TRAVEL: A Beer. A Book. A Beach Bum & the first and last TAN of my Life I got from Indonesia.

Well...are you? LOL.

Today marks the exact same day of last year when I headed to this secluded private beach in Indonesia. It was something that I would remember for the rest of my life. Why? The TAN lasted me for 1 year. Yes. For 1 friggin' year! Definitely a record-breaker. And truth be told , up to now I still have a bit of my tan left. Say, 30% ?

I am the type of person that can bask under the sun for 2-3 hours aiming for a tan, just being disappointed thereafter. I have always wanted a natural tan and I have always thought that the sun literally hates me! 

Until I have set my foot on this daunting place. Well on the other hand, I have only myself to be blamed. Maybe I was used to not having a tan no matter what I do  so I ignored the sun's harmful rays. I told myself, "Malay mo?..."

We headed to this place for a short photo shoot  when I was in SG and the place just simply stupefied me. It was an exclusive resort and yeah, total privacy served on a plate. Just zero cool.

After the work is done, we of course had our own siesta time. It was just me and my iPod.

hmmmnnn, fine. Let me re-phrase that. Me and my -  a beer, a book, and a box of cigarettes.

I still smoke then okay.

I wonder what was I thinking here?

So i was literally a beach bum. 

Trying to enjoy the good life.

I love the array of villas that they have in this resort. Perfect for honeymooners eh?

So I stayed under the sun for about 2 hours, nonchalant and all. I mean, I am so confident that my get-a-tan mission will again be an epic FAIL.

Good In Bed

by Jennifer Weiner
Don't be fooled by this book. It's not what you think of. I am not gonna spill the beans what this book is all about though...If you happen to see this in any bookstore, just grab it. Worth reading. 

Very witty, original, and has snappy dialogues. It has a poignant take on life's priorities. This is a must-read for any woman who struggles with their body image, or for anyone who cares about someone who does. It made me laughed most of the time, though it really attempted to make me cry as well. Verdict? Definitely a page-turner.

Still wearing my braces, yikes.

Do you see that brown bottle with a red cap in the pic? That was the Banana Boat Deep Tanning Oil Spray. My friend recommended for me to use this one as she knows my history about always failing to get a tan. Okay then with no further ado I slathered a whole darn lot of the tanning oil on my whole body. It was quite impressive. No scent at all and it made my skin glisten.

I was like telling her, "Believe you me, I will never ever get a tan no matter how good this tanning oil is"..

Then she answered.. "Let's just wait and see". Hah! Even more confident than me ?!

Waiting for the fascinating sunset. 
Decided to go back to the beach and this is what I captured. 
Ahh. Truly, the sun waits for no man. 

Before this post gets even longer ..after going back to SG, my friend asked me the next day on how did my skin turned out. I told her drive over and let's eat at McDonalds. And this is what she saw.



Remember the scene from the movie,  Bride Wars wherein Anne Hathaway sported a fake tan gone horribly wrong ? I got a lot of horrible stares when I took the MRT in SG lol!

 Beat my bag. I'm pinkier than you hah!

I have yet to share the phases that my tan has gone through. Did you hit the beach this year? 


♥ ℋℯℓℓo from WICKERMOSS ♥

♥ ℋℯℓℓo from WICKERMOSS ♥




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