EVENTS/REVIEW: Top 10 Reasons to Watch The Addams Family Musical at the Resorts World Sentosa Singapore (09-28th July 2013)


The Addams Family can be considered not just a fun musical, but having to meet a macabre and eccentric  clan within the span of two hours knowing that they actually have a heart. Charles Addams, the cartoonist creator of The Addams Family started drawing life to these characters during the year of 1938. So 75 years have passed and a few people might ask, what can we expect this time around? Although I used to watch the original TV series (1960′s), I think the toughest part that a performer in the musical could deal with is how to make his/her own original approach. 

The cartoon characters are daunting you see, so many people think that the musical is just like them or even the movies, but seriously it’s totally different. Yes, you will ‘want’ to laugh. The fun literally bubbles to the surface of the stage. In here I thought of sharing with you all the Top 10 reasons on why one should watch The Addams Family Musical (or at least once in your lifetime and if you have the chance to). I have also interviewed a few members of the cast so I do hope it would be of help weaving the reasons below:


1. You’re a father / mother and you have a daughter falling in love. For the first time.
The Addams Family story revolves on Wednesday Addams falling for a normal boy. She then comes to her father (GOMEZ) and tells him that the family of her significant other (Lucas Beineke) is coming over for dinner. As Gomez seemed to be fine with it (or at least tries to), he was taken aback when Wednesday pleaded and asks him not to tell her mother (Morticia) that she is getting married. Gomez, torn between his wife and daughter succumbed to the deal. Another tough favor his daughter asked for? That the Addams Family tries to act “normal”. There goes the trouble. Wednesday is in love, like an avalanche she has to seize anything…everything for the sake of love. I have noticed on how Gomez struggled as a loving father and a loyal husband. I’m pretty sure a lot of parents can relate to him; especially in those scenes wherein he always try to balance his love for the two most important women in his life. He wanted Wednesday and Morticia to be happy but everything he does seems like someone gets hurt in the end. See how Gomez, as the patriarch of the Addams family takes on this course; men would surely love his biting-humour lines. I was hoping that Morticia would speak more French in the play because when she does, Gomez is on cloud 9 and he just goes wild haha! His comedic face and timing were also constant throughout the show. Him delivering that moustached handsome voice is a total charmer.

Favourite line: When he saw Wednesday wearing a bright yellow dress to impress the man of her dreams and future-in-laws (as you know, bright colours are forbidden inside the house as the clan breathes black).

Gomez: (Gasps) Ahhh, you look like a crime scene!

2. Wednesday Addams. Gothic girl. In Love. The Powerful Voice of a Girl who has a spider for a pet.
Jennifer Fogarty, portrays Wednesday; who now believes in cupid and butterflies in the stomach. I heard that she is by far the best Wednesday ever; powerful vocals as well as her portrayal of the frightful yet rebellious daughter is indeed worth the mention and applause. She looks so cool with that crossbow. Experience the satisfaction of her hitting the musical notes (always a  bull’s eye) just like Daryl Dixon of The Walking Dead. She ‘pulled’ it on PULLED (pun intended). The songs she sings are mostly hummable, something you’d like to listen to your iPod on a normal gleeful day.  Watch out for her facial expressions; as what Mark Minnick (Casting Director) said: “When we were holding the auditions for Wednesday’s character, Jennifer walked in with those lovely big Wednesday eyes.”  From Minnick’s story, he said that once they saw Fogarty they already knew that Wednesday’s slot has been filled up. They have a series of auditions done after that but still no one has beaten Fogarty. Voice and overall look, she really is fit for a Wednesday. Forgarty brings in that indefatigable chipper character to Wednesday mostly in this play, well that is what fighting for love makes her now. 

Favourite (singing) line:  “I don’t have a sunny disposition / I’m not known for being too amused / My demeanour’s locked in one position / See my face? / I’m unenthused.”

 3. Grandmama Frump Addams. Older but clever. Wait,  who’s old?

The scintillating Grandmama was portrayed by Amanda Bruton.  Bruton says it’s not easy to be in the shoes of a 102 year old woman; what she does is sharpen up her sense of humour to be able to portray the role well. She is actually the most mysterious of all; her inclination with spiritual occult makes her character more interesting. You may be amazed on how she instantly fast-forwards the clock, 70 years more (?) as Bruton is now only 32.  You might like the part wherein she was carrying her cart of potions, knowing each and every bottle’s formula…hey, dementia you absolutely has zero chance with Grandma Addams , sorry to disappoint. Apart from her being the actual matriarch of the family, be prepared to see her quick-tempered personality; but behind it is a caring granny. She is like, don’t give a fuss about what other people think and live your life to the fullest. That is one spitfire grandmama!

Favourite line: (Speaking to Pugsley) : “Time, my dear, is a thief. She’ll steal your soul and flee on little fairy wings. STAY OUT OF MY SHIT OR I’LL RIP YOUR LEG OFF AND BURY IT IN THE BACKYARD! …I love you.”

4. The Beinekes. How do you define “normal”?   Tip: Look out for that hot rhyming momma , Alice Beineke.

Now you would think that the Beineke was the total opposite of The Addams Family; as they say how do you really define a ‘normal’ family? In our society, this is one snooty topic. Every family has their own well as secrets.  Alice Beineke (Blair Anderson) was the timid future mother-in-law of Wednesday Addams. She likes to speak in rhyming poems, although in reality her life does not. She has been lonely after marriage as she feels that her husband changed and has totally neglected her. She was a shocker, in a positive way during her “full disclosure” performance. She was successful in letting the audience feel her longingness for love, her grief, and her sentiments. Her husband, Mal Beineke on the other hand has this light approach to his stuffy and frigid character. He somehow lost his being a man of attitude and feels so cheesed off with his rhyming wife, Alice. He was also a revelation when the play was about to end; learns to appreciate his wife and son all over again. How about Lucas Beineke, the normal guy that Wednesday is about to marry?  This guy can sing! He may look vulnerable on stage, yes cute as well! His voice really goes well with Fogarty (nice blending there.) Their encounter with The Addams Family traditional game of Full Disclosure is hilariously funny.

Favourite scene: Full Disclosure Act by Alice Beineke (as she mistakenly drank the potion that Pugsley intends to give his sister Wednesday)

5. Uncle Fester’s Affair with the Moon. Scene stealer. Enough said.

He has been my favourite character from The Addams Family . The cute, cuddly, bald Uncle Fester has confessed his love affair with the…. moon. His performance was exemplary; kids and adults were so glued with the puppetry as it was done smoothly. While Gomez has been in most of the scenes, Uncle Fester (Shaun Rice) is the actual story teller. Not to mention that he is the most evil of all Addams, he is the most soft-hearted as well. There is no dull moment when Uncle Fester is on stage, he seems to hypnotize his audience with his odd and bizarre character. He is like a 6 year old kid, trapped inside a man’s body —with a fur coat.  Uncle Fester singing a love song to the moon takes the audience by storm; he displayed passive emotions that brought the entire act to perfection.

Favourite scene: Uncle Fester playing his banjo and singing/serenading the moon with a love song (The Moon and Me)

6. Morticia Addams’ sexy, robust dancing wearing that dress cut down to Venezuela.

Morticia Addams (Keleen Snowgren) would be your new Disney Princess after watching this; her dancing skills (the tango!) are impressive. Her approach to the character is swift; from being the I-am-your-boss-Gomez-never-lie-to-me to being the quiet queen when it comes to her children. Morticia wins chuckles everytime she delivers; her character approach varies from different scenes. If you love fashion, Morticia’s shoes was a revelation here; check it out when she rolls up her dress and displays the “legs”.

Favourite scene: Just around the corner / Tango de Amor

7. Pugsley. Just not your usual “Wasssuuppp bro, dude”.

Pugsley (Jeremy Todd Shinder) who likes…err loves to be tortured everyday by his sister Wednesday. But since she’s getting married, Pugsley is scared to be alone. You will see the other side of his sadistic personality; like a typical boy who would not want to experience any separation anxiety with his one and only sister. For his young age, he is so talented…you gotta hear him sing during his solo performance; he is so adorably cute and funny. Where else can you find a boy who gives out smiles and laughter when his sister tortures her? haha. His character is always positive but he can be nasty and cute most of the time. 

 Favourite scene: The torture-scene with his sister, Wednesday.

8. Lurch. He’s big and he’s mysterious. Are you curious?
Lurch is played by Dan Olson, the ghoulish butler of the The Addams Family. He surprises the audience on the last scene! He may not speak all throughout the show but his presence was strong, he is truly the best friend of Gomez in my opinion as well.  Audience would always burst out laughing whenever he does that signature Lurch “flappy hurry-up-walk”.  Everyone in the clan loves Lurch, i mean who wouldn’t? I’d like one LURCH go please.

Favourite scene: The part where he surprises everyone with this ‘unspeakable’  talent. 

9. Snappy songs; gripping lyrics.

The Addams Family play has showcased the entire cast’s array of talent. If you will come down and watch this show with an open mind, the music and lyrics will be your guide and make  the story work for you. I find the lyrics truly accessible, relatable. They have catchy tunes that will make you hum it in the end…perhaps even while brushing your teeth before bedtime.

10. Props, sets, costumes. Spooktacular.

The Addams Family set was designed in a unique way that you can appreciate the lighting used in every scene; as well as the smooth transition from one scene to the other. Costumes of The Addams Family Clan? Superb! Morticia’s can beat JLO’s during the Grammys haha. The ancestors deserve a special mention; they were all good, especially those dancing scenes. One of the ancestors was actually the choreographer, awesome isn’t it? The use of the proscenium curtain was brilliant, that velvety thing added some pizazz to the show.

The astounding thing is the amount of movement they have packed to the show. Sometimes when you have a lot of people on the stage, they lose the spontaneity, but not with this show. Think of the ancestors, they are there not just as backup dancers; they are there to add a frenzied glee to everyone and they indeed are audience consuming. The Addams Family  hamming it up with some dance moves (When You’re an Addams) was like a detonated bomb across the stage. What a way to pump up an audience and the show has just started. Wait for ACT II as there will be more revelations as well as the heart-warming scenes are all rolled up.

Secrets. Lies. Betrayal. Truth. Love. Family. This is the story of a macabre clan who proves that in dealing with life, there is no manual. Our family is what we need in the end in spite of all the deception and anger we come across. Fun and laughter, peppered all throughout the show by The Addams Family vigorous cast.   This family would certainly be one big inspiration.

Phew. Thanks for sticking up with me while I roll out those ten reasons to watch The Addams Family. I am sure I may have left out a few more, if you have seen it let us know below! The show is currently playing at Resorts World Sentosa. You still have the entire week to catch this musical play that would surely touch your hearts.

The Addams Family runs from July 09- 28th, 8 pm at the  Festive Grand, Resorts World Sentosa, with 2 pm weekend matinees. Tickets from $55 to $175 at SISTIC. Do check out the Resorts World Sentosa website for further details and to book your tickets.


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