REVIEW: Chocolates Delivered to your Door?! YES! From BOX UP (Singapore)

The usual scenario:

I walk down the alley of Takashimaya Basement, 

see the chocolate devilish  stalls of Godiva, Laurent Bernard and then turn my back and walk out.

A piece of Godiva chocolate no bigger than my pinkie finger for over SGD26 per 100grams ? Heck No.

I'd just whisper:

Buh bye Go0od...........deiiiii.......Vaaaaahhhh…


The only brand I usually buy when am there is Royce.. and still, I find them pricey.

Yes am craving for a choco bar... but I was like f that. 

So most of the times I buy myself Snickers, damage is less than S$10.
A Kinder Bueno is even less than $5 hehe.

There are two E's in mind everytime I see those choco labels:



They must have all the best things you can expect from a fine-tasting chocolate right? 
Smooth, creamy, excellent taste and the like.

Overall, these chocolates are flawless.
To top it all off, they are marketed as fancy chocolates.

But come to think of it sweetie,

if you like chocolate, do you mind spending a little extra to go to heaven?

And besides if ever I'd splurge, I won't eat those chocolates.

They are meant to be SAVORED;
I'd let them rest on my tongue for a minute or so,
then enjoy the bliss it gives.

To my surprise, I happened to meet Mr. David Tan.
He is the Director cum Owner of BOXUP SG.


A new concept of having chocolates delivered at your own doorstep!

Best part?
You don't have to travel to savor the great chocolates in the world.
The chocolates I got were from USA, France and Italy!

BOXUP SGChocolate Subscription Service Delivered at your Door!

What do they do?

Boxup is a subscription service that will deliver a box of carefully selected chocolates right to your door every month. It's like a magazine subscription but it's chocolates instead of magazines.

What are the contents of the box?
The element of surprise! Your box may come with an assortment of chocolate bars; a mixture of minibar/napolitans.
How much would it cost me?
1 box of assorted gourmet chocolates @ S$21.99 with S$4 shipping per location.The boxes would be delivered during the second week of each month.You can pay via Paypal so it's hassle-free.
Why should I order?
Perfect as a gift to your loved ones or just to your chocoholic self! Have a kick of fine tasting chocolates at the comfort of your own home.

The chocolates were housed inside a black box adorned with a slim silver ribbon. Minimalist design with words "Sweet Treats" printed on it; (which I think can somehow confuse the consumers in a way). There was a pamphlet with all the information of what is inside the box.

THEO Bread & Chocolate Dark Chocolate

 E. GUITTARD Ambanja Bittersweet 65% Cacao

Toscano Black AMEDEI 70% Cacao

E. Guittard Ambanja Bittersweet - 65% Cacao Dark Chocolate Bar from Madagascar

Product Features

  • 56 g / 2 oz
  • 65% cacao
  • Dark chocolate from criollo beans from Madagascar
  • Ingredients
    cacao beans, pure cane sugar, cocoa butter, soya lecithin, vanilla beans

Product Description

Rarified Criollo cacao beans from Madagascar are carefully handcrafted into this delicious chocolate. It mingles tart and fruity essences with one-of-a-kind, deep, rich chocolate flavor.


Theo 3400 Phinney Bread & Chocolate Bar - Dark Chocolate with Bread Crumbs - 65% Cacao - Organic, Fair Trade Certified

Product Features

  • 56 g / 2 oz
  • 65% Cacao
  • Rich dark chocolate blended with bread crumbs for a crunchy, satisfying texture
  • USDA Certified Organic; Fair Trade Certified
  • Ingredients
Cocoa Beans, Sugar, Cocoa Butter, French Bread, Butter, Sea Salt

Product Description

An innovative twist on a traditional favorite featuring dark chocolate with buttery, toasted artisan bread crumbs and the perfect amount of salt.

Amedei Toscano Black, 70% dark chocolate bar

Product Features/Description

  • A particularly well balanced, aromatic flavour.
  • Amedei describe their Toscano Black 70% bar as "enclosing all the flavour" that real chocolate is capable of giving.

This one stood out for me! Beautiful artistic packaging eh? Reminds me of Paul & Joe Cosmetics! From the moment I opened the black box, the delightful, fresh aroma of the choco bars left my taste buds dancing with excitement....I wanted to dive straight in and savor them! But when I saw this cute kitty cwat, oh shoot I can't dare tear the packaging haha~

As I am writing this, I haven't tasted any of them yet. 
Ahuh, not a single bar. 
Talkin' bout control! The smell has enveloped our fridge and I love it!

I will definitely update you and from the looks of it, pretty sure that each of them has its own surprising personality.

Wanna tempt your taste buds ? Check out BOX UP guys and have that kwitty cwat add up to your dainty collections .

For me? I can't wait for the day to raid the box.

Pretty please indulge me ...just a lil can?
Watch the unboxing vid here click click

All images are the property of wickeRmoss. Use of these images without any consent is prohibited. Products sent to the author and all opinions and thoughts expressed in this post are her own and remain 100% uninfluenced. 

Special Mention of Thanks to Mr. David Tan/BOXUP SG.







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