EVENTS/REVIEW: GOD of CARNAGE. Lea Salonga x Adrian Pang.

God of Carnage

1 set
1 act
1 hour 
and a half

Mounting tensions
Striking complications
Without any  intermission.

Four consummate actors
throwing fits at at each other.

Sounds a real carnage isn't it?

Winner of both the Tony and Laurence Olivier Award for ‘Best Play’ – God of Carnage reunites the powerhouse acting duo of Lea Salonga (Tony and Olivier Award-winner, Miss Saigon) and Adrian Pang (Best Actor, ST Life! Theatre Awards) in a fast paced comedic satire described as a “comedy of manners... without the manners.” God of Carnage is a viciously funny and biting comedy that takes place in the aftermath of a playground fight between two schoolboys. Their parents decide to meet to “talk” it out. What starts as a polite discussion soon degenerates into verbal warfare with all four adults revealing their own issues and true colours. 

After 12 long years, I managed to watch Lea Salonga again. 
Her last whip with Adrian Pang
was Singapore's Repertory Theater's
They're Playing Our Song (2000) 
and when I saw their chemistry on stage, 

I told myself 
I must watch these 2 again!

I do not intend to write a full review of the play
but it's just irresistible inescapable.

Here you have 2 parenting couples:

Lea Salonga x Adrian Pang = Veronica x Michael
Menchu Lauchengco- Yulo x Art Acuna = Annette x Alan

Veronica and Michael's son was whacked in the face by the other couple's son....
with a stick causing lost incisors.

Annette and Alan came over to the other parents's house to talk things over and....
that's where it all started.

It did not really focus on the kids,
there was a cathartic release of every character they portray
from nice to ....nasty 


Battle of the Sexes made this play bump n grind.

The red bricked wall makes the  entire set neutral ...lacked a bit of vigor ...IMO

God of Carnage shows a  real portrait of just how awful supposedly nice people can behave. 

Lea Salonga
Veronica was a do-gooder, almost an OC unhappy wife; it was a thrill hearing Lea Salonga cuss on stage.......with finesse still intact! I was still hoping she would somehow belt out a tune hahah! Lea throws a fit after fit, then regaining composure in between. What is so new tell me? She reminds me of her own version of Les Misérables' Fantine! After hitting the contradictory high notes, still she  can sway and end up with 'the' emotion. Sigh. She is such an icon

Adrian Pang
Michael is a wholesaler, makes the funniest faces with swift dialogues. Never fails to crack the audience up. Lea says she was happy to be working with Pang again, an actor she cannot even hold a straight face with. Yes, Pang is extremely a f*cking Neanderthal. If you have watched it, you'd know what I mean lol.

Menchu Lauchengco- Yulo
The polished and fierce personality of Annette was portrayed by Menchu effortlessly. Lea calls her the Queen of Phil. Theater. She fell into pieces when she got drunk, even goes barefoot on stage, unleashing her inner bully self. Her fake vomiting was totally convincing...and hey that was even before she quaffed on the alcohol okay , lol.

Art Acuna
Laughs come fast for Alan's crisp character. He was making love to his cellphone all throughout the play and when his wife, Annette got rid of it ..that was the icing on the cake ! LMFAO . He can brew his own comedic style as well, that in the end made me crave for him more.  I mean his strikes, his barbaric yet well-dressed character.

Overall, GOC is happily short and sweet. I loved the childish characters that the actors portrayed. Makes me really think on how some people can have a pristine house, wear luxury clothes, have a highly paid job but underneath the facade is that ugly truth. The fact that there is no such thing as being nice. If someone whacks your child on the face, you do not want to be nice to them more so let them inside your wanna yell at them you see.

I thought we would not be able to watch this play anymore as we got conflicts with scheds...

but E last minute told me to watch it
and says tickets were almost sold out.

So we chose this seat..elevated but much more closer to the stage actually.

Plus , it feels great having this type of seating.
E was just behind me.
Hearing him chuckle makes me feel as if we were strangers 

and totally loved the thrill it gave me...
that entire hour and a half was exquisite.

E was telling me I looked so KOREAN in this pic.
Looooook at my eyes !
Maybe it was just my eye makeup this night. LOL


I had a fair ratio of an all gifted ensemble;
 only the bag, cheetah flats and shorts were mine hehe. 
Yes, a shorts shorts underneath that white wool sweater.

I went to a party after this and yes
you may have just guessed that I ditched the jacket after the show.

That may also answer your question on why I do not have any pic taken with Lea Salonga.

I was not able to because of that important party to catch.

I needed to be there on demanded by the party host , HAHA!

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