REVIEW: GLOMAX Aesthetics.The One Who Cleared Up My Dreaded A's (Acne&Allergy) PLUS Get 65%OFF on the SAME Treatment I had by READING THIS!

The last quarter of 2012 brought me two major unexpected things : 
The allergy and the virus/bug that knocked me down for 3 weeks!

I was quarantined at home and I was in a no mood state to even talk,
cause first off my voice the point of I had chest pains when swallowing food.

Yes, it's that bad.

I got the allergy first, in which I acquired from eating seafood pasta...
and then something happened with my skin.  
I didn't get inflamed acne, but non-inflamed congestion on my forehead and chin, and overall my skin was just dull and dry. 
As I do not want my skin to rebel more, I postponed my appointment with GLOMAX (which
was scheduled a few days before).

I waited for another week for it to subside.
Just when I thought that the allergy was gone, I was dead wrong.
It wanted to have a second round of attack,
then I told myself,
this is it
I am going to GLOMAX no matter what.

This might be the kick in the pants I needed.

In here, I will explore/talk about my overall experience from:


12 Eu Tong Sen Street, #6-168, SOHO 2 
Singapore 059819
(Beside Swissotel Merchant Court)
Tel: +65 6225 5193

Nestled 6 floors above the heart of Singapore's famous riverside Clarke Quay, GLOMAX Aesthetics - The Face Artistry is adjacent to the Central Mall (Clark Quay Station) nd just beside the Swissotel Merchant Court Hotel; expect a studio type of loft that can be used for both office/residential.

Central location you say?
Be careful of still being lost (just like what happened to us!) because there is a SOHO 1. 

GLOMAX is at SOHO 2 building, next to Swissotel Merchant Court Hotel.

The building has a good security and since the area has a yuppy lifestyle, while you are doing your treatment, your companion can have a walk at Clarke Quay, have coffee or even chomp on some shawarma or do the GMAX? haha. I have a short clip with directions on how to reach GLOMAX here (click click!)


A minimalist and clean facility, that is what I noticed there. 3 rooms inside, so do not expect it to be that spacious, but rather I find that it emits a very homey feel to it. They have soft lighting with quiet spa music.

There was an abundant relaxing smell within the clinic and the treatment rooms; the scent they used inside their locker/closet was so good that I thought it was an EDT; 

I searched and found out that it was a closet freshener that emits the favourable scent; non-nauseating which I do look for in a salon/clinic/spa. Hygienic as upon entrance I can already see that the place was neat, decoration is not over the top to overwhelm the eye and senses.

The treatment room isn't extremely fancy, but overall ambiance is calming and will give you the relaxation you need.

I officially met...
Evon Low, the Director& Founder..alongside with Hazel who have arranged everything for me.  She is fast in responding and really does a good job that everything is well planned prior to my appointment.
With the constant stream of new technologies and skin care, Evon Low is well known for bringing in award-winning, non-invasive machines, and more of a legend among her clients for re-educating her customers' skin into glowing suppleness.

“We want clients to look renewed and radiant every time they visit us. It’s really possible to have healthier complexion each time and keep looking better without overspending.” 

(from left-right) Evon Low, yours truly and with my therapist that day in which I would like to call Miss Mean Machine haha!

That’s right. With 19 years of experience, Evon believes “you need to know the ideal pairing of treatment concoction to skin, what to touch, and apply the right pressure. It’s a test of a therapist’s skills.” Get prepared to have your every dollar and time well spent with a hallmark of satellite of treatments encompassed to leave you glowing sooner than you think.

Unlike other clinics, you enter the premises and then they will immediately hand over the menu/services board, well.. GLOMAX has a different approach.

I was offered a house tea  to make me feel welcomed while they asked me to fill up a form.
Afterwhich, Evon with her calming demeanor performed an in-depth diagnosis of my skin condition.

I discussed my issues with the her and then...
She recommended/explained the treatments I needed

Even the pain scale was tackled.
If I was up for it or no.
I told her I have a high tolerance for pain so it should not be a major problem.
She's sweet and gentle. Taking her time to really examine my skin.

I had not had a facial since April of 2012, so was looking forward to it, but this was by far the best I've experienced. 

When I was 17, I had my first facial and I was totally hooked. I loved getting exfoliated, extracted, moisturized and of course massaged.

Now that I am older  I always wished I could get one monthly haha!

But I could never rationalize the $xxx in my budget to do so here in Singapore. 

GLOMAX answered my prayers as their treatments/ services are flexible for people to have facials monthly.


Luminous Detox Energie Care Treatment  (Usual Price SGD168)
The ultimate skin purification, this diamond microdermabrasion invigorates cellular renewal to treat clogged, pigmented and sallow skin. Designed with a cocktail* of vitamins to refresh the appearance of the skin by aligning skin cells in the top layer of the skin to achieve clean and radiant glow. 

*Depending on different skin type, ‘Energie Care’s cocktail of vitamins: 
Whitening: Vit C (promotes collagen production), Pentawhite (anti-oxidant, super whitening), Green tea extract (anti-oxidant, whitening, anti-bacterial, lightening)

I would not be dissecting every step,

I do not want to give a stereotype review on skin treatments like this,so I would prefer giving you a few highlights on what to expect if ever you will try the same type of treatment.

No Steam Used
This was a first for me. They chose not to use steam. Why?
To avoid broken capillaries from steam treatments used incorrectly. 
Besides, ever wondered if steamers are indeed 100% bacteria free?

Facial included microdermabrasion which is stellar, and my skin reacts so well to the service. 
Microdermabrasion is a method by which very fine crystals are vacuumed across the skin under pressure with a tiny vacuum-cleaner-like tip.

There was a mild pulling sensation (that tiny vacuum cleaner) during the treatment and a gentle, sandpapery feel. 

Therapist on a Mission
My therapist was concentrating rather than blabbing to me about her lovelife or just generally running small talk circles around me. I firmly believe all therapists should be like her. She means business.

At least 3 different treatments were applied to my face, neck, and décolleté over the 90min. session as I lied on a cushy bed.

While waiting for the mask to penetrate my skin I received an extensive scalp, neck and shoulder massage. She even did my brows!

Whoa, my skin was cleaned out off all the build up and junk. 
That jim-dandy oh-so-deep clean feeling was there!
The redness in my cheeks has been drastically reduced, which I thought was impossible whenever you walk out of any other normal derma house or clinic.

Do note however that the pain I experienced, especially with the pricking
was a first!
It was painful.
To even think that I have a high tolerance for pain....

But hey, anything for achieving better skin!

When I came out of the room, 
I'm as relaxed as I'd be after a couple of Jack & coke on the rocks..
without any hangover and armed with a  happier skin .

Results after Results
My skin is perfectly clear (aside from the PMS/hormonal issue, which always resolves quickly). Definitely a lot brighter and no longer dull, the appearance of my pores has diminished greatly...and noticed that my skin is much more supple.

One of the last times I was out, an acquaintance even asked if I was wearing foundation..only to tell her that I only had SPF that day. (that's how awesome my skin is now)!

My skin is positively luminous and dewey after the expert facial and I am over the moon with the results. Can I say I totally LOVE this place?! 

If you're reading this, you MUST schedule an appointment now. But read on for more exciting news from me eh?!

If you have acne problems and are sick of it, don't even bother with other "miracle-claiming" products / treatments, just go to GLOMAX. Give them a chance to do what your skin oughtta do.

Another best part?

No hard selling of sorts. 
Enough said.

You think I'd really let this post pass with no photobombing arh?
No way!
Just for you to have an overview of what to expect if you will be undergoing this
must-try you go loveys!

Expect to see a few smiley icon inserts, 
as I am 101% sure that my nostrils, (though clean!)
will not mount up any of your interest

Miss Mean Machine!
My Lady Therapist..
ever serious work
ever serious results.
She's a keeper!! *winks

BuhBye Mister GUNK!!!

This place saved me so they will also have the tendency to clear you up.

Quit thinking about it & just call.... GLOMAX rocks. 

My face is usually pretty sore due to extractions and I find myself heading home straight to avoid odd stares from people. 
But here it was a totally new experience.
I was even able to go out, did some grocery shopping with E and even scoured the mall for every sweet cravings my palate had dictated to me on that day.
Watch this if you wanna see what I mean haha!
As I always say...
No more walking dartboard!

2nd day 

All I have to say is that this is one place to go for skin issues.  
I consider them the best up to date..they will  treat you with unfeigned consideration. 

I got the treatment scott free....yes, but

My GLOMAX experience was just as satisfying , stellar facial and service.

They got me clear, am thrilled and will be a customer for life.

Now on to the GREAT EXCITING NEWS shall we??!!!

"Just make me look beautiful and 
I would call it a day!"

Want to say the exact same thing?

GLOMAX Aesthetics is extending this treat 
to YOU!
Yes, readers!

You must be a:

**Singapore resident
**First time Customer of GLOMAX

Instead of paying SGD168 for the same treatment:
Luminous Detox Energie Care Treatment  

you will be able to experience it for a whopping


That is almost 

65% OFF!

What do you need to do?


(65) 6225-5193

and then.... simply QUOTE ,

and enjoy the Luminous Detox Energie Care Treatment for 90mins 
$58 (UP$168)

I do hope you'll enjoy this treat from yours truly!


Watch me jibber-jabber here (click click!)


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