REVIEW: Discovering MOR Cosmetics.

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Have you guys heard of MOR Cosmetics already? It's the  brainchild brand (established in 2001) that embodies the inspired expression between Australian designers Dianna Burmas and Deon St. Mor. The two designers have combined their passion for travel, fashion, food and the arts, developing highly desired products in perfumery, aromatherapy and cosmetics.

 Deon St. Mor. & Dianna Burmas

 The brand’s philosophy is to provide a memorable, personalized sensory
experience from its rich product offerings to how each is carefully presented in 
covetable old-world packaging. 

MOR’s collections have been a staple in destination spas and lifestyle
emporiums across the globe:

Emporium Black
Little Luxuries
 Lip Macaron
MOR Essentials

You bet I have to know them because of their well-designed candles and bath and body range. Our daily pampering should never stop; but then it's expensive going out all the time, hitting the spas and such right? That's why I am hooked on candles! For now, Yankee candles is my addiction and somehow am lemming for candles which are more luxurious .. woohoo! Did I say lemming? Not buying right? No money yet hahaha!

One thing you can notice about MOR is its design. They look like dainty jewel boxes . In short they are little luxuries of life. I heard from a friend that MOR creates great fragrances and they do have a cult following. From a mix of essential oils, body butters, hand creams, lotions, soaps, candles, think this can be considered an an all-in-one-pamper-me-package. If you like marshmallow, you can get everything or the whole range of mallow-scented goodies, wowzahthen your room will be totally edible! Who would not want to sleep and stay in a room like that?!? Invite me to have a sleep over in your room in case you get the entire range ya? *thick-faced-mode haha.

I want this one! Love the scent name:Italian Blood Orange! All their candles are deliciously scented. See their designs? This can add some boudoir feel on every woman's bathroom; your guest will gawk at this pretty little thing (yes, sure one while sitting on your bathroom throne haha!). Unless your walls are also like this ah, I can shut up my mouth already.

MOR candles are 100% cotton and with a lead free wick; burning time is about 40 hours.  This Italian Blood Orange is perfect for Fall since it has a warm, tangy and sweet citrusy scent. You can cuddle more in bed with your puffballs, the smell is so romantic. 

Emporium Candle Italian Blood Oranges 
infused with soft summer floral notes of Jasmine, Rose and Lilly of the Valley present a fresh, delicious fragrance

Emporium Hand Cream Italian Blood Orange
contains sesame seed oil, vitamin E and glycerin to soften, hydrate and improve dry skin. Paraben and sulphate free and never tested on animals. Perfect for travel or any handbag size.

Have you noticed the punch of black in all their packaging? Makes me regret not considering graphic design as a course when I see this kind of stuff, haha! Isn't so classy?  It's enthused with royalty and firm elegance.  

The tube on your left is the Hand Cream, black and chic! I never had any lotion as luxurious looking as this. The brand has obviously full attention to details; decadent and their products are made with utmost care and pride.

Emporium Lychee Flower
produced with sweet lychee flowers, ripe berries, soft powdery florals and a slight hint of forest wood.

Do you know that those glass vessels are gilded with 24 carat decals ? The candles' aroma is so heavy but fortunately they're not giving me any headache from smelling them (unlike LUSH items!) This lychee possess that calming aroma; delish and with every whiff it  enliven my spirit.

The top packaging is made of decorative papers; inspired by the 16th & 19th centuries. This is perfect as a gift as you can see that it's wrapped in a nice black satin-like ribbon with a golden screen print. 

How to lit up candles when they are just too pretty like that eh?

Do note please:
I have smelled the candles unlit. 

Descriptions I have expressed above are based on what my olfactory senses have sent to my eccentric brain; so in case you buy or purchase a vessel of your own and claim that it smelled different from what I have shared above; please do read again the words highlighted in red. Thank you.

And oh one last thing!

Best part is that their product is NOT Tested on animals! Yay for no animal cruelty involvement. If you want to check MOR out, they are located at Takashimaya, 3rd Level (Ladies Department). 

Ta Ta for now ! Thanks for looking.







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