REVIEW: BIORE Facial Foam Skin Caring Cleanser Series.

Biore has launched a NEW Skin Caring Cleanser series .There are 4 products in this series for various skin concerns
Extra Moist

all these are suitable for all skin types.

Formulated with Skin Purifying Technology (SPT), this range of skin-loving cleansers has low irritation as the chemicals do not penetrate the skin; works to re-balance skin – reduce oil at T-zone (forehead /nose) and replenish moisture at U-zone (cheek / chin).

Biore Facial Foam SCRUB

-gentle on the skin and smells great
-sloughs off the skin pretty well; 
-with tiny pink granules that is not harsh on the skin;
-gives that tingle when applied on the skin but
- lacks that refreshing 'cool' feeling after using it
as well as do not expect any deep down cleaning factor

I like to use my exfoliator every morning! Serves as a wake up call to my skin; with this I can consider it as a good pick me up scrub anytime of the day.  
It has a fair number of beads in it but something that would not really make me go wild in the morning. Ever gentle though as it is not too harsh and can be used at least thrice a week.

Biore Facial Foam ACNE CARE

-runny consistency but pleasantly foamy
-smell just as great as the SCRUB (perfumish/spring floral scent which I like~)
-i love the way it rinses off; it's like I am splashing my skin with milk..
kinda complicated but it's the best I can describe it.
-skin felt cleansed but I was hoping for more hydration after use

Most acne facial wash tends to dry out the skin but not this one. This does not however gave me that noticeable clogged pore free skin... No fast clearance of acne marks but no break outs for me as well.
just apt for non-expectant folks out there.

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