REVIEW: NIVEA Pure Effect 3-IN-1 Daily Deep Cleansing Exfoliating Wipes.

After a hard day’s work, your bed welcomes you as soon as you enter your room. You get comfy and all of a sudden realize that you still have your makeup on. Worst part? You are too lazy to bring yourself to the bathroom and wash your face. 

Sleeping with your makeup on? Oh yeah, that is the best way to wreak havoc on your skin. Say you’re really too tired…so what’s worse than that? You have no facial wipes to do it with. As you know am a facial wipes fiend…before using my makeup remover it’s a must for me to use a cleansing cloth. But recently, I came across a facial wipe that works double time or double duty, whichever deemed fit.

NIVEA Pure Effect 3-IN-1 Daily Deep Cleansing Exfoliating Wipes

Product Info:

NIVEA Pure Effect 3-IN-1 Daily Deep Cleansing Exfoliating Wipes help to gently, yet effectively, eliminate skin impurities. The secret lies in the double sided cloth action that not only cleanses, but gently exfoliates, leaving skin feeling clean and pure as well as looking radiantly beautiful.

The 3-IN-1 DAILY DEEP CLEANSING EXFOLIATING WIPES deliver 3 benefits in a single product:

·         the soft side deeply cleanses & removes make-up
·         the peeling side exfoliates dead skin cells & refines the skin – without leaving residues
·       a highly effective formula with Active Magnolia Extract helps prevent impurities - without irritating the skin

RESULT: Beautiful skin which is visibly pure and refined!

Simple to use and leave you with deeply cleansed skin:
Use the soft side first to remove all traces of dirt and makeup. Flip over to the textured side where small micro exfoliation particles remove dead skin cells and refine the skin. This effective active formula gives you the overall benefit of helping to prevent new impurities from forming.

Pack size: 20 wipes


When we exfoliate, you basically just take all of the dead skin off of your face. It also aids in removing all of the oil/ grime and dirt build up on your face. I do exfoliate 2-3x a week and whenever I fail to do so, I feel like my skin is totally dull, itchy and is full of gunk! Anyway, it’s my first time to try something like this. Exfoliating facial cloth? Sounds gimmicky to me when I heard of it.  I mean, how effective would these cloths be?

The Smoothies
To my surprise, it was actually impressive upon initial use. The cloth has basically two sides, smooth and bumpy. The smooth one is used to cleanse the face in general, and then you reverse it and use the bumpy side to exfoliate.  It felt really great and non-abrasive as I may say. The smooth side removed my makeup (foundations/BB cream) fairly well; however on my eyes I made a couple of decent wipes to fully remove my eye shadow. Err, I think majority of the facial wipes out in the market does the same thing….. eye shadow, mascaras and liners are way too tough to remove with just a facial wipe. Fortunately, this one does not sting my eye.  

The Scrubbies
It was satisfying seeing the grime lifted off my face when I tried on the bumpy side. I thought they were scratchy at first but the exfoliating particles (they seemed woven to me) on the cloth were round and gentle on the skin, there was no reddening whatsoever. But be cautious if you really have a super sensitive skin you might find this one irritating or too coarse for your skin. But still, you can use the soft side to clean your makeup right? This has also a nice smell, just like what I have loved about NIVEA’s product range (love their lotions to bits). Any fresh and clean scented skincare or makeup products makes my day complete. Overall this has nothing that happened to upset my skin, makes it a pleasure to use this everyday.  Perfect for dry-oily-combo skin like mine. A definite repurchase. I just wished this has more wipes in it…like 25-30? Suitable for a month’s use eh?

TIP 1: If you have sensitive skin, use the bumpy side on your neck, elbows and knees where there is much more tolerance for this kind of cleansing method.

TIP 2: New great addition to your travel kit. You do not need to bring an extra tube of exfoliator for staycations. A space saver product and no leaking in your suitcase too.

TIP 3: Makes a great pick me up product. If you do not like facial mist sprays, this is a good alternative to reboot your skin.

Just as I noticed the ingredients list: MAGNOLIA Bark Extract! It’s a very safe substance, which is why it has been used as a reliable Chinese herbal remedy for hundreds and hundreds of years.  The Magnolia bark extract is actually used in the treatment of a large number of illnesses. It is utilized for the treatment of allergic reactions, stomach upset, weight loss, anxiety, impaired breathing and halitosis aka bad breath!!! I also recently found out that it helps in combating skin aging (repair fine lines and first wrinkles).  Hmm, I think they should also include this in their advertisement or something? Anti-aging some more? Great stuff.

If you have dry, chapped or flaky lips, here is another tip that I have tried. I used the facial cloth to exfoliate my lips. If you find the exfoliating/bumpy side still coarse for your skin; try it on your lips. I did and loved the result.

How to: Pour a teaspoonful of honey; dip the facial cloth (bumpy side) using your forefinger. Then lightly pat it on your lips. Again, lightly pat, don’t scrub! 

The hydrating capabilities of honey seem to work well with the cloth and I just let it dry for a minute or so. After that, I used the smooth side (notice how I reversed the usage here?) to wipe it all off my lips. Smooth puckers in an instant. Is this product awesome or what?Thanks NIVEA for this innovative concept.



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