EVENTS:Sights & Sounds @ the Clinique Party, Take 2.

Meet papa E...ang lalaking walang arte sa katawan. I can stay at any make up counter for hours and he wouldn't mind at all.

I know ...I know, this is such a late post. It's just that my memory card felt like jumping into someone else's camera and the rest is history. Anyhoos, it's better late than never.

This will really be a very very PICTURE-HEAVY post. 
You'll find out who the culprit is at the end of this post, too.

I have read a few reviews from the bloggers who attended this event as well as Liz' coverage.  The bloggers' links were stated in her post, go and check it out. They all narrated their own experiences but to sum it all, only one word has emerged- F U N.

Being the 'tweaky-me', I suddenly thought of  making this post a fun one as well. It would be redundant if I will be saying those things over and over again I guess. Besides that is what we all aimed for on that day- to have absolute clean fun!

When I go to events I usually do my research first. For this I already have an overview of what will happen, obviously this is already the sequel to the first successful event. 

So I just armed myself with sunblock, mascara, a lippie and some eyebags. Or else where would I put the Clinique loot later? lol.
 If you have read my ConfuSHOES post why I wore flats on this day, you'd probably be aware somehow. Btw, they are much pretty healed now, yay!

Event is at 2-freakin-hawt-PM! 

Why Clinique-chella? As how the Coachella goes, it's an annual music and arts fest wherein tons of celebrities  are again being paparazzi'd hahaha. Just picture Oscar's or Grammy's aite? 

Need proof? Here she is.

Meeting Lizette Lanuzo

One of the questions that was thrown to her and IMO was a sincere response was:
"Is it good to be a blogger? 
She answers, " It took me almost 3 years to reach where I am now. It's all hard work and determination". Besides you don't need to buy expensive stuff just to be beautiful". Sounds like a winning answer to a beauty pageant huh? Very inspiring.

Her nails did not escape my eyes too.  Dainty!

And here are a few more eye-candies!
Kari spotted  like Reese Witherspoon.
She wore a tiered floral skirt + blue top. The only thing lacking is a Fedora. Lovely.
Lori, the new Gossip Girl? In a Leighton Meester + Emma Watson aura.  She actually regret wearing flats instead of heels, but hey girl, you carried it well.

Kira had a very short appearance and this is what my fancy cam caught. 
She always has those lovely accessories in town.

Eena in her Lauren Conrad inspired floral dress.

Meet Mira, Clinique's Marketing Manager. Indeed one great party host alongside with Liz. She is everywhere!...and IMHO that is what makes a good host. I totally hate it when a party host go missing (pet peeve).Making your guests feel welcome and she also did not hesitate to ask for feedbacks. Sweet tandem.

Me: eyes were closed and wishing if I can have her hair na lang?!
Mira: You wish girl, hahaha!

Do you see those to-die-for curls? Argh!

I think if there is a contest for best candid shots here, she is undeniably my winner.

And the hair bounces so perfectly!
Why do you have to give us such a heart pain Mira? lol.

at least we were both in flats. No stilletos for me, still. sniff. sigh.

So, how did we achieve fun?
By starting with this.

The skin chart.

plus these lovely people as well.

and a dash of these amazing products

Skin consultation done. Face cleaned and ready for the...


Meet Sam... one of the MMU. Nope, not Mineral Make Up Artist. 
She is one of the  Makulit Make Up Artists... so cute.

This is one of my favo from Clinique, aside from the Clinique TTA. It serves as my primer as well.

finished product me, teehee.

Thanks Sam!

 and the ever raved about ...Moisture Surge Gel.

I got it recently for Php2,500. It can be used for the lips too. Just perfect.

Angeli, Cristine, Kari.
I liked Angeli's make-up. Subtle yet it enhanced her features more.


I purchased the Perfectly real makeup coz my Superfit make up is already finished. 
Too sad, it was phased-out. They told me to get this as this has the exact same finish.

Satisfied me.  A day that is so worth it.

So there. If that is not enough fun for you, I rest my case. 

If the artists on this billboard will come to life every time I'll get stuck in a traffic along EDSA, 
I so wouldn't mind at all...really..not even a bit...Nah, just kidding.

the nam-nam-nam-nam-nam boys!

Documenting Sam's work.

If ever there will be a part 3, by holy means Go! 

P.S. Hope I didn't tire your eyes. I only took a few shots as I tried to enjoy the day in its fullest sense hahaha! I am just lucky to have one of the best significant other that God brought to earth..and he was the one who took 99% of the event's shots. Editing is by yours truly, teeheee!

Thanks papa E! I love you.


♥ ℋℯℓℓo from WICKERMOSS ♥

♥ ℋℯℓℓo from WICKERMOSS ♥




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