is on the 2nd floor so you really have to scour the area until you spot its huge signage.

The treatment rooms were a bit squeezed, compact but I can say cozy. Thing is,  I can hear the other patient talking non-stop, her kid and another daughter were even inside the room and yes, you know how it went on. But seriously can you still imagine how good is that massage that inspite of all the noise I was knocked-out?!

The staff were all smiles, it's such a friendly and welcoming environment here at Beauty Hope. 


I was given the Hydro-Peel Facial Treatment (90 minutes) and I was assured there will be no "peeling" of the skin. Instead of the traditional exfoliating, this treatment infuse a solution (liquid, cream or saline) into the skin to deep clean the skin and provide nutritional supplements and improve skin metabolism.

I skipped extraction as the therapist examined it and said that my skin doesn't need it actually. Wow, I was really surprised! My skin wasn't that clogged?!  I was jumping for joy, haha! Pat on the back Charles! 

Can I talk more about that massage? Some facial salon has this standard way of massaging, the one I got was entirely different. I felt as if my facial bones were put into a carousel of  bliss. 

She will press on it gently, just with the RIGHT pressure and then lift it up - and BAM! I totally snoozed so now I'm not sure what to type in next. I go cray with those kind of thing, the therapist go deeper until it lulled me to sleep-domness. #FTW. 

That's my therapist right there, Faye ♡  


The first thing I check after facial? Red marks of course. I gauge from there if there will be marks and the whatnot. 

I can bluff you and say that my skin was totally fine. But nope, I shall tell you even the most minute thing.

I've spotted one, my skin is really the sensitive type you see. Even on normal days, I do get spots very easily, my dermatologists in the Philippines always say the exact same thing.  Can't blame Beauty Hope 'cause it's my skin that is thin and is very frail. So in case you got sensitive skin like mine, you won't be frazzled by this kind of scenario. 

When I looked into the mirror, I know already if that's the case. I know if a certain red mark will be gone in a few hours or it will stay on to my skin for weeks. This one lasted for only like half an hour. By the time I reached home, it was gone and my skin was more radiant and refreshed. The Hydro Peel facial definitely revived my dull skin from my frequent late night sleeping, yay!

This HydroPeel serves as a regenerative treatment to the skin. Our skin is one of the most abused parts of our body, it's our main defense from a plethora of harmful factors, this facial helped in protecting it as well as fueling up more oxygen and water to the skin - more protection, the better!

I highly recommend this - especially for the massage technique that comes with it.

would be better iF:

  • Bigger treatment rooms & more privacy perhaps(?)
  • longer massage duration (just cause It's damn good!!)
  • they have a signage downstairs for customers to spot them easily


Quote my name, CHARLES ANGEL or WICKERMOSS and enjoy this cutting edge technology beauty treatment at only


(Usual Price $380) 

T&C Apply.

let me take this opportunity to thank the brands, companies & pr agencies contacting me for advertorials & the whatnots. Thank you for trusting the wickermoss blog 

nitty gritty

make-up removed, face prepped! 

hydro peel in process 


insert  massage part here! 

i told you guys, i didn't even have the energy to lift up my cam anymore. A few sec and I was goner, LOL.

my therapist informed me that it's time to cement my face.... 

i kid. 

this is the part wherein i always feel that i have that lock jaw haha but the mask is so cooling! 

Thank you Beauty Hope & team, Joselyn for the warm hospitality 

Blk 261 Waterloo Street #02-42
Singapore 180261
Tel: +65-6883.2293 | Hp: +65-8168.5199

Thanks for looking 

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Beauty Hope Facial Salon Spa Review Hyrdo Peel Facial Treatment

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