7,400 ft above sea level. My [s u m a s a g a d a] series ends here.

So how do I end my Sagada Series now?
 To me, it was more than just a road trip, it gave me a short yet 
quality time with our mother nature. 
People were friendly, not to mention those cute 
english speaking kids living around the mountains.

I cannot put into much detail anymore all the places we've been to.
 I have shared those that are truly worth visiting in Sagada.
 I was thinking if I should still post some of them but instead, 
I will just perhaps post here those that gave the extra special mem'ries. 
In which way, only me knows :) 
But I'll still shed some light on them so doe worry :)

My 10 Most Loved Sagada Sightings:

1. The Death March

Taken @: During the trek to the Big Falls. 
I hate ants but I can take them if they're black! 

I tested my patience and see if I can take a snapshot of 
a single ant walking that seemed to be the slowest of the bunch :)

2. Weave Me Alone

Taken @: The Sagada Weaving House, 
where the Sagada Souvenirs backpacks & pouches are being churned out:)

3.  Genesis 1:27

Taken @: The Sagada Pottery

God created man in His own image, in the image of God He created him; 
male and female He created them.

GHOST Flick Re-make, haha!

4. A morning-glory at my window satisfies me more than 
the metaphysics of books- Walt Whitman

Taken @: Our Sagada Cabin View

5. When preparing to climb a mountain - pack a light heart.

Taken @: The Phil. Pali (Highest Point). 
This is the exact terraces found at the back of the One Thousand Peso bill.

Okay for the next 5 it's not necessarily adjacent to the Sagada Theme, 
nevatheless, they're still Sagada Shots.
Photos below are only for the open-minded ones, I think? hahaha! 
Nah. Kidding. 
These are just for fun yet fact is, they are part of our everyday lives :)

E's shirt and an art pottery he initially wanted to buy, he thought 'twas an ashtray eh:)

Oh well, they are known to make this kind of wood carvings.
 It may seem funny, but for some it may not be the case...
especially when this is the type of thingie I see whenever I enter the loo. 
*Zips mouth*

I cheated! Remnants of our stay  at Sagada..sorry :P

of sunflowers, sunblock'd early mornin' faces and souvenir shirts :)

Who would want to leave this quaint lil town? :(

and so it's goodbye for now but Sagada- we will defo see you again :)







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