EVENTS: Urban Decay Naked II Official Launch @ Singapore with Eric Jimenez (Global Makeup Artist/Retail Director)

Hi all!

During the peak of the Naked2 craze in the US, I never intended to spot a stock. Holy crap. There's such a huge following alrite, but for it to be sold out online that fast, err..?  Seems like I will have to find a needle on a haystack before I get one for myself then.

January started out indeed in a wonderful way for me, I met the charming Retail Director/Global Makeup Artist of Urban Decay, ERIC JIMENEZ and I was fortunate to possess 2 Naked 2 palettes (along with some unexpected freebies) the following week! Naked2 retails for SGD80 and yes! no extra shipping fee for me this time!  Eric has this warm and bubbly personality, he frequents Singapore and loves it here so much that I told him, "Why not stay here?" haha!

Urban Decay eyeshadows are really lovable, but am not one who collects every single item they launch. I left my almost Naked1 in Manila, just 'coz I've hit pan on most of it. I need a to-go palette so there fortunately they launched the Naked2 in Singapore, yaye! I shan't go with the nitty gritty of the Naked2 here. 2 things why I got it: I need it;  Neutral hardcore ardent user here. Warm or cool, every woman must possess a really good neutral palette, IMO:)

In case you missed, I have 2 videos filmed during the launch. I had an eye irritation that day and doctor told me to lie low on makeup for a while ; that explains the specs and sans the makeup peg haha! I headed at Sephora ION with burning eyes, argh! It was extremely hot, aside from the crowd, venue was bombarded with tons of spotlight, which I think was not really that appropriate. It definitely made Eric ill at ease while strutting his makeup skills with the Naked2. Other than that, everything went well.

Drop by & check snippets from the Official Launch below:)

As I have posted to my FB page:

Vid's up for the part deux of Naked2 Launch; if they did not ask ERIC JIMENEZ to do the eye makeup demo on an Asian woman, I'd still ask him politely to do so haha! Not all women possess that deep set eyes just like the gorg model:)

  • Eric Jimenez quoted: The good thing about using concealer after doing your shadow is that if you make a mistake, you can always clean it up after. Put shadows first, then concealer, then the foundation.

I am more excited to share my February happenings! First was Eric Jimenez, next person I met was even more dazzling and remarkable. Just prepping up the nitty gritty details, woots!

March has just started and more blessings are coming up to me, unexpected ones some more. You're all a part of 'em so hold your horses loves!

Thank you Lord for all the blessings and your support of course !


♥ ℋℯℓℓo from WICKERMOSS ♥

♥ ℋℯℓℓo from WICKERMOSS ♥




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