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Hey everyone!☺

First off, I'm pleased to announce that I am a Beauty Ambassador of Vanity Trove  

I'm so excited to be an affiliate because Vanity Trove Singapore is a company that I truly like and commend for its dedication in bringing only the best products for women like me. Vanity Trove is an online beauty subscription, where you pay only $25 monthly to receive samples of skincare & beauty products, handpicked by the team and delivered to your own convenience. The whole team of Vanity Trove means serious business and they always ensure that good customer service arrives at your doorstep together with your monthly dainty box.  

My ambassadorship actually started last January 2012 and if you are one to really know me via this jerky lil corner of mine on the web, you'd know that I tend to stay on the cooler side of the fence. But this exciting news is just too good not to share with you all. Being an ambassador, I will be unveiling each month's trove, share juicy updates, hold giveaways and the whatnot. I am here to help you girls & guys enjoy and have the Vanity Trove experience in general. In case you missed it, click here for my previous post about Vanity Trove's awesome concept, how they work and how to subscribe

SK-II, Clinique, Lancome are just some of the brands they provide to their customers and there are other niche brands as well that will certainly appeal to us women. Okay enough of the jibber jabber, wanna see what's in my lourve box this month? 

Take a whiff of the heavenly scent budding from the rose petals & potpourri inside this month's trove! February Trove's theme is all about detox, detox, detox! The smell will already invigorate your senses. Such a clever way to amuse us women, huh?

The goodies are nestled on this colourful bed of sweet smelling roses! There are myriad uses of this potpourri so do not just throw them away!

✿TIPAdd it to the stuffing of pillows or hang it in pomanders in your closet and voila!A sweet smelling wardrobe in an instant.

February Trove's wardrobe for the love month is purple. Their signature colour is undoubtedly pink and I love that they have selected another colour for this month. Contrary to the belief that purple is associated with "mourning or bereavement", purple is the colour of royalty! They make us women feel like a princess or queen this time around.

Here's the February Trove Unveiled!

    1| O.P.I Nicki Minaj 2012 Collection Nail Polish – Did It On Em’ & Pink Friday 
    If I got one word to describe Nicki Minaj..it's gotta be 'Unstoppable'. Just like these shades, look at that unique chartreuse kind of color! The vibrancy of the color can even beat the traffic light itself right? I also got the pink bubblegum-like color, tough luck! You know my love-hate relationship with pink! Good thing, this pink is not the neon type and I liked its creme finish. I heart OPI's formulation as always, though I find that the Did It On 'Em is a bit streaky..you might need 3 application coats for this one.

      ✿TIP: An apt design for this would be animal prints or do the water marble if you're the arsty-fartsy type!
      2| Mekhala Black Rice Shampoo & Conditioner (Signature Black Series) Pronounced as May-Keh-Lah, it means Angel...Bringing you "Nature's Blessings". As such, they do not use any chemical additives, good for those who are in search for organic products. I love their packaging with straight to the point listed ingredients, you need not scour for Mr. Webster or Google just to understand the nature of each ingredient. Want a sample? Regenerative Black Rice Shampoo states: Distilled Water, Hom Nin Rice, Black Rice Extract, Kaffir Lime Extracts, Aloe Vera, White Crane Flower Extract, Natural Glycerine, Jasmine Rice Extract. I heard that black rice has the nourishing ingredient to make hair more lustrous. I'm so excited on how will this tame my crowning glory! I smelled the conditioner and it reminded me of honey and caramel in one. I hope that the bottle they use is also recyclable, two thumbs up if yes! They are certified organic by local/international bodies as well, simply means free of cruelty to the planet! Should I raise my two feet already? :)
      $22 for a full-size bottle (250ml) from mekhalaliving.com
      Sign up with mekahalaliving and you'll get free samples plus 15% off your first purchasE
      3| Skin Inc Pure Repair+ Whitening Eye Masks I saw this and was like, "Okay, another Face Mask.." Then took a better look and saw it's not really what I initially thought... it's Skin Inc Whitening Eye Mask. As am into whitening stuff lately (thanks to my stubborn tan from my water rafting adventure in Sabah), this is of course a delight to have! 20 minutes is all it takes for The Skin Inc Pure Repair+ Whitening eye mask to work wonders. It is a multi-action hydrogel Collagen Brightening Mask that brightens, replenishes and repairs your skin instantly. 
      Eye masks are perfect to soothe and relax tired eyes caused by computer use and other eye strain. Really doesn't look ordinary to me as from the packaging, it seems that this one is made of silicon material if am not mistaken. Snug fitting too, my eyes would love this fo sho! Can't wait to have another lucid dreaming session laying on my bed!
        ✿TIP: If you want to get all the benefits of your eye serum/eye cream, use this BEFORE applying them on your eyes! Best used when chilled, too!
      4| You Filthy Thing Filthy Farmgirl Handmade Valentine Soap (Cardamom Rose) The pink OPI was immediately bailed out when I saw this! As a vintage junkie, of course this would be in my collection! Love the name, love anything vintage...SCORE! This will take anyone's bathing to a new level. Farm fresh and wholesome, these soaps are handmade and creatively crafted. With their pure, 100% natural and vegan friendly ingredients, they make sure that every single bar is made with love and care – and wrapped in colorful, poetic, 100% recycled paper that is not only worthy of the handmade soap within, but worth a read, too. In my case? Worth a space in my vintage collection :) The soap has cardamom extract which helps in detoxifying the body.
      5| Shopping Vouchers & Beauty Deals I somehow ignore these type of vouchers since I feel that it would still trouble me to go down the store and some even has a catch wherein you need to purchase this and that to avail the free this and that. But these deals are much different! It includes a voucher from thenatureskin . It's a wholesale discount voucher where you get to enjoy a 30% off on any item (RSP). On the right hand side of the voucher, they have provided the step-by-step procedures on what you need to do during your check out. *While Stocks Last! Do not miss the SKIN Inc $50 voucher as well!
      6| Allerines Premium Tea (Delightful/Venician Rose) I think it's about time to minimize stop my coffeeddiction. Many times I've tweeted that I'm one who can't function without a cuppa coffee in the morning. I dread those times that I'm like a weakling if I wasn't able to drink coffee in a day. This is so timely! I need to revive my love for new teas as am stuck to Jasmine & Chamomile before..err a bit sickening, if you know what I mean. 
      Little known to most, is that tea is the second most popular beverage in the world, yet this everyday drink is far from ordinary. Allerines boasts of high quality premium teas and is giving a new phase to them, making it a source of ultimate comfort. They also have popular variants such as Strawberry Shortcake, Mango meets Coconut, Orange Sorbet...wait am talking about teas and not desserts here right?:)

      I've tried the flavour in Delightful, a white tea base blended with tropical fruits and floral notes. It has a simple flavour, soft and sweet. What I noticed is the sharp floral aroma, love it! I tried eating with my Ferrero chocs left in the fridge and the unusual combo was odd for my taste at first but I've somehow come to love it. The nuts in the chocs complemented the sweet taste of my tea.
    1. 7| Rinsie Rose Accessories: Lia Sophia Earrings

      Oooh! Every girl loves accents right?! Rinsie Rose loves accessories as much as we do and loves to see the people happy wearing her handmade accessories. Each trove got different designs, some are phone charms instead of earrings. If you would like to exchange the item that you got, just drop her an email at rinsierose@yahoo.com and she'll gladly arrange it for you!


      If you want to purchase and find out where to buy the products in your trove, just click here for Vanity Trove website!

      Here is another great news! Congratulations to VanityTrove as they are "awarded" by Her World (Singapore's #1 Women Magazine) 2012 as the MOST LUXE beauty subscription service in the market. Available in Singapore and Malaysia, VanityTrove Singapore is the perfect partner to launch luxury brands targeted at women.

      If you haven't subscribe yet, hop into the Vanity Trove site to enjoy these deluxe goodies! Click here now!

      Vanity Trove sure will provide you the convenience to fix your beauty dilemmas .

    As they say, Vanity Trove makes you beautiful, trove by trove

    Hope you enjoyed this unveiling!


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