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I often find myself caught in a feud between my friends about what the best brand is for your skin and makeup and such, but of course I always end up victorious haha! All clowning aside though, when it comes to cosmetics, there aren’t many brands out there as widely recognized as Clinique. I’ve been a  Clinique convert  since my college days and I gotta say it stays at par. Founded on the philosophy that “great skin can be created”, their dermatologist developed cosmetics to provide the consumer with impeccable products that are individually allergy tested, 100% fragrance free, and custom fit for every skin type and condition. Clinique is committed to your skin's health, they offer products that are specifically designed to rejuvenate your skin so that their make up accentuates your beauty. 

Take a minute to look in your make up kit or vanity drawer. If you realize that it's time for something new, check out what Clinique has to offer. If you're always intimidated going to counters and try their products, this is the perfect timing! Besides this event is FOC. Yes, free-of-charge!
I received an invitation from Clinique if I am keen on hosting a party for
Memoirs of a Geishcharles wickeRmoss readers. It's Clinique, so it's a done deal.

Come on over and join me? Really looking forward to meeting and knowing my readers as well. Having to mingle with other girls is always fun right? Top it off with take home gift samples from Clinique, I don't see anymore reason for you not to join.
Read on for what to expect:
  • You will undergo a skin 101 consultation with their Professional Clinique Consultants (e.g. skin type determination if you have normal, dry, oily, or combination). This would be best for those who are still clueless of their skin types.
  • An afternoon with the girls, what would be more fun than having make-overs? The Clinique experts will be there to give us techniques for us to look our best. Everyone can share their beauty secrets as well!
  • Take home free gift samples from Clinique plus you'd be able to try their products yourself, without any hesitation. Who knows, you might be convinced that it's really worth the raves.
  • Saturday fun-bonding! What would be a party without girls talk? Us women never run out of things to talk about, especially when it comes to make up right! 
  • Foodie treats from a place that never lose its charm, Bizu!
Does getting dolled-up and all those excite you?  Mark your calendars and make this your weekend date with me & Clinique aight? Party clincher is, having fun with friends and meeting new people!

If you are 101% sure of coming, you can opt to do 2 things:

1. Just comment below with your name and e-mail address alongside with a short answer to this short question:

"What is your favorite skincare or make up product?" 
(you don't have to state the brand nor state why) As easy as a-b-c right.

sample comment: 

Audrey Supangco
mascara has got to be my fave!

2. If you prefer to send the entry through e-mail, kindly send it to:

Again, this event is FREE, however slots are limited so hurry! 

Also, I hope we will all be considerate and not nab a spot only to neglect it afterwards. It will be unfair for the others who really are eager and committed to come. Thanks for understanding! I will be waiting to hear from you and I'd be more than happy to meet you soon!

Thanks to Clinique for this partnership and giving wickeRmoss' readers a chance to have an unforgettable and fun experience 

:: wickeRmoss ::

Update | 06 June | 2200H
Thanks to all those who have signed up early. I will be sending a confirmation e-mail to those who will be chosen. Also, don't forget to link me back your blog URL (if you have any); You Tube channel; or your Facebook account if you are following my Facebook page as well. If you're a reader and doesn't have any blog, no worries you're still welcome to join!

Update | 09 June | 0930H
Event still open for sign-up. I have been receiving queries from those who are still unsure of coming, hope you understand that this is not on a first come, first served basis. Again, would love to remind that only those people who can come on the event itself are encouraged to come. 

My e-mail address has now been changed to : (Thanks MSN,SG!)

Kindly send in your details to the aforementioned address. Those who signed up to the previous e-mail address (, fret not.. they will all be acknowledged. 

Again, thanks for those who expressed their interests in coming!

Update | 11 June | 1408H

Sign-up is now CLOSED. Thanks to everyone who signed-up. Kindly check your e-mail for the response. So grateful that there are a lot of people who are interested to join this party. If only I can invite you all!  Again, thanks so much guys!!!







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