OOTD: Ferreti Oxford Heels!

I remember when hollywood diva Marilyn Monroe once quoted “I don't know who invented high heels, but all women owe him a lot," and boy...she ain't kidding. Over time, a pair of heels became an indispensable part of almost every woman’s wardrobe. They come in a variety of styles, types and heights. Stiletto, pump and kitten to name a few. Each and every individual also has a different attack when it comes to buying high heeled shoes.  Do you buy because of the influencing trend? Or because they make you look and feel good? If you haven't come to think of an answer to that question, now is the time to find one. Avoid wasting big bucks buying shoes that you'd just allow to rot inside your closet. 

There were  numerous times that I ignore the substantial factors when buying heels myself, and in the end the wrong pair  wreak havoc on my legs. That dilemma was finally dispirited when I found out about the Ferretti brand. Then came the K-sis (as I prefer to call 'em..like K-pop huh?) Kira & Kari. I merely thought they were sisters in real life. Anyways, I both saw how they enjoyed their Ferretti shoes so that's how it landed on my to-buy list.  Real life testimonials baby.

Learning that Ferretti was locally-made (Marikina) it somehow made me more keen on getting one as I have been always lured to try Marikina-made shoes. I tend to always say, "Pare-pareho lang yan...basta high heels masakit sa paa".

I understand somehow that some people tend to think that Ferretti is an Italian-brand. Does the name even sound Italian to you? Because of Spaghetti? lol. Oh well...possible but I'll define it in another aspect.The items are quintessentially made and what made me like it is the shoemakers' eye for details. Still, I was a peewee scared of again failing to buy another good pair of shoes. Good ...meaning? I seek comfort and something that will last me longer therefore save me money on the long run. Not to mention it has to be affordable. On the other hand, I don't mind if I need to shell out a bit more as long as these criteria are met. 

But, of course, you don't have to sacrifice style for comfort. You don't have to be doomed to wearing wedges or flats for the rest of your life, just find a pair of high heels that have a thicker heel and there you go. Not as comfortable as wedges but a lot more comfortable than stilettos.

If you wanna know how to acquire heel height, you can follow these steps:

1. Set the shoe on a flat, even surface.
2. Measure the back of the heel from the point where it connects to the shoe, called the seam, to the bottom of the heel resting on the flat surface. 
  • Keep in mind that every shoe company have different approach to measuring heel heights, and there was no single set standard measurement made for them.

  • Oxford Lace Up Clogs.

     The pair that came home with me. Thanks to papa E! 

    Priced @ Php1,899.  Sadly, item was not on discount.
    I was thinking- of all the shoes that I saw, what made me decide to get this one? 
    Do I really need to explain? 
    I mean, isn't my smile enough to say that.... 'Fine, no more explanations needed'..hah!

    On a serious note, my feet felt homey when I tried this on. It was lightweight and the leather was surprisingly soft. Thought that the wooden heel would be its downfall but then I was wrong. This nude clogs is also highly versatile as that it can be teamed up with a whole range of dresses. Saves me from opening and closing my wardrobe for that never ending search. The options are also unlimited, definitely a 1001 bonus points for me.

    One of the biggest reasons that I spend on footwear with clog detailing is that these have a wooden base which makes them resistant to slippery floors and offers smooth and comfortable walk. Gives me maximum flexibility to my feet indeed. Tie up laces also shouts sophistication for me, so this one's definitely in. The stud details made it more elegant yet its over-all tough edge is pertinent in every angle.

    Made myself a homemade caramel latte and the coffee-me time became a lot more fun!

    See with what I meant versatile? It even matches my coffee cup hahah.

    As much as I love doing BnW shots, I cannot forsake my other love for sepia. 

    So be warned...sepia-strophy ahead..

    Make your next day a Ferretti day. Just so you can experience the wonder these shoes can give. It wouldn't hurt a bit if you pay the store a visit right? Being tempted to buy is free, it's the damage you have to pay for haha. You can visit the Glorietta branch as I believe they always release new collections after 2 weeks, if am not mistaken. The store was very easy to locate, reflects a very polished view as well.

    Ferretti also sell handmade bag and clutches. They can match office wear and the like. What I also like is that they cater to different markets. Not to forget those accessories fiends out there. Hopefully they can be a clothing line in the future and this is already your one-stop shop. 

    Wedges. Simple perhaps but they flatter one's feet, ultralight too. 

    from sandals to flats..made definitely for walking.

    chunky candy colored necklaces/ bracelets.

    animal print bangles, pearls....

    i wanted to buy this jewelry case but again, it's not for sale. err, why am i so unlucky with those? 

    ferretti round ring on forefinger  (turquoise ring owned by author)

    dainty floral printed bags. so girlish!

    electric blue shoulder bag. nice!

    purple oversized top: Isetann Scotts[SG] | tailored red pants: The Heeren[SG] | white belt: Far East[SG]
    Choice 1
    Choice 2

    I was more than happy to have bought this pair. Even papa E loved it.

    So, which branch are you heading to today? Click here to find out more about Ferretti!

    I'll share how to do this classic pony twist hairstyle + FOTD next time aite? 
    I cannot find the rest of the photos sorry!


    ♥ ℋℯℓℓo from WICKERMOSS ♥

    ♥ ℋℯℓℓo from WICKERMOSS ♥




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